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Chapter 65

After walking in the dark for more than half an hour, Qi Huan suddenly saw a bright light in front of her, but it didn’t look like an exit . She followed the light, stumbling and groping over until she came to a very ordinary stone door . The soft white light came from the stone door . She stretched out her hand and gently pushed the stone door and disappeared without a trace .

Qi Huan felt that the scenery in front of her had changed, the darkness just now had disappeared . Looking around, there was glacier and white snow everywhere, cold wind whizzed past her face like a knife . After a while, her hands and feet were also frozen and became a little stiff .

Qi Huan snuggled in her clothes tightly, and for the first time, she felt how pitiful it was that she didn’t learn the five elements spells . She was totally unable to keep herself out the cold here . Perhaps she was going to be killed by the trap set here, or be eaten by monsters here, or she would definitely be frozen to death .

As Qi Huan rubbed her face with her hands, she looked around to observe the situation . There seemed to be no one around . The snow on the ground had reached her knees . Looking back, she only saw the row of crooked snow holes she had walked through .

Qi Huan heard Xu Kong Zi talk about a teleportation circle before, it was quite similar to portals in video games . She had probably encountered something like that earlier, but she didn’t know where she was now . Now she didn’t want to find any celestial devices anymore, she only wanted to make sure that she could walk across this ice sheet alive .

If Jue Jian was a person that even Xu Kong Zi thought was despicable, then Qi Huan really felt that he must be a very terrifying owner of this celestial abode . With his character, it was absolutely impossible that he would only send her to a freezing map, perhaps this was just the beginning, and that there were even more dangers ahead .

This thought only circulated in her mind for less than a minute, and the danger came as expected . Three silver giant wolves of more than two meters in height, came out from behind the snowdrift and approached her step by step . Seeing their blood-red eyes and saliva drooling from their mouths, Qi Huan could imagine how scarce the food was in this snowy place .

“Do you think we can have friendly communication with them?” Seeing the little fox poking out half of its head from her clothes, Qi Huan lowered her head and whispered . She always adhered to the principle of peaceful coexistence . She only used violence as a last resort to fix a problem .

The little fox pulled Qi Huan’s clothes and looked at the three wolves, a few drops of saliva drooled from its mouth .

Just as Qi Huan watched the little fox’s stupid play, the flying snake rushed out immediately with its fangs showing off from its wide opened mouth . Before she could see clearly the snake’s movement, the three snow wolves that were still majestic a second ago, had been neatly arranged in front of her .

The two-meter-long flying snake was half-coiled in the snow, stretched over a one-meter-long neck and stared at Qi Huan, as if it was saying, hey, I’ve saved your life, if you don’t give me any snack, I will eat you up .

Qi Huan looked at it for a long time before taking out a carrot from her storage bag reluctantly . As a result, the flying snake actually dragged away two of the dead wolves after eating the carrot .  What the heck, whose snake is this, actually knows how to bargain!

Thinking of the pet owner’s treacherous face and looking at the snake again, Qi Huan took out three more carrots this time . The snake then “hmph” with satisfaction, and even helped to tear off the wolf skin for her . Cool, gave an extra carrot as a tip, and even gained a service .

Snow wolf is worthy of being an animal that lives in the snow . Its fur really gave off an unusual warmth . Although the wolf skin was peeled off, there was still a fishy smell on the skin but that didn’t stop her from putting it on herself directly, and she immediately felt so warm .

Qi Huan wore a piece of wolf skin, and then sat on another piece of wolf skin with the little fox, and then used the final piece of wolf skin to make fire . One person, one snake and one fox sat in a small circle in front of the fire . The little fox and Qi Huan ate the wolf meat happily when suddenly the flying snake stood up again .

Qi Huan also put down the wolf’s leg in her hand . In the distance, several people could be seen moving quickly towards her . With her cultivation level, she could only barely sense the breath of those people, but she was certain that cultivators who exuded such a cold breath were definitely not noble cultivators . No matter which sect they were from, it was definitely not a lucky thing to run into them alone .

Qi Huan picked up the little fox who was still eating hard, and threw two thunder balls to destroy the barbecue stall, and then involuntarily sat down on the flying snake .

For a long time, the snake did not respond, until after Qi Huan pulled out seven or eight carrots, did it enlarge itself . In a short while, it grew from a two-meter-long snake to a tens of-meter-long python . The wolf skin was spread on its back, and Qi Huan held the little fox, adjusted her sitting posture, then patted the snake’s back .

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Qi Huan was wrapped in wolf skin . She could only feel the wind blowing in her ears, the surrounding scenery was not clear at all . Everywhere was white .

After God knew how long, she looked back and saw that those people were still behind her . Although they hadn’t caught up with her, it seemed that they didn’t intend to give up .

