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Chapter 66

“The lady has a point . ” Now that the negotiation had fallen apart, then let’s just start the fight . The two people didn’t plan to continue chatting with Qi Huan, so they directly made a move .

Qi Huan patted the flying snake’s head and said, “Those two are for you as a snack . ” Qi Huan knew that even if she used all her techniques, she would not be able to fight these two people, so she could only cheat . Anyway, the flying snake had been eating greens for so long, so it was time for it to eat some meat . In order to prevent it from drooling at her every day, it was better to give these two people to the snake to eat .

Hearing Qi Huan’s words, the flying snake immediately opened its big mouth, and swallowed the two of them before they could react . It then burped, and waved its tail contentedly .

After dealing with the people that were in the way, Qi Huan dragged the little girl who had just been caught, and looked at her with a smile on her face, “Do you want to tell me how to find your grandma?” Qi Huan knew that the old woman was better than her, but she was pretty sure that after being hit by her thunderball, that old woman’s injury would heal so easily . Since there was a chance to find her now, she must not let it go easily . Hua Gan Zi did not have much time to wait .

“I, I don’t know . ” The little girl struggled hard, staring at Qi Huan with resentment and anger . But under her anger was an obvious fear in her eyes . She had seen clearly how the snake swallowed the two people earlier . What kind of monster opened its mouth and swallowed two cultivators in their yuanying stage? She didn’t want to be swallowed!

“You really don’t know? That’s a shame . I wanted to let you go but guess not . If you don’t tell me, then I will feed you to the snake too . ” Qi Huan patted the snake again, and it immediately turned its head over . The little girl looked at its big mouth in horror, her whole body trembling involuntarily .

“I, I… jade, I have this jade, my grandma said if I press on this jade around my waist, she would know that I’m in danger and she will come and look for me . ” The little girl finally couldn’t endure the fear in her heart anymore, she rolled her eyes and then fainted .

Qi Huan tore off the diamond-shaped jade pendant around the girl’s waist, and glanced at the snake, and found that it actually vomited the two men out again . They didn’t look like they were digested except that their clothes were corroded . They only looked half dead .

Guess the snake only liked to eat vegetables .

Qi Huan squeezed the piece of jade for a long time, but she did not crush it because she thought about it for a while and decided that she would talk to her shifu about it first . She had to find her shifu first . If she was to deal with the old woman alone, then the consequences might be the same as last time . Although she was much better now, and she could even be regarded as a blessing in disguise, she didn’t want to experience being on the line of life and death again .

The flying snake kindly buried the two people who it had just vomited, in an ice hole of more than 20 meters deep, and then sealed the deep hole with its tail . Finally, carrying Qi Huan and the little fox away .

Watching the snake’s behavior . Qi Huan was really certain that the reason why pets were despicable and shameless was entirely because their owner was not upright, but fortunately, she was not the real owner of the flying snake . She took the little fox out of her arms, pointed to its small nose and said seriously, “If you don’t behave well, I will let the snake bury you too . ” Perhaps threatening pets can also be addictive…

The temperature in the ice field seemed to be getting colder . The sky was getting darker, and the speed of the snake was fast, but Qi Huan looked up and saw that the surrounding was still silvery white . It seemed that there was never an end here, even with the wolf skins, it was getting harder and harder to resist the cold temperature .

Qi Huan wrapped the wolf skin around her tightly . Her original ruddy lips were already faintly purple . She tried to move her ling qi in her body but even the cold was invading her body . She couldn’t move her ling qi at all . If she couldn’t find an exit soon, she might really freeze to death .

Unexpectedly, the biggest danger in this ice field was its endless and unstoppable cold .

“It’s really shameful to be frozen to death . ” After a long period of time, no sound was heard in the ice field . Qi Huan lay on her belly on the flying snake, her lips trembled, she sighed, and then she slowly closed her eyes .

So she didn’t see that in front, the stone gate floating in the air had slowly opened .

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“Can we still save her?” A warm breath enveloped Qi Huan . She heard someone talking next to her dimly . The surrounding was no longer desperately cold . Qi Huan moved her fingers . Fortunately, she was not frozen . This made her rejoice .

“Little sister, she was just frozen, but not to her death . ” The woman’s soft and pleasant voice sounded a bit accusing .

“Hmph, frozen to death is crazier than being killed by her stupidity, I have never seen a cultivator frozen to death . With such a cultivation level, she dares to break into the celestial abode . I don’t know if she is courageous, or should I say she’s brainless!” A clear female voice sounded a bit pungent, but it was also very pleasing to hear it .

