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Chapter 25

“Xiao Xiao? Why are you here?” Qi Huan exclaimed . It was Xiao Xiao’s voice sounding from inside of the dark room . Shouldn’t she be at Mount Shu? The kidnapper actually dared to kidnap the daughter of the leader of Mount Shu! What did that person want to do?!

“Sister Huan Huan…” Xiao Xiao’s voice was trembling .

Qi Huan blinked for a long time and finally adjusted to the darkness in the room . Only then did she follow the sound to the corner . She went to the innermost corner before she could see Xiao Xiao curled up, crying .

“Xiao Xiao, are you okay?”

“No, no… but they are all dead . ” Xiao Xiao’s voice sounded shaky . Although she was very talented in cultivation, reaching the middle stage of ningqi in her teens, she was just a child after all, she had never seen a dead person before, let alone having those people killed in front of her .

When Qi Huan heard Xiao Xiao’s words, her heartbeat suddenly slowed by a beat . Just now, she was focusing on Xiao Xiao . She didn’t realize that there was anything else in this room . Now, after listening to her words, she glanced around and saw that there were five or six dead bodies lying on the ground .

The nauseating smell that she smelled when she was pushed in the room, was the smell of blood . At this thought, Qi Huan’s legs weakened, she fell sitting on the ground with a plop . Her upper and lower teeth began to tremble uncontrollably, and the blood on her face faded in a flash .

“Sister Huan Huan, don’t be afraid . ” Seeing that Qi Huan was hit harder than herself, Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but console Qi Huan instead . One couldn’t blame Qi Huan from reacting this way . She was time travelled from a modern society . She was just an ordinary little girl before all of this . This kind of murder and bloodshed scene could only be seen on TV and read in novels . Now she could feel it immersively . It was good enough that she didn’t faint .

“Yeah…” The fear Qi Huan felt was not so easy to get rid of . She had to avoid looking at the pile of corpses on the ground as much as possible, “Junior Sister, why are you caught here too?”

“I was kidnapped on the way to find Senior Brother Dong Yuan . The person who kidnapped me was very powerful . An elder from the Sect and several Senior Brothers and Sisters came to rescue me, but they were all killed by him . ” Xiao Xiao explained . At this time, there was a bit of choking in her voice, and Qi Huan finally knew how the corpses on the ground came about .

At the same time, there was a trace of fear in her heart . If this person really came to her, would she still be able to return to Qing Yun Mountain alive?!

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“Does anyone else in Mount Shu know that something happened to you?” Qi Huan asked this because she knew that Xiao Xiao would surely leave a clue after she was kidnapped . Otherwise, the Mount Shu’s elder couldn’t possibly find her right away, judging by the kidnapper’s capability .

“I left a mark where I was taken away . If someone has been there, they should be able to notice it . ” Xiao Xiao was also a little uncertain . The elder who came to rescue her, had reached the peak of the late stage of Yuanying, but the kidnapper still managed to kill him easily . Perhaps that even if several elders came together, they may not be able to rescue her either . Moreover, few people would go to the place where Xiao Xiao was kidnapped, and she was known to like to play hide and seek . Perhaps no one in Mount Shu would notice anything wrong for a while .

Especially today, an ancestor of Mount Shu suddenly transitioned successfully, so the head of Mount Shu and many disciples had all gone to meet that ancestor . It was precisely because of this that Xiao Xiao and Qi Huan could be kidnapped so easily .

“We can’t wait here forever . What if no one came to rescue us? We will die here!”

“It’s useless, there is a formation in this room . With our current strength, there is no way we can escape and we don’t know if the person just now is still…” Xiao Xiao shook her head in disappointment . Their strength was still too weak, even the elder in his late Yuanying stage couldn’t survive, let alone the two of them .

“Perhaps…I can try…” Qi Huan hesitated for a moment, and took out her Air Cutting Silk .

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Since she woke up that day, Qi Huan found that her Air Cutting Silk seemed to have a very strange blood connection with herself . Since she absorbed leijie, her whole body was covered with almost invisible thunder and lightning, even Qi Huan didn’t notice it .

At the beginning, those thunder and lightning flowed into her Air Cutting Silk along with her blood, and with its purest force, it actually condensed the Air Cutting Silk, calming it down again . Although this way did not increase the power of Air Cutting Silk much, it had completely become Qi Huan’s destined magical tool .

Others only started to warm up their destined magical tool in their dantian when they entered the yuanying stage . What this destiny means is that the magical tool is as important as its owner’s life . Of course, warming up the destined magical tool is a long process, and at the very least, it will take more than 500 years for one to be able to use his tool according to his heart . And to reach the point where both magical tools and its owner were attached by blood, one would require at a shortest time of 2,000 years .

However, for Qi Huan’s case, not only did she get her destined magical tool in her ningqi stage, she even skipped the warming and nourishment process and directly reached the last stage, attaching herself with her magical tool by blood .

If this was revealed, perhaps the entire cultivation world would be too excited, but Qi Huan was still not aware of the importance of this matter . She didn’t even know what a destined magical tool meant .

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Oh well, after time traveling, she had become illiterate . She felt that even if she grew another brain, she wouldn’t be able to learn so many abstract words, so she only learned some ancient style of calligraphy with Ling Yun Zi for a few days, but then Ling Yun Zi left, saying he didn’t want to teach her anymore .

Ling Yun Zi’s character was that he liked cleanliness, but every time Qi Huan practiced calligraphy with him, he would be covered in black ink . Not sure if Qi Huan was doing it deliberately or unintentionally . Anyway, after teaching Qi Huan for half a month, Qi Huan had ruined ten of his robes . Actually, Qi Huan just wanted Ling Yun Zi to wear different colour clothes . But he didn’t accept her proposal, so she had to resort to the hard way by ruining his clothes .

In half a month, Qi Huan only knew more than 30 characters . In the end, she gave up the idea of ​​entering the Hidden Library Pavilion in her sect, so she didn’t know much basic knowledge in the cultivation world .

Qi Huan also knew that she and Xiao Xiao would never get out of here, but she had also seen the power of Air Cutting Silk . This magical tool was definitely not as harmless as it seemed on the outside, especially after it became her destined magical tool, Qi Huan could faintly feel the terrifying aura coming from it . She could feel that even the celestial tools her master showed her were not as terrifying as this Air Cutting Silk .

That was why she pinned her hopes on it, hoping that it could save her life .

And Qi Huan’s bet was right . The moment she took out her Air Cutting Silk, a man in white robes, who was flying in the air a hundred miles away, stopped, “Air Cutting Silk? This woman… is really restless!” The man chuckled, and immediately shifted his direction and flew towards Qi Huan .

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