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Chapter 24

With a spoon in her mouth and a cup of sweet porridge in her hand, Qi Huan’s eyes wandered around . Every time she accidentally glanced at Ling Yun Zi’s cold face, she shivered and then turned away . Ever since she woke up, Ling Yun Zi had been stuck with her all the time, but now the way he looked at her was as if she was his enemy .

“Senior Uncle . ”

“Yes . ” Qi Huan hurriedly showed a pleasing smile .

“Eat all the porridge . ”

“Uh… this… I’ll eat it later . ” If she ate it again now, she would definitely get diabetes . She wondered who was so terrible to still make such a sweet porridge for her when she was sick to torture her so much!

“Eat up!”

“Yes . ” Qi Huan pinched her nose and poured it into her mouth . Hey, she had no choice but to bow her head . In front of everyone, she accidentally said that she was almost drained by a magical tool, Ling Yun Zi’s expression at that time was even more terrifying than Lei Gong .

Since ancient times, there had been no cultivator who would be as stupid as Qi Huan . It’s one thing that she did something so embarrassing, and then, she even said it out in front of everyone! Ling Yun Zi had been good enough not to slap her at that time, perhaps even Xu Kong Zi knew about this matter, he would punish her to face the wall for more than ten years .

It was precisely because of what Qi Huan said that everyone’s attention was focused on her . As for how tragic they laughed at Qi Huan and even the entire Qing Yun Sect, that was beyond anyone could say, it was so beyond that everyone had forgotten that the Air Cutting Silk nearly wiped Qi Huan dry .

Seeing Qi Huan downing the porridge so painfully, Ling Yun Zi walked over and asked sternly, “Is it that hard to eat it?” He had made the sweet porridge himself . It shouldn’t be… that unpleasant .

Qi Huan rolled her eyes, pushed the porcelain bowl in front of him, raised her chin, and demanded, “is this something people would eat!” However, Qi Huan didn’t really say it out loud, she just thought about it in her heart, she didn’t dare to say it .

Staring at the leftover porridge inside, Ling Yun Zi wanted to take the bowl from her and try some, but he finally retracted his hands . To tell the truth, he had no confidence in his cooking, so forget it .

“By the way, is Dong Yuan’s game over? Did he win?”

Ling Yun Zi glanced at Qi Huan with a weird expression, “No . ”

“What?! He didn’t win? No way! How could it be possible that he didn’t even win in the trials!” Qi Huan exclaimed . Except for Mo Ye, it seemed that no one could deal with Dong Yuan . Besides, Mo Ye’s cultivation level was not as high as Dong Yuan . In terms of competition, Dong Yuan should have the bigger advantage!

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“He lost to Mo Ye in the finals . ”

Qi Huan didn’t even know that it had been five days since she passed out . Everything was over by the time she woke up . Several disciples from each sect had already returned . If Qi Huan hadn’t been in a coma, Ling Yun Zi would also have already returned to Qing Yun Mountain .

“That Mo Ye… he’s so powerful?” Thinking of Mo Ye, Qi Huan’s eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle . That person had always given her a weird feeling .

“Yes, he is very powerful . ” Since Ling Yun Zi would comment on that person like this, this meant that Mo Ye was indeed tough to a certain extent, even Dong Yuan had never received such an evaluation from Ling Yun Zi . “However, this person is very evil . If he was a demonic cultivator, he would be quite a powerful one . It is a pity…”

It was indeed quite regrettable that Qi Huan missed the last game . Mo Ye and Dong Yuan, the two low-level disciples in the late stage of jiedan, were equally astonishing and stunning . Their last game actually attracted several old folks in Mount Shu, who were hidden from the world . If one of them hadn’t been in the Heavenly Sword Sect, who they couldn’t offend, they would definitely have grabbed him .

Mo Ye was not only extremely talented, his Three Wound Sword technique that he had created on his own, had even been listed as one of the top secrets swordsmanship in the Heavenly Sword Sect . At the end of the game, he used the last method in the Three Wound Sword technique, he directed the sword slant way and defeated Dong Yuan .

“Dong Yuan was injured?” Qi Huan asked anxiously, eyes wide opened .

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“No, but it was more serious than an injury . ” Ling Yun Zi sighed . Young and frivolous men were boundless, it was unfortunate that he was defeated by an opponent of the same cultivation level as him, with a knife at his neck . No one could bear it!

After listening to Ling Yun Zi’s explanation, Qi Huan was also a little frustrated . Although she was not the one who played the game, she also knew how bad it felt to lose when there were so many people watching .

“Can I go see him?”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you here . After you come back, we will go back to the sect directly . ”

“Okay . ” After Qi Huan went out, she flew at a height of more than 20 centimeters above the ground with her flying sword . As she got higher, she began to tremble because it no longer felt like she was sitting on a plane, instead, it felt like she was on a skateboard .

Seeing the mountain where Dong Yuan lived in front of her, Qi Huan suddenly felt a bitter murderous aura behind her . Before she could react, a dagger with cold light touched her back .

“Follow me obediently . ” The voice of the person behind her was hoarse, she couldn’t tell his age, but Qi Huan was quite sure that she had never heard this person’s voice before .

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Threatened by someone with a murderous weapon, what else could Qi Huan do, so she got down from her flying sword and walked ahead . The strange thing was that no one came up to ask them anything until they got out of Mount Shu’s gate . Mount Shu was a little strange today .

After leaving Mount Shu, the man behind her roughly grabbed Qi Huan and flew down the mountain . Qi Huan lowered her head, she could not see anything beneath her . She and the kidnapper were actually wrapped in a black cloud!

“Devil cultivator!” Qi Huan was shocked . She was kidnapped by a devil cultivator again! But she didn’t know if it was related to the masked man or not this time .

The person behind her didn’t say a word, but Qi Huan felt the dagger was pushed harder against her back, making Qi Huan shiver in fear . Last time, she felt that the masked man was not this malicious to her, so she dared to be so presumptuous, but this time this kidnapper seemed to really want her life!

Someone like her, who had never seen a dead person before, could feel the murderous aura emanating from this person . The terrifying aura made her feel a little unstable to even stand properly .

“Go in . ” Qi Huan was pushed roughly into a dark little house . As soon as she entered the room, she could smell a nauseating smell . There was a faint breathing sound, it seemed that there was a person inside .

“Who is it?” The door slammed shut, and a familiar voice rang from a corner of the small dark room .

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