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Chapter 280: Infamy

“Damn it!” Deborah cursed in a low voice. She had clearly felt that something was wrong and immediately retreated to her room. She was actually very quick, despite her short and fat stature. She intended on hiding in her room to hinder the attacks from the dark creatures.

She released a high level water magic ice spell, creating a white fog that covered a vast area. A crystal clear ice wall sealed the door and emitted white mist beneath the sunlight.

The evil knight spurred his warhorse forward, holding a bone lance bigger than his body, as he charged. He raised the bone spear and stabbed fiercely at the ice wall.


Miraculously, the ice wall condensed by the ice spell actually had an impressive defensive ability. The huge bone lance had created such a huge impact upon colliding with the ice wall, but could only drill a small hole. It couldn’t break through the defenses of the ice wall.

“Ice Blade Slash!” Deborah’s shout echoed from inside the room.

Cold wind howled as snow scattered across the sky. Blades of ice spun as they shot towards the dark creatures that occupied the yard. The low level skeletal warriors couldn’t withstand the ice blades, causing their bones to scatter across the ground. Even the flying gargoyles fell in succession under the attack of the ice blades.

However, higher ranked creatures, such as zombie warriors and hate warriors, still stood firmly after being struck by the ice blades. The group slowly advanced towards the room that Deborah was in, joining forces with the evil knight and assaulting the ice wall.

Han Shuo smiled coldly as he stood proudly in the yard under the Canopy of Necromancy. He leisurely watched the fight between the dark creatures and Deborah, and secretly exulted in the most appropriate way to use necromancy magic.


The ice wall finally crumbled into pieces beneath the ferocious attacks of the bone lance held in the evil knight’s hand. He rushed into Deborah’s room with his warhorse. Two hate warriors and several zombie warriors followed behind and instantly surrounded the room.

“I surrender, I surrender!” Deborah paled in horror and involuntarily screamed.

When the evil knight destroyed the ice wall and charged into the room with its necromancy troops, Deborah knew that defeat was nigh. She was instinctively scared by the ferocious, heartless eyes of the evil knight and immediately shouted out in a desperate attempt to preserve her poor life.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A dozen bone spears hurtled through the windows, two of which ambushing Deborah from behind. Deborah had yet to react when they pierced through her chubby body and pushed her towards the evil knight.

The evil knight raised his huge bone lance up high. When the lance fell, Deborah’s head also went flying. A stream of blood spewed out and fell upon a smoking green potion, causing it to blow up.

“Murder, murder!” The guard, who’d led Han Shuo in earlier, was instantly horrified when he realized from Deborah’s tragic scream that she must’ve been killed. He shouted loudly while running to the courtyard in the back. Through the yin demons’ surveillance, Han Shuo noticed troops quickly approaching in the distance. Since his target Deborah had been handled, Han Shuo wasted no more time. He immediately sent the necromancy creatures back and cut off the mental strength that’d been used to maintain the Canopy of Necromancy before leaving the yard using levitation skills.

Over the next five days, Han Shuo used the transportation matrices to visit various cities and towns in the Empire to challenge powerful people. Not only did he win every fight, he even killed his opponents on the spot. His infamy speedily spread through the Empire.

Han Shuo’s identity was slowly acknowledged amongst the ranks of the powerful in the Empire thanks to Candide deliberately spreading the news. Many nobles heard of this powerful young man’s story and expressed their strong interest in him.

In a strictly guarded, luxurious hall in the Lancelot Imperial Palace, His Majesty the King, Uhtred Lancelot wore a loose robe, sitting on his throne as if waiting for something.

Uhtred was almost sixty years old and his body had become increasingly weaker due to his licentious youth. He looked thin despite his big bones and his hair was still black and glossy thanks to the treatment of special magic potions. It was a pity that his complexion didn’t look too good.

“Your Majesty, Lord Candide has arrived!” A guard suddenly came in and softly informed him.

This guard was clad in a shiny armor, his bearing cold and calm. His entire body emitted the air of a top expert. It could be seen from the insignia on his armor that he was a powerful sky rider.

“Let him in!” Uhtred instructed in an even tone upon hearing of Candide’s arrival.

After a while, Candide respectfully came in with his darkened face and said in a low tone, “Candide greets Your Majesty!”

