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Chapter 281: Getting famous

Han Shuo was very busy for the next couple of days. He had traveled throughout a majority of the Lancelot Empire by using the teleportation matrices. Within the past few days, Han Shuo had killed three archmages, four swordmasters, and a great swordmaster, all through challenges.

When he had first begun his crusade, the challenges were rather smooth because Han Shuo’s age was extremely deceiving. His enemies would think that he was of no threat, and would furiously accept the challenge after being provoked by Han Shuo. After continuously and successfully challenging people, Han Shuo’s name had become infamous, and many powerful people were able to link the common factors of the people who had been killed, and silently began to have their own ideas.

Towards the end, the last three powerhouses on the list suddenly disappeared. Even after the Dark Mantle conducted thorough searches, they were unable to obtain any intelligence of their whereabouts. Whenever Han Shuo reached a city, all of the experts within the city would became worried, regardless of whether or not they’d done anything worth feeling guilty about. All of them were afraid that Han Shuo would come looking for them, so they all disappeared under the guise of travelling.

These people couldn’t help it, the people who had died at Han Shuo’s hand were all heavyweights. If they did not accept Han Shuo’s challenge, then it would have a huge impact on their reputation, but once they accepted it, they might lose their lives. That’s why they had no other choice but to find an excuse and hide.

When a great swordmaster died at Han Shuo’s hands, the notorious name of the young expert Bryan reached its climax, causing the rest of the names on the list to disappear. That was why Han Shuo could only return to Ossen city to receive further instruction from Candide.

“Lord Candide, it’s not that I didn’t try my best. The last three people disappeared completely. It seems that I can only wait until you manage to locate them,” Han Shuo and Candide were in a small room at the northern end of the city.

“You did very well. His Majesty has already heard of your work. There is temporarily no need to take care of the last three guys. We already have another troublesome matter on our hands. If you can complete this task, His Majesty will definitely help you and grant you a title of nobility,” Candide said with a low voice. He frowned and took a sip from the cup of tea in his hands.

“Oh? What is it?” Han Shuo momentarily blanked, then asked.

“Leah Cain of the Brut Merchant Alliance also has the power of a great swordmaster. This person is most well known as the Crazy Swordsman. He is extremely vicious and savage, but has a great amount of power. He’s currently residing in our Ossen city. Recently, he challenged three great swordmasters in Ossen City and was extremely disrespectful after winning. This has caused His Majesty to greatly dislike him.”

“His Majesty means to have you challenge Leah Cain. If you can defeat Leah Cain, then His Majesty will ignore the Church of Light’s pressure and will fully protect you and bestow upon you a title of nobility. It’s just that Leah Cain’s strength is extraordinary, and possessed the strength of a great swordmaster more than ten years ago. According to the Dark Mantle’s intelligence network, this Leah Cain is also very close with His Highness the first prince, Prince Charles. Due to your relationship with Lawrence, I’m afraid that you might lose your life if you are unable to defeat him!” Candide looked truly worried about Han Shuo.

“Where is this Leah Cain now?” Han Shuo was not a tad bit shaken as he asked Candide with a smile.

“In the Garden House located in the northern part of the city. The Garden House is the property of the first prince, Prince Charles. Other people don’t know this, but the Dark Mantle naturally does. It is also through him staying at this place that we guess that he is related to the first prince. What, are you planning on challenging Leah Cain? Although they’re both in the great swordmaster realm, the difference in strength between one who has just entered and one that has consolidated his strength for ten odd years is really large. Furthermore, Leah Cain is called the Crazy Swordsman for a reason. He will be extremely difficult to deal with!” Candide exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with him!” Han Shuo finished his entire cup of tea in one gulp and directly stood up. Then he smiled, “To be honest, I’ve gotten kind of addicted to these types of challenges recently!”

In recent times, Han Shuo had continuously fought against several powerhouses, causing him to subtly feel like his strength was about to break through to the next level. The only way to quickly improve in the bloodlust realm was through immense amounts of battle and slaughter. When he did so against masters, his strength improved even more quickly.

In eight continuous battles, Han Shuo challenged archmages and swordmasters, all of them famous powerhouses. He challenged a great swordmaster towards the end of his campaign. That person was very dangerous. It was only during that fight that Han Shuo felt signs of a breakthrough.

By now, Han Shuo definitely wouldn’t use the little skeleton, earth elite zombie, or wood elite zombie. With his magical cultivation in the bloodlust realm, he was able to face a great swordmaster head on. If he didn’t use the magical advantages he had, Han Shuo still had strength equivalent to a great swordmaster.

