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Chapter 85

After getting the two inner dan, Little Yin didn’t swallow both at once, but pushed it to the little fox . The little fox hesitated, looking at the inner dan for a long time, and picked the relatively weaker one, which was Ba Xia’s child’s dan . Then, Little Yin swallowed the other one into his stomach in one bite, shift-shaped into a small snake again, and returned to the boat with the little fox .

“Uh… Snake brother seems to have a good relationship with fox brother eh, hehe!” Jin Xiu said awkwardly . He had seen both of them in action, but after seeing Little Yin’s terrifying power, he did not dare to treat them as ordinary pets . He even addressed them as brothers .

“Hmph, as a snake, greedy for money is one thing, but you’re also lustful, just like your master . ” Qi Huan would never forgive Mo Ye . This was an eternal anger .

Little Yin seemed to understand what Qi Huan meant, it snorted at her dissatisfiedly . As a result, the little fox on its back slapped a paw on its head . And the snake really obediently stopped snorting .

Although she didn’t understand why the two male animals had such a strange interaction, Qi Huan didn’t have so much time to find out the gossip between them .

Just now, she and Jin Xiu both felt a strong devil energy rising to the sky in the distance, even young cultivators like Qi Huan could feel there was a strange sudden movement, it seemed some terrifying monster had appeared .

Compared to the aura from those devil cultivators that Qi Huan had felt before, this devilish aura was too terrifying . She tried hard to open her heaven eyes and she was able to see the sea in the east had turned blood red, even the sky was blood red . Thunder clouds had already started to gather there .

“Jin Xiu, can our boat get a little closer there?” Qi Huan wanted to go there for some reason . She felt that something was attracting her, and there seemed to be a voice in her heart, bewitching her .

“There is a terrifying devil cultivator having a transition there . Are you sure you want to go there?” Jin Xiu was taken aback after listening to her but he did not deny her .

“I feel that I’ll regret it if I don’t go there . ” Qi Huan gritted her teeth and made up her mind .

“Alright, then let’s go and take a look . ” Jin Xiu didn’t seem to worry that those devil aura would erode his body . Qi Huan could go there because she had the Gang Thunder in her body that could purify the devil aura, but why was Jin Xiu so confident?

A trace of doubt flashed in Qi Huan’s heart . She had been with Jin Xiu these days, and he did not hide anything from her, but she had never seen him practice any cultivation . As a cultivator, if you don’t cultivate, your cultivation skill will deteriorate . But it seemed that Jin Xiu’s skill was slowly increasing .  That is really strange .

Jin Xiu cast some spells and controlled their small boat to start moving fast eastward . Similarly, when the devilish energy soared into the sky, other nearby cultivation worlds were also shaken . The noble cultivators in their dujie stage, put down the things in their hands and quickly gather towards the center of the devilish energy, not caring what was the source of the energy .

In their opinion, it was not just a matter of devil cultivators, because they were more attracted to how much merit they could gain by killing someone with such a strong devil energy! The noble cultivators, especially the Buddha cultivators who used merit to shape their cultivation, could only gain a little merit by killing a devil cultivator .

There were many noble cultivators but only a few devil cultivators in this world . Besides, the devil cultivators didn’t “reproduce” a lot . This time all the big ones had come out, so the Buddha cultivators sects were also basically all out . The most exaggerated one was the Great Buddha Temple, even the monk sweeping the floor also flew out on his broomstick .

When the boat got closer to the place covered by the blood red clouds, Qi Huan felt that the energy was getting more and more familiar . After the boat entered the area, she stood up abruptly, her face became a little ugly, “Go back, go back now . ” Dammit, she should have known that it was Mo Ye’s trick . After entering the area, she immediately felt his energy . That rascal actually still greeted her, ah!!! Stupid stupid stupid!!!

“I’m afraid it won’t work . I have lost control of the boat, and I think we are in the legendary sea of ​​blood . Take a look at the sea . ” Qi Huan took a few steps outside after listening to Jin Xiu, and found that the sea water had become blood red . The waves were rolling up and down, white skulls popped out on the surface of the waves from time to time, making her nauseous .

Qi Huan reluctantly suppressed her tumbling stomach, vowed not to eat anything from the sea again .

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She also couldn’t control the boat so she could only listen to Jin Xiu explain more about the situation . According to him, the sea of ​​blood only allowed a person to get in, there would be no way to get out . Although this was definitely not the real blood sea in the underworld, it was still quite an exaggerated scene . With her low cultivation level, flying out to this sea of ​​blood was a foolish dream .

Although Qi Huan was still very upset with Mo Ye, she knew that he would not hurt her, she guessed that he was the one controlling their boat now .

“Young Master, the Nine Nether formation has been set up, and the sea of ​​blood has also been drawn from the underworld . We should be able to withstand tianjie now, right?” In the middle of the sea of ​​blood, there were nearly a thousand golden skulls floating on the sea surface . The arrangement of the skulls didn’t seem to have any regularity, and they seemed to be closely related to each other . If Qi Huan saw this scene, she would definitely scream, because the skeletons here were the same as the one she saw when Dao An died .