“You! Can’t you just keep your mouth shut? Quickly get me a Gushen Pill . She has consumed a lot of ling qi, and needs good care . ” The gentle female voice sounded again .

It didn’t take long for Qi Huan to feel that a pill was forcibly stuffed into her mouth, and then it flowed into her belly . After being swallowed, the warm breath in her rose again . Qi Huan, who was still in a daze, was sure that this pill must have been stuffed in by that little sister .

When she opened her eyes, Qi Huan found herself lying in a small stone room . There was no one here, and her savior seemed to have left . In front of her were two channels, another multiple choice question!

Qi Huan stood up and was surprised to find that her body was surging with ling qi, and there were a few more wisps of smoke on her Taiji pattern . The smoke formed a disc, but it was not too clear now . She didn’t know what it was .

This time Qi Huan went straight into one of the passages with her eyes closed . When she entered, she accidentally bumped her head against a stone wall . She rubbed the bruise on her head while finding her way forward .

This time she did not encounter any danger, but when she was halfway in the channel, she missed a step and fell into a golden hall .

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To be honest, Qi Huan never thought that she would be able to enter the celestial abode alive, but at the moment she was sure that she was still breathing . It was good to be alive . After one close encounter with death, she had much lower requirements for life .

Compared with Qi Huan’s happy face, the look of the others in the hall was a bit strange . They all gathered here after suffering all their hardships . One more person here meant that the treasures they were to get was one more person less . The agreement they had just reached was disrupted again because of Qi Huan’s sudden appearance .

But after a while, their argument stopped suddenly, because some people discovered that Qi Huan’s cultivation was only in the early stage of jiedan, so she was not a threat to them at all . Some people even planned to directly obliterate her .

Seeing a young cultivator with a seven-color feather fan in his hand slowly walking towards her, Qi Huan had already sighed tirelessly . She really wanted to ask, why me again?!

“I was just passing by…” Qi Huan struggled, because she found that the snake hanging on her wrist seemed to be completely asleep, and she couldn’t pull it off no matter what . Without the snake, she was not much different from a little white rabbit that fell into the tiger’s mouth . She was going to die before accomplishing anything in life!

“I know . ” The man stopped five meters away from Qi Huan, and fanned carelessly the feather fan in his hand . “You can only say that you have bad luck . ” The man gently waved the fan in his hand . A green feather instantly turned into a dark green spirit beast, and rushed towards Qi Huan .

“Really? I think you are the unfortunate one . ” A deep voice with some disdain sounded from her back . She had heard this voice so many times but her heart would still itch every time she heard it .

Qi Huan turned her head and saw two people stepping in from a stone gate . The one in the lead was still wearing a blood red mask . Just as he raised his hand, the one who just shook the fan in front of Qi Huan and pretended to be Zhuge Liang, had been strung into a candied gourd by a giant golden sword .

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“Long time no see . ” Qi Huan waved at Mo Ye, but unfortunately she couldn’t see his expression . Qi Huan still admired Mo Ye’s true appearance . Unfortunately, he just had to wear a mask to cover up his pretty little face .

“Hey beautiful, we meet again . ” Chi Yi was very enthusiastic . Upon seeing Qi Huan, he immediately came forward to hug her . Seeing a “flower peacock” leaping towards her, Qi Huan threw out her Air Cutting Silk without hesitation, and tied him firmly to prevent his chastity .

“Hey! Beauty, I think about you every day, don’t you miss me~~” Chi Yi ignored everyone’s gaze, struggling to align his heart with joy in the Air Cutting Silk .

“No . ” Qi Huan took two steps back, keeping a certain distance from Chi Yi .

“You are so cruel~~My first kiss has been taken away by you, you are irresponsible~~~” The more Chi Yi said, the more Qi Huan felt something was wrong . She stared at Chi Yi for a long time . Then suddenly turned her head to look at Mo Ye .

Mo Ye coughed twice, turned his head away, showing the back of his head to her .

“I think… I’m the one who suffered more…” Qi Huan said slowly, although it was not a kiss, and it was her own initiative, this kind of thing wasn’t it the woman who suffers? I also gave you my first kiss!

“Ah, my boss is very happy to take responsibility . ” Chi Yi smirked .

With a click, the sound of something broken, a few drops of cold sweat rolled down Qi Huan’s forehead, “Erm, I’ll get going first, see you next time . ”

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