“Sit. I heard that one of your subordinates is a kid who’s become very famous in these two days. What’s going on?” Uhtred glanced at Candide and asked casually.

“He is called Bryan and was indeed recruited by me. This kid’s strength is extraordinary, and his mindset is mature. He hasn’t been part of the Dark Mantle for long, but has already helped with several major events. Oh, the notebook of Ayermike Cotton was also brought back from the Dark Forest by him. He’s truly a rare genius.” Candide explained in a respectful manner after sitting down.

“So he’s Bryan, hehe, interesting, interesting. I remember that just yesterday, the Red Archbishop Kosse from the Church of Light sent people to ask for Bryan. I didn’t expect to hear about him today. Candide ah Candide, isn’t this a little too coincidental?” Uhtred spoke in a pleasant voice, as if he was recalling the past with an old friend.

Candide was secretly shocked, and he hastened to explain, “Your Majesty, please pardon this offense. This was arranged by me with the purpose of tying up some loose ends that are unfavorable to the Empire’s peace. Bryan’s strength is extraordinary. He not only passed the archmage test of the Magic Association, but has also mastered a special cultivation technique. The Empire needs such a young rare genius like him.”

Uhtred looked at Candide and coldly snorted, “Candide, you think this kid is worthy enough for me to worsen our relations with the Church of Light?”

“I do think he is! Bryan is only eighteen this year. He entered the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force and became a archmage necromancer from a mage apprentice in less than two years. His skills are excellent. The future of such a person is limitless.”

“It’s just that he practices necromancy magic and has mastered some knowledge that is disadvantageous to the Church of Light, so they’ve deliberately acted against him. There was a light grand magus called Ferguson in the Valley of Sunshine. Bryan ultimately killed him and earned their rage.”

“Being able to kill a light grand magus already proves his power. On the other hand, the most important point is that Bryan is still very young, so his future development is limitless. I think such a talented person shouldn’t be let go. It’s worth it even if we have to offend the Church of Light!” Candide answered respectfully.

Uhtred’s eyes flashed upon listening to Candide’s explanation. He slightly straightened his body and looked at Candide, saying, “From an apprentice to an archmage necromancer in less than two years? Capable of killing a light grand magus? Candide, are you sure that all this is true?”

“Your Majesty, you also know that my wife is the Dean of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, so I’m absolutely sure this is true. I gave him the order to challenge some notorious powerful people because I was originally doubtful of his strength. Now given the information that I’ve gathered, he indeed has the power to back his words and position.”

“The rarest thing is that, such a genius like him actually has a very clean background. He has a strong sense of belonging to the Empire and is willing to serve the Empire. I believe he will grow bigger and might even become another figure like Karel Ascot as long as we give him the proper amount of time. Oh right, he’s also the boyfriend of Phoebe, the most beloved female disciple of Karel Ascot!” Candide continued to explain.

“Oh, you say he has some sort of relationship with Karel Ascot?” Uhtred’s face finally changed, surprised as he asked Candide.

“Yes. Not only so, he’s even a good friend of His Royal Highness Lawrence. You know that His Highness studied military strategy at the Knight Academy, and is a disciple of Karel Ascot as well. The relationship between Phoebe and Bryan is very good. Last time in Valen City, Han Shuo contributed the most in exposing Bob Ascher’s conspiracy.” Candide was striking while the iron was hot, seeing Uhtred reveal his surprise.

Uhtred fell silent as he listened to Candide. He thought for a moment before opening his mouth to speak, “Is that so? Then this Bryan is very interesting. Oh, I heard that great swordmaster Leah Cain of the Brut Merchant Alliance has come to Ossen City. He’s been quite arrogant these past couple of days. I lost three experts of his level to that guy. If that Bryan is as powerful as you say he is, let him challenge Leah Cain. If he can defeat that guy as proof for his talent, not only will I be willing to offend the Church of Light for him, but I can even bestow him with a title of nobility.”

“Humph! This crazy swordsman Leah Cain has been too notorious. He fled to our Lancelot Empire after having offended sacred magus Reynold Dila in Brut. Such a despicable cowardly absconder actually dares to act so wildly? He’s seeking death!”

“Understood!” Candide was slightly horrified upon hearing that Uhtred wanted Bryan to challenge Leah Cain. He was silent for a while, then secretly let out a long sigh as he agreed with a sigh.

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