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Chapter 55

Sure enough, after the few people entered, there was no sound anymore, as if they were suddenly swallowed . In the blink of an eye, the remaining devil cultivators also disappeared, but the murderous field seemed to be expanding . The surrounding vegetation died instantly, and the sacrifices on the altar were swallowed as well .

Chi Yi and Yan Gui’s face changed slightly, they exchanged glances, but kept quiet .

“What… what’s going on?” The other guards from Jiang Sect were very surprised upon seeing a large group of living people suddenly disappear in front of them . However, none of them planned to go in and take a look, they weren’t looking for death! Those who went in earlier were the elders of various sects, their strength was much more powerful than other people, if even they were swallowed, then other people wouldn’t stand a chance .

“Why are you guys still here? Go notify the Great Elder . ” Chi Yi’s face sank as he ordered coldly .

“Yes . ” The guards turned hurriedly and flew towards Qian Li Town . People dying wasn’t a problem but if anything happened to the things underneath, then it would be a big problem, especially since they were already instructed billions of times before . If anything happened to the things underneath then their lives would be at risk .

As for what was under the altar, where did this murderous aura come from, no one knew at all except those old devil heads who had been living for more than a thousand years .

The Great Elder of Jiang Sect (TLN: the old boss from previous chapters), who had been staying in the black shop, was also taken aback after hearing the description of the guard . He thought to himself, could it be that someone had broken in?

But then he denied his doubt . There were at least a thousand traps in the tomb, even if someone broke in, it would be difficult to get out alive .

In fact, he only knew that there was a set of battle armour left over from ancient times in there . As for how it looked or who left it in there, no one knew the answer because no one could ever break into the tomb .

Five hundred years ago, four old devil heads teamed up and broke through the tomb entrance but Who knew that before they could enter the tomb, one of them was instantly caught by an invisible trap that dissolved half of his body, not only that, the devil’s cultivation heart was also swallowed, causing him to be unable to cultivate anymore . The remaining three devils, who didn’t believe in traps, continued to rush in . In the end, the last person worked his entire body and finally broke into the tomb . Unfortunately, he also failed to get out alive . No one knew what happened to the person who entered the tomb .

“Send someone to seal off the altar . Without my order, if anyone dares to speak, kill them immediately . ” The Great Elder of Jiang Sect knocked his pipe on the stone slab, his expression increasingly gloomy .

The guard took the order and walked out . Suddenly, he saw a man holding a young woman in a white robe walking towards the black shop .

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“Young Master Mo, why aren’t you hosting the Devil Killer Tribulation Refination Competition?” Mo Ye immediately heard this question from the old man at the moment he stepped into the black shop, carrying the still unconscious Qi Huan . Although Mo Ye changed his appearance, he did not deliberately hide his aura so it was easy to recognize him .

Mo Ye tilted his head and glanced at him . He saw only three fingers on his right hand . He couldn’t help but stop and replied with a smile, “Why, isn’t the reason obvious, Great Elder?”

“Hmph, you know this woman’s identity, you better not mix with her too much . Those people are all staring at you . ” Although the Great Elder’s tone was obviously unpleasant, it was mostly advice for Mo Ye’s sake, he didn’t mean to reprimand .

Although the relationship between Jiang Sect and Heavenly Devil Sect was not very close, the Great Elder of Jiang Sect had once been blessed by the Heavenly Devil Sect so he was still grateful to them although all of them were devil cultivators . This one hundred years since the Head of the Heavenly Devil Sect failed to cross the dujie stage, causing his soul to scatter, if it hadn’t been the Great Elder who had always supported the Heavenly Devil Sect, the sect would not have its current achievements .

However, he had never thought that ever since Mo Ye took over the Heavenly Devil Sect, the overall strength of the sect was even better than when his father was alive . Mo Ye suddenly had a group of subordinates in the huashen stage, and he also had a mysterious person in the late stage of dujie who had never appeared in the public eye before . The outside world rumoured that the mysterious person was a man who had ascended to the devil world, a man named Ming Du Tian, but that was a legend after all, and no one had seen that person personally .

“Thank you for the advice, Great Elder . I will remember your advice . ” Mo Ye nodded towards the Great Elder, and continued walking inside with Qi Huan in his arms . Suddenly he stopped, and he frowned, “Little Yin, put the pipe down . ”

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Mo Ye’s sudden words made the Great Elder look at him a little strangely . He followed Mo Ye’s gaze, and realized that the pipe he had just put aside earlier, was actually running away with long legs . No, it was carried away by a silver snake .

…Whose snake is that actually dare to steal things?! When the flying snake saw that Mo Ye was not very happy, it shook its tail and flipped the pipe back to its original place, and then slid up Mo Ye’s legs, climbing up until it reached Qi Huan’s arm before stopping, then it continued to twirl around her wrist before sleeping .

“Sorry, her pet is a bit disobedient . ” Mo Ye smiled apologetically . This flying snake knew a good good when it saw one . Although the pipe looked inconspicuous, it was the Great Elder’s personal weapon . It should be considered a low-grade devil device, equivalent to a low-grade celestial device .

The corner of the Great Elder’s eyes twitched but he didn’t speak . He had never seen such a pet that could take away his personal weapon without even him noticing it at all . He absolutely didn’t believe it was just an ordinary snake . However, due to Mo Ye’s presence, he couldn’t catch it and study it .

Of course, if the Great Elder really caught the flying snake one day, he wouldn’t know if he or the snake would be dissected .

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When Mo Ye’s figure disappeared in the stairwell, the Great Elder reached out to touch the bag of tobacco at his waist, and then he was stunned . It’s not there! The bag that was still around his waist earlier was gone!

The little fox lay casually on Mo Ye’s shoulder with a cloth bag hung at his paw, which was full of tobacco leaves .

Mo Ye carried Qi Huan back to his room and let her sit on the bed against the wall, then he put one hand on her pulse, and his face became a little gloomy .

At first, he thought he was just going to get the bone armour back, and anyway that place was his own tomb, so there shouldn’t be any problems to bring Qi Huan over with him, but he didn’t expect something to happen in the end .

The devil cultivators had been feeding the bone armour with human blood all these years, causing an unbearable murderous aura to accumulate in the bone armour . Those murderous auras had no effect on him, but the aura hurt Qi Huan .

Even if Mo Ye made a quick move earlier, he couldn’t be sure if Qi Huan’s spirit had been eroded by the murderous aura or not .

Looking at Qi Huan’s peaceful sleeping face, Mo Ye’s slender fingers slowly caressed her bloodless, pale face, leaning over and gently saying in her ear, “I’m sorry, this will be the last time . ”

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