Leah Cain was possibly a bit stronger than a great swordmaster. Perhaps Han Shuo might run into some trouble, but if he used the little skeleton, earth elite zombie, and wood elite zombie, Han Shuo believed that he would absolutely succeed in killing Leah Cain, and so didn’t pay heed to Candide’s worries at all.

“Be careful, this guy is just very dangerous. He was famous for being hard to deal with in the Brut Merchant Alliance. Don’t relax your guard for a moment!” Seeing Han Shuo begin to walk out, Candide issued a reminder. He was still worried about Han Shuo’s flippant attitude.

“Understood, I’ll be going then!” Han Shuo replied, then walked outside.

“Bryan!” Just after leaving the inn, he heard Emily’s voice ring out from a carriage at the corner of the street. Chester, dressed as a carriage driver, waved towards Han Shuo as well.

The Dark Mantle’s information network was everywhere, adding on to the relationship between Emily and Candide, it wasn’t hard if she wanted to find out where Han Shuo was. Han Shuo also knew that Emily would come and find him. That was why he hadn’t been surprised when he heard Emily’s voice.

Han Shuo looked around and suddenly saw a carriage parked afar. The knights at the entrance of the carriage were all familiar faces. The curtains of the carriage were lifted to reveal Lawrence’s face. Lawrence was looking at him with a face full of excitement as if he had a lot to say.

Han Shuo first stepped towards Emily and said, “Wait for me for a moment.”

With that, Han Shuo quickly walked in front of Lawrence’s carriage and called out softly, “What are you doing here?”

“Hehe, I accidentally found Madam Emily’s carriage hurrying over here. I thought about it then followed, I didn’t think that I would actually manage to find you,” Lawrence gave a soft, odd laugh as he said to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo understood that Lawrence might know about the relationship between him and Emily, so he merely rolled his eyes at Lawrence without saying anything. “Alright, what did you come to find me for?”

“Haha, I heard that you beat several experts in a row, and now you have an enormous reputation. I didn’t think that you were no longer hiding and had started to truly reveal your prowess. This is for the best! In the last few days, I went to the royal palace twice, His Majesty asked me some things about you, and seems to be very interested in you. This is a good sign!” Lawrence was clearly very happy as he spoke with a smile.

“Of course he is paying attention to me. His Majesty told me to challenge Leah Cain, so I’m thinking about going to kill him now.” Han Shuo said plainly.

The moment he said that, Lawrence felt shocked, then insanely happy as he said, “Leah Cain is on the side of the first prince, Prince Charles. I am certain about this through my own means. Bryan, are you confident in your ability to kill him?”

“What do you think?” Han Shuo looked towards Lawrence with a smile that was not quite like a smile, and replied with a question.

“Of course you do. You are very miraculous, so I believe in you! How about this? I’ll help you. Since you are going to challenge Leah Cain, I’ll spread this bews far and wide. As long as you can beat Leah Cain, your notorious name can be wiped clean. Hehe, since Leah Cain is someone of the Brut Alliance, there is probably no one in our nation who likes him anyways!” Lawrence laughed evilly.

“Do as you like. If there’s nothing else, then I’ll find you after killing Leah Cain!” Han Shuo said.

“Nothing else, nothing else. Go and busy yourself with your own business!” Lawrence smiled strangely as he looked in Emily’s direction.

From Lawrence’s expression and speech, Han Shuo understood that the former was already aware of the relationship between himself and Emily. This was likely because he’d noticed Han Shuo and Emily hiding behind a fake mountain and getting intimate during his family’s banquet. He become even more certain about this after the events of Valen City.

However, with Han Shuo and Lawrence’s relationship right now, Han Shuo naturally believed that Lawrence would keep his mouth shut.There was nothing good in it for Lawrence if all of this came to light.

“Mhmm, I’ll be off then!” Han Shuo replied, then turned and walked in Emily’s direction.

“Let’s go!” said Han Shuo after arriving at Chester’s location. He quickly entered Emily’s carriage.

“Mmm… Bryan, too miraculous. That pill was too miraculous!” Emily leapt into his embrace the moment Han Shuo entered the carriage, grabbing him tightly and voluntarily presenting her lips, in obvious emotional agitation.

Chester acted like normal, pretending that he hadn’t heard anything as he slowly drove the carriage down the street.

After Chester’s carriage left, Candide gazed at the direction the carriage had left in out of the shadow of a corner. He muttered, “I was wondering why Emily helped him so much. So this is why. This brat’s courage for lust is truly huge! He’s with Emily alright. God, what a playboy!”

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