There were at least a thousand skeletons here .

“Is it so easy? It’s hard to find this opportunity . They won’t let it go so easily . Even if the strength of the tianjie is beyond the control of thunder God, he can still stumble me secretly . ” Mo Ye was in a plain robe . His long hair that was usually tied up, was scattered at his back . As the sea of blood became more and more intense, his hair had also begun to turn from black to red, that was why there was such a strong devilish energy in the entire cultivation world . The devilish energy was emitted from him .

Although Mo Ye said so, there was no panic on his face . Since he dared to come down, it proved that he had the strength to go up again . It’s just that he didn’t think about leaving so early, if it wasn’t for a problem to occur there that only he could solve it, he would wait until the day Qi Huan soared to go up with her . Unfortunately, things backfired .

Seeing Qi Huan’s boat entering his field of vision, Mo Ye had a satisfying smile on his face, took a step towards the boat, and looked at her, who was not looking very happy inside the cabin .

Qi Huan’s mood didn’t affect the smile on his face, but unfortunately the brighter the smile on his face, the uglier her face was .

“What do you want?!” Staring at Mo Ye, Qi Huan gritted her teeth . Silver Gang Thunders involuntarily floated around her body . Of course, this was not her doing . It was just a self-protection response towards Mo Ye because the energy coming from him was too devilish .

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On the other hand, Jin Xiu didn’t seem to be affected by Mo Ye, his face looked calmly at him, and then he turned back to Qi Huan, his eyes looking a little strange .

“I’m leaving . ” Mo Ye didn’t show any means to approach Qi Huan . He stood on the boat, not bothering to look at the several noble cultivators who had entered the sea of ​​blood . He only had her in his eyes .

“That’s great!! We have no future together anyway!” Although Qi Huan still felt a bit disturbed by his words, she swallowed her desire to ask him, where are you going again this time?

“After this separation, I am afraid it will be a long time before we meet again . ” Mo Ye didn’t care about Qi Huan’s deliberate provocation . His eyes that were watching her became even more gentle at this moment .

Jin Xiu, who had been standing next to Qi Huan, could see the gentleness in his eyes clearly . He frowned slightly . Although he didn’t know what this person was doing, his strength couldn’t compete with Mo Ye at all . Although he felt uncomfortable, he couldn’t open his mouth to talk back .

Although Mo Ye’s words didn’t have any special spells, his voice contained some wonderful mysteries, as if he was trying to be seductive . If the person in front of Mo Ye was not Qi Huan, but an ordinary noble cultivator, perhaps the person’s noble heart would have already been broken . (TLN: because noble cultivators and devil cultivators cannot be together) However, Qi Huan was not an ordinary cultivator, she didn’t have a noble heart . Mo Ye’s doing could only make her not forget him .

After all, cultivation was calculated in units of millennia . What should have happened between the two of them hadn’t happened . He was about to leave, but he didn’t want to let go, so he could only use some small means to force himself to stay in Qi Huan’s heart, let her remember him, always .

However, Qi Huan was a heartless woman . Although she liked him now, who knows if she would like other people after thousands of years? Mo Ye, who had always been very confident, wasn’t confident at all when facing Qi Huan . He really couldn’t guarantee that she would only fall for him forever .

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“So? You want to give me a parting gift?” Qi Huan almost wanted to bite off her tongue when she said this . Too cringy!

Mo Ye was taken aback for a moment, then he couldn’t help but smile . In this world, perhaps only Qi Huan would say such a thing at this time, but it was within his expectation . He knew what she wanted, so he had already prepared some gifts for her before showing up here .

“Of course . But I can’t give them away without getting anything in return . Don’t you think you should be a little sweeter to me at this time?” The smile on Mo Ye’s face became a little more evil . He did not hide the desire in his eyes . But while he was saying this, he waved his sleeve slightly, and Jin Xiu suddenly realized that he was imprisoned, and all his five senses had disappeared .

“Let me look at the gifts first, then I’ll consider . ”

One book, two Spirit Fire looking thingys, one red and the other water blue .

“Cheh, that’s it?” Qi Huan snorted, seeming to be very dissatisfied, but she stretched out her arms very quickly to take the things from Mo Ye and then kept them into her storage ring, for fear that he would change his mind .

Needless to say, that book was “The Heaven Pathway” that she wanted before, and the other two were the Water Spirit and the Fire Spirit . Mo Ye actually helped her to get all these things! Now she only needed to find the Earth Spirits to successfully cultivate into yuanying .

“Okay, I won’t be sending you off so bye . ” After putting the things away, the smile on Qi Huan’s face was sly, she had no intention of fulfilling her promise of being sweet to him .

It’s a pity that before she turned around, Mo Ye had already come to her, holding her into his arms with one hand, and raising her chin with the other hand . The smile on the corner of his mouth made Qi Huan’s hair stand up, “My dear, it’s not right to go against your word, especially when dealing with devils…” (TLN: omgggggggggggggggggg!)

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