Because Qi Huan kept focusing behind her, she didn’t realize that there were two more people in front of her . The fast-moving snake suddenly stopped steadily . She looked up and found that two men wearing purple silk robe had blocked the snake’s path .

Qi Huan looked at the two identical men in front of her, frowning slightly, “Why are you blocking me?” Qi Huan tied a knot around her finger with her Air Cutting Silk, she would not give them any chance to harm her or her pets . It was not that she didn’t trust others, but the key here was that anyone might kill her, so she had to be careful .

“Is the Chaos Cauldron with you?” The purple-clothed man standing on the right, smiled and asked . Although he had a gentle face, his eyes were very cold when he looked at Qi Huan .

“What Chaos Cauldron?” Qi Huan was a little puzzled, do I have such a thing?

“You can think about it, we are not in a hurry, but the ghost cultivators behind you seem to be quite hostile . ” The purple-clothed man standing on the left spoke blankly .

Sure enough, they had decided to threaten her, seeing that there was no means of reconciliation! Qi Huan didn’t care about the few people behind her, but she was very interested in the background of these two people . She remembered the Chaos Cauldron . Mo Ye had given her a bathtub before, and that thing seemed to be the Chaos Cauldron these guys mentioned .

“Who are you?” How could she give them the thing that already belonged to her? Qi Huan was not an idiot .

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“My name is Kun Qi, this is my brother Kun Lian, we didn’t mean to make things difficult for you, lady, but the Chaos Cauldron was originally mine, and I hope you can return it to me . ”

“Then can I know how you guys lost the Chaos Cauldron?”

“Ten years ago, people from the devil cultivation sneaked into my teaching hall and stole it from me . ” Kun Qi explained with a smile, but a moment of fear flashed in his eyes . Although it was just a flash, Qi Huan noticed it .

“Oh, the person you are talking about is Mo Ye, right?”

Qi Huan’s words made the two guys silent at the same time .  I’m right, Qi Huan sighed . She was really easily bullied . When this thing was in Mo Ye’s hands, no one dared to make any move, but now when it was in her hands, everyone was targeting her!

“That little thief in front who dared to hurt my grandma! I’m here to take your life!” Before the two people in front of her finished talking, Qi Huan suddenly heard a girl’s crisp voice behind her, but the voice sounded a little arrogant .

Qi Huan turned her head and saw that there were five people stopping ten meters away from her . The leader was a little girl in a red jacket . She had a pink face, she looked very cute, but the pair of green eyes destroyed her pure and lovely temperament, making her look a little gloomy .

“Who are you?”

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“Hmph, you hurt my grandma, and yet you dare not admit it!” The little girl pointed to Qi Huan’s nose . Qi Huan could see her pointy nails from far away . Her nails were as sharp as a knife and they were black, which meant that her poison must be quite powerful as well .

Because Kun Qi said that these people were ghost cultivators, Qi Huan immediately recalled the grandma the little girl was talking about .  It’s that old lady! Ah, before Qi Huan could do anything to her, the old lady had already come to her for revenge!

“I didn’t deny it, but I want to ask, is she your biological grandmother?”

“Of course, she is my biological grandmother!” A child was a child after all . Qi Huan carefully looked at the four people behind her and found that they were not humans at all, they were zombies . However, these four zombies did not have furs like the ones she encountered before, it seemed that they were more powerful .

“Oh, if that’s the case, then your grandma will probably come out here soon too, right?” Qi Huan said slowly, and before the little girl reacted, her whole body was tied up by silver sturdy thunder nets .

Because Qi Huan had refined the thunderstone into her own magical tools, even though the grounding mat was broken by that old woman, the thunderstone was still fine, so the damage on the grounding mat was not too serious . To deal with a ghost cultivator whose cultivation level was not as high as herself, Qi Huan felt it was too easy . As for the four zombies, they had turned into ashes the moment they were tied by the thunder nets .

In fact, according to the strength of this little girl, together with the help of the four zombies behind her, she would not have a problem to deal with cultivators in their yuanying stage, but what she did not expect was that with Qi Huan’s cultivation level, she could actually kill a ghost cultivator, and no matter how powerful a zombie was, as long as it was stained with the purest Gang thunder in the world, it wouldn’t have a good ending .

After restraining the little girl, Qi Huan turned her head and continued to look at the two brothers . She tugged the wolf skin that had slipped from her body and looked at them with only one expression, “The Chaos Cauldron was given to me by Mo Ye . If you want to take it away, I think it’s best that you talk to him first . ”

“So you’re not going to give it to us?” Kun Qi’s face became gloomy after hearing Qi Huan’s words . He actually wanted to deal with Qi Huan while she was fighting with the zombies, but she didn’t expect that she would use some kind of spell and killed those zombies without any effort . This made Kun Qi feel a little fear .

“I don’t think the dead need anything outside of his control . ” Seeing that the two brothers had already planned to make a move on her, Qi Huan sneered and a cold smile appeared on her face .

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