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Chapter 56

Qi Huan fell into a semi-coma state after being knocked out, but her state was different from others . She was still conscious and able to think, but her five senses seemed to be blocked, she could only see her insides, she could not open her eyes or hear any sounds .

Her Taiji pattern in the dantian was swirling around, some times fast, some times slow . The Yang of her Yin and Yang nodes somehow turned from white to blood red, and the golden dan that was condensed in the Yang was also gradually changing . Qi Huan didn’t know why all of this was happening but she faintly felt that if this continued, the balance in her dantian would definitely be broken, and the result would definitely be more than just an explosion of her dan .

However, she couldn’t think of a solution even if she knew that the situation was not good . After all, this was her dantian, she couldn’t undo anything if she made just a slight mistake .

Qi Huan suddenly remembered the scene before she fainted . At that time, she felt as if she was being eroded by a murderous aura, causing her brain to be out of control . Although Mo Ye knocked her out at that time, the murderous aura was still eroding her mind, and it seemed that the yang side of the Taiji pattern began to change colour then .

She had an idea, she was going to use all her remaining thunder inside her body even though she wasn’t sure if it could help her or not, anyway the thunder powers were the only thing she had left inside her, besides this Yin-Yang Taiji pattern .

Qi Huan squeezed all the thunder power in her towards the Yang . At first, she only carefully bombarded the Yang, and she found that the spot that was swept by the thunder had changed back to its original color, but then it changed back to red soon .

But she couldn’t be bothered whether the colour could change back or not, anyhow something happened, so she continued to mobilize the thunder in her body as much as possible, and kept bombarding the Taiji pattern in her dantian . After a while, a large cloud appeared above the Taiji pattern .

Thunder and lightning also appeared in Qi Huan’s stomach, and outside of her body . Silver-purple electric lights and black-purple electric lights alternately swirled around on her body, that even Mo Ye was worried about her at the beginning, and wanted to check her . However, as soon as he stretched out his hand, the electric light directly condensed into a small lightning and struck at him . Fortunately, the power was not too great, but Mo Ye didn’t continue to check on Qi Huan’s current situation, instead, he sat aside and observed .

The sky outside gradually darkened, and there was no lamp in Mo Ye’s room . His black eyes gradually turned blood red while he sat in the dark, waiting for her . And his appearance also gradually returned to his original devil appearance . Although the electric nets on Qi Huan’s body were slowly disappearing, she still showed no signs of waking up, and Mo Ye’s expression became more solemn .

“Young Master, Ming Du Tian asks when you are going back . ” Yan Gui, who was wrapped up like a black mummy, emerged from the shadow in the corner, but Mo Ye didn’t react at all when he saw him .

“You go first, I will go back when she wakes up . ”

“Yes . ” Yan Gui disappeared immediately after receiving the order .

In another room of the black shop, after seeing Yan Gui appearing, Chi Yi dragged him and asked very anxiously, “How’s it going? How did the boss react?”

Yan Gui shook his head .

“Can’t you speak!”

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“The boss didn’t respond . That Qi Huan girl, it seems that something happened to her . ”

“Hey, I think that our boss won’t be going back for a while . Forget it, let’s go first . ” Chi Yi sighed and picked up the only duck leg left on the table, but before he could put it into his mouth, the duck leg disappeared together with Yan Gui .

“You think you’re so great just because you know Shadow Escape! You shameless!” Chi Yi licked his fingers, crying while floating out of the window like a wisp of wind .

Until the middle of the night, Qi Huan finally was able to open her eyes, but it was a pity that her other senses were still blocked, so she could only see but not speak . When she saw a strange man suddenly appear beside her bed, to be honest, she was quite shocked .

She originally thought that such a hero-saving scene only happened in movies, and would not happen to her, but she actually got to experience it now! Although the man in front of her was not beautiful, he was quite unique . He had a pair of phoenix eyes under his sword-sharp eyebrows . His eyes were bent upwards, looking as if they were smiling but they also made her feel a bit cold . Under his straight nose was a pair of lips that was attractive enough that she wanted to taste it . The corners of the lips were smiling, but the smile also had a hint of sarcasm .

All the descriptions boiled down to one word: Evil . The look in his eyes would make people’s heart beat faster . It would be better if those eyes were not blood-red like some red searchlights .

After being stared at by Qi Huan for a long time, Mo Ye finally understood why she was doing that . The time limit of the Transformation Technique was over, but it was too late to do anything about it . Anyway, she would find out sooner or later, so letting her know his true self now was no different than later .

“Are you okay?” After almost five minutes, Mo Ye finally felt something was wrong, seeing that Qi Huan still showed no means of talking to him .

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Qi Huan shook her head . She was not okay at all, she could not speak, could not smell, and although her limbs could move, she had no sense of touch . This was no different from The Walking Dead . Moreover, she was still thundering in her stomach . After she created the cloud in her, which then produced even more thunders, it seemed that the thunders had no intention of leaving, but since it had no effect on her anyway, Qi Huan just let it toss around in her stomach . Fortunately, the Yang of her Taiji pattern had been restored to its original state, it was finally no longer discolored .

“You can’t talk?”

Qi Huan nodded .

Mo Ye sighed .  Well, at least she’s awake now . Anyway, it’s better that she can’t talk, at least my ears can have peace .  He asked again, “Are you hungry?”

Qi Huan continued nodding .

“What do you want to eat?”

Qi Huan shook her head . Now everything would taste like wax, better not to waste food .

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…Qi Huan nodded and shook her head again and again, and finally Mo Ye was confused, so he got a paper and pen, ready to let her write what she wanted .

Only later did he discover how stupid his approach was . Jiagu Wen, Da Zhuan, Xiao Zhuan, Kedou Wen, even wordless scriptures, and drawings could hardly describe what Qi Huan was trying to say . Qi Huan was completely illiterate!

Finally, he gave up . He put her back in the bed, and covered her with a quilt .

Qi Huan slept very peacefully that night . She opened her eyes lazily when it was dawn . The warm blanket made her feel reluctant to take it away . She used to like to kick her blanket when she slept so every time she woke up, she would be very cold . Plus, most of the nights she would be cultivating, so she hadn’t slept peacefully like this for a long time .

Her back felt slightly warmer . She couldn’t help leaning forward, stretching her legs contentedly, and then yawned, ready to sleep again .

But she suddenly noticed that there was an extra arm on her chest, she lifted the blanket and looked down, and saw that it was not her arm, that means…

Qi Huan turned her head stiffly and saw a smiling face that deserved a hard beating .

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