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Chapter 84

“What’s the matter?” Qi Huan’s body was shaken furiously, being dragged out of her dream suddenly . Fortunately, Jin Xiu was unintentional, otherwise she wouldn’t treat him nicely .

“I came across something big . I thought it was really raining and thundering outside but who knew that it’s not, it’s actually a big sea monster transitioning to dujie!” Jin Xiu grumbled . The two of them had unfortunately barged into someone’s transition site .

This time even Qi Huan’s expression changed a little . How many years had the big sea monster lived to cause such stormy days when transitioning to dujie, and yet, not a single dujie thunder was coming down yet? Qi Huan also knew that she had a very strange connection with the thunder from heaven, so before Xu Kong Zi ascended, he gave Qi Huan a jade charm . That jade charm was extraordinary because it recorded various thunders .

This jade charm was given to Xu Kong Zi’s Senior Uncle when he descended . The contents were not of much use to Xu Kong Zi . At most, he could use it to calculate the probability of passing a tianjie successfully . But for Qi Huan, the things recorded in this jade charm were very useful .

There are ninety-nine kinds of thunder, but there were only nine kinds that could be seen in the mortal world . As for the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder that she sucked into her body a few days ago, it did not belong to the thunder of the mortal world . It was pure luck that she managed to encounter it . This thunder was considered to be the top three powerful thunder listed on the charm, but it was not pure . Only the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder absorbed by the Thunder God Tower was the purest, and its power would also greatly increase .

These days, Qi Huan had been studying the jade charm left by Xu Kong Zi . She could control her thunder power, so she had been studying thoroughly, trying out different spells . With her current ability, she could judge the person’s cultivation level just by looking at the thunder that appeared during transition .

After stepping out of the cabin, Qi Huan looked up at the sky . The sky was still covered with dark clouds . Although it was midnight, the sky was still dark and scary . With her naked eyes, she could see the thunder hiding in the dark clouds .

“This is a big deal!” Qi Huan sighed . No wonder her shifu told her to be more careful and not get into trouble when he heard her say that she was going overseas . Now it seemed that her shifu was quite far-sighted .

“What did you see?” Jin Xiu also looked up, but unfortunately he only knew that it was a transition cloud above his head . He didn’t know anything else .

“Crossed the dragon gate and it will soar into the sky . We are lucky . Maybe we can see a real dragon tonight!” Qi Huan’s voice just fell when suddenly an “island” appeared on the surface of the sea . The “island” caused an earthquake, and those thunder in the sky that had been prepared for a long time, finally fell like a downpour .

Qi Huan’s boat was quite far away from the center of the transition so she wasn’t affected . However, even though it did not affect them, it had given them quite a scare .

It’s not that Qi Huan had never seen a transition before, but this one was absolutely unique . Even when the Seventh-Ranked Divine Thunder came down, it was just as thick as a bucket . But this one was different . When the thunder struck, it struck everything within a hundred miles . No wonder it took so long for the thunder to come down from the sky . This really needed a lot of effort .

“Genji turtle (玄龟)?” Jin Xiu’s cultivation level was higher than Qi Huan’s . With his heaven sight, he could see the world clearly . Naturally, he could see the true identity of the island that suddenly appeared in the sea . It was a turtle, but it looked a little strange . When the thunder struck the large turtle shell that was hundreds of square meters wide, there were actually some cracks on the shell .

“A genji turtle can’t draw out such a domineering thunder . Black tortoise (玄武) is more likely but black tortoise is a divine beast, it should draw out a divine thunder . This thunder looks barely like the divine thunder . I think that thing is the dragon Ba Xia (龙子霸下), I’m 80 percent certain . ”

“Ba Xia? It can be this successful?” Jin Xiu nodded after listening to Qi Huan’s words . The “island” had a dragon head and turtle shell . It indeed belonged in the dragon category, but he could see that the Ba Xia dragon was quite tired after receiving a strike by the thunder . And yet, how many more thunders were awaiting?

“Who knows . Although it is easy for a dragon child to be borned, it is not that easy for a dragon child to become a dragon . I guess it is easily forty-nine thunders . ” Qi Huan was not very optimistic about the size of Baxia so with a big yawn, she continued, “You slowly watch . Our boat can’t get through for a while . I think we will have to wait until the next day for all forty-nine thunders to strike . I’m going to bed . ” Qi Huan took one last look at Ba Xia’s huge body, then turned her head and walked into the cabin . She put all the tables, chairs and benches in her storage ring, and then took out her bed, found a soft pillow, adjusted her sleeping position, and fell back to sleep beautifully .

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This time Mo Ye didn’t show up . When Qi Huan woke up, there was still lightning and thunder outside . It seemed that she didn’t sleep too long .

“You’re finally awake! You slept for a day and a night . ” As soon as Qi Huan sat up, she saw Jin Xiu appearing in the hatch of the boat . He was a gentleman . He did not walk into the cabin while she was sleeping .

“The transition is still going on outside?” Qi Huan felt something was wrong, how could a transition last so long without stopping?

Her words made Jin Xiu’s face look a little ugly, “Don’t talk about it anymore, Ba Xia died at dawn, but the thunder still kept going . After Ba Xia’s corpse was completely destroyed by the thunder, I saw that there was a small jade-coloured turtle, the size of a millstone, under Ba Xia’s body . The turtle also had dragon veins, but it was very thin, it looked like Ba Xia’s child . ”

“Ahh, so it’s actually Ba Xia who came out to fight the thunder for the sake of his children . If that’s the case, then it’s not forty-nine thunder, but eighty-one . ” Heaven is impermanent . Ba Xia knew that he was not going to become a real dragon, so he actually let his children cultivate to become one, not bad, but can they avoid the penalty from the heavens?

Eighty-one divine thunders… If they all gathered together, they would definitely be more terrifying than the Seventh-Ranked Divine Thunder . By then, let alone Ba Xia, even if the real dragon comes, it will surely be wiped off .

“Is there no way to save it?” After Jin Xiu listened to Qi Huan’s explanation, his expression was a little sad, and his eyes were full of confusion .

Qi Huan shook her head, wondering why Jin Xiu had such an expression . Although she could absorb the divine thunder, because it was not dangerous to her at all, she couldn’t absorb so much thunder power at once . She was still a mortal anyway, so she wouldn’t risk herself hindering the thunder tribulation at will .

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She would never do such a stupid thing .

Perceiving Qi Huan’s somewhat worried gaze, Jin Xiu smiled, “I just think that that dead Ba Xia is a bit pitiful . He has paid with his life, but he didn’t succeed . ” Jin Xiu was born without parents, he didn’t know human affection, he never had the experience, so when he saw Ba ​​Xia sacrifice himself for his children, he felt a bit uncomfortable .

Jin Xiu also knew where his problems were . Unfortunately, some things couldn’t be changed after knowing them . He had no fate to feel parents’ affection in this life, but he was grateful to be able to live . He felt that living like this was God’s greatest reward to him .

In the end, when the seventy-eight thunder came down, the jade-coloured little tortoise finally couldn’t bear the pressure anymore, and disappeared like a smoke . A ray of sunlight finally touched the cabin, and after the thunder cloud dispersed, the sea finally returned to its former calm .

The deep blue sea was sparkling, and fine ripples shone with little light under the sunlight . It was a peaceful scene, but no seabirds appeared . Qi Huan knew clearly that an earth-shattering battle would begin in a while .

Even the little fox who had been nesting in her body was a little restless, and Little Yin also let go of Qi Huan’s wrists and stretched its body to the ground, seeming to be preparing for cover .

After Ba Xia and his child died, they left two inner dan . The inner dan with dragon spirit is not much different from the Resurrection Pill . Besides, the two had survived so many thunder strikes, so their inner dan was even more rare . It won’t be long before the big monsters in the sea would come to snatch them .

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Who would let go of such a precious thing? Qi Huan certainly didn’t want to let go of such a rare opportunity, but she still knew her ability . In this ship, except Little Yin, no one had the strength to snatch that dan . She wondered if any sea monsters would want to sell it to her or not .

Sure enough, a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared on the surface of the calm sea, and the two golden inner dan rose from the whirlpool . The inner dan was surrounded by dragon patterns, and Qi Huan could still hear the dragon chants when she listened carefully .

After the inner dan appeared, Little Yin and the little fox disappeared from the boat without a trace . As their master, Qi Huan hadn’t even had time to tell them to be careful . But she believed that judging from Little Yin’s shamelessness, the little fox and the flying snake wouldn’t be the ones to be injured .

After Little Yin went out, a loud roar suddenly came out of the sea . A hydra that was about the size of Ba Xia rose up from the sea . As soon as it appeared, the chaotic sea calmed down, and those delusional sea beasts and sea monsters who were fighting for the inner dan also became quiet . It seemed that the hydra was the overlord of this sea .

Of course, although the roar from the hydra had suppressed several sea monsters, it was a pity that Little Yin didn’t care at all . It shift-shaped back to its original body that was obviously still better than the hydra . With a terrifying existence of three or four times larger than the hydra, Little Yin lowered its head and gave the hydra a vicious look, and then roared at it . Little Yin’s roar was very low, but it spread across the sky like a rolling thunder, directly suppressing the hydra .

Under Qi Huan’s startled gaze, the hydra turned around and ran away . Within a minute, the sea surface returned to normal, as if nothing had happened just now .

Qi Huan stared at the two inner dan with glowing eyes, and sighed . She suddenly felt that it was better to be a beast because that way she didn’t even need to say anything . All the monsters and beasts just had to scream and whoever was the loudest would be the winner .

Too bad she could only watch from the outside, she was not a beast, so she would never understand what the roar meant .

“Flying snake?! I finally found you . I didn’t expect you to hide in the sea . ” Above the clouds, Dan Jie in a black robe suddenly stopped in his tracks . His eyes shone with cold light, and he looked straight at Qi Huan . It was a pity that Qi Huan did not notice him .

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