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Chapter 233: Conquer

Han Shuo stood in the sky as he watched the development taking place below, completely astonished. He was completely dumbfounded as he stood there frozen.

Gilbert and the hydra had become two naked mud people entwined around each other. The originally intense battle became an “intense battle” of another kind. Passionate cries and roars rang out, giving Han Shuo a complete eye opener!

The dark dragon race was lewd. All hydras were female and were hardly anything proper as they’d always been a synonym for the word ‘pervert’. The fact that these two beings could turn such an intense battle into another kind of “intense battle” meant that they were truly lusty. It really shocked Han Shuo.

The two mud people were rolling around together intensely and churning through the mire. Since their bodies were covered in mud, their original appearances could not be seen. Han Shuo could only discern that the hydra was female from her voluptuous body.

The busty lewd hydra entwined with the dark dragon and copulated fiercely. Heavy breathing kept on ringing out and echoing through the quiet night sky, causing people’s lust to rise!

Han Shuo had been watching intensely, while finding it all slightly baffling. Suddenly he felt someone tug on the corner of his shirt. He turned his head, and saw the purple eye of the little skeleton sparkle as he reached out with his bony claw to point at the dark dragon and the hydra that were in the heat of the moment. He sent Han Shuo a question, “What are they doing?”

Han Shuo replied, “Uh…”

The little skeleton tugged on the corner of his shirt again as the light in his purple eye swirled around quickly, showing that he was clearly very confused. It was as if he couldn’t understand what was going on no matter what, so he questioned Han Shuo again.

“The dark dragon is conquering it. Little kid, don’t ask so much!” Han Shuo couldn’t evade the question, so he just laughed weirdly and tried to skirt around the question.

Only half of the earth elite zombie was in the ground starting from an unknown period of time. It waved its hands around wildly, also looking at the two people in the mire with confusion, wondering if it should get closer to attack.

The mire was very wide and filled with extremely poisonous liquid. If the earth elite zombie rushed inside, it would be unable to make full use of its powers. Not to mention that the current situation was very odd, Han Shuo hastily issued a mental command for the earth elite zombie’s movements to halt.

The two people on the surface of the mire gradually sank back in and disappeared from Han Shuo’s line of sight. However, the huge commotion inside the mire did not vanish accordingly.

Han Shuo knew that the grand battle between a lewd dragon and a lewd snake had not stopped even after they had disappeared. The battle location had merely shifted to underneath the surface.

Seeing that he couldn’t see anything with his eyes anymore, Han Shuo descended from the sky to land beside the earth elite zombie. He patted the earth elite zombie’s shoulder and praised, “You did very well!”

The earth elite zombie had hidden in the ground earlier and used his powers over the earth to pose an immense threat towards the hydra. Power that could tear the earth apart and form a fissure excited Han Shuo quite a bit. This meant that it had already developed a very good battle awareness after staying with the little skeleton for a while.

Now that it would be rather difficult for the hydra to threaten Han Shuo anymore, he landed and praised the earth elite zombie, chanted the spell once more and sent the little skeleton and the earth elite zombie back home.

He then leapt onto a towering tree beside the mire, sat down with his legs crossed, and started to adjust his breathing while watching the commotion within the mire.

As he did so, a loud sound rang out from afar, as if a huge being was passing nearby.

Han Shuo had been adjusting his breathing, but immediately sent out a yin demon to travel towards the source of the sound and discern what was going on.

An azure cyclops, roughly eight or nine meters in height, its muscles as firm as boulders, was moving its stone-pillar like legs as it hurried along its way. The mountains shook with each step, seeming as terrifying as a landslide.

All of the trees were flattened in his path, like a bulldozer had been driven over the ground, flattening it thoroughly. Even some hard boulders were crushed into dust. This clearly indicated that the azure cyclops had an enormous strength that rivaled that of a god’s.

The cyclops seemed slightly anxious as it was walking at a very fast pace. The shuddering of the ground caused all of the magical beasts in the area to flee their nests in order to make way for it.

Han Shuo was shocked as the large sound traveled further south. It was likely that even the hydra and Gilbert would feel quite troubled if they met with that enormous fellow with a body as strong as boulders, embodying a terrifying strength.

Just as Han Shuo thought that, a huge commotion rang out from the mire. A whirlpool was spiraling at the center of the mire as streams of brown mud were shot out. It seemed that the lewd dragon and the lewd snake had reached the climax.

As he expected a howl sounded out from within the mire after a while. The mire and its foul stench miraculously regained its purity in an extremely short amount of time. The contaminated muddy water gradually sank down, while clear pool water slowly appeared along the surface with bubbles.

Gilbert’s naked body leapt out from within. His muscles dazzled as the mud on his body was washed clean.

Gilbert laughed maniacally with indescribable excitement and pride in his voice after breaking through the surface of the pool. He looked down at the watery pool as he couldn’t restrain lewd laughter from bursting out of his mouth. He was clearly very cocky.

“Honored master, you are a living god of this world. You hold miracles that surpass the laws of the natural world. You have allowed your humble disciple to have a technique that can rule the entire Dark Dragon City. I must continuously praise you. Oh, you’re truly too great!” Gilbert blurted out a bunch of flattering words continuously after leaping out of the water.

The sincere tone, the passionate emotions, the goosebumps-inducing words surpassed any flattering that he’d done before. Gilbert was truly excited and joyful in this moment, he wasn’t purely being fawning towards Han Shuo.

“What, you used that technique?” Han Shuo chuckled oddly as he gazed at Gilbert in a smiling, yet not smiling manner.

Gilbert nodded continuously and loudly in a truly excited manner, “Of course, it’s too amazing. That female snake was completely dealt with. She can’t even more now.”

“What’s the situation now?” Han Shuo momentarily blanked, then asked Gilbert quietly in a sneaky manner, as if he was afraid of the hydra in the deep pool overhearing him.

Gilbert quietly gave a lecherous laugh and said, “Honored master, I already stole some of the essence from her body during the process. I can already feel my body reaping enormous benefits.”

“Will this hydra be a threat to us anymore?” Han Shuo nodded, then frowned before he asked calmly.

“Don’t worry, she definitely won’t. Furthermore, I have a way to rope her in, so that master can gain another powerful helper!” Gilbert promised confidently with a smile of unmeasurable lasciviousness.

“That’s good. I’ll believe you this time since you’re so confident. I hope you don’t disappoint me!” Han Shuo chose to believe Gilbert after witnessing his feat with the hydra and nodded in agreement with his suggestion.

“Then, let’s depart for now. She needs a very long period of time to rest. We’ll come back and find her after she recovers!” Gilbert gazed towards the clear pool reluctantly.

“That’s alright. I saw a cyclops hurriedly running towards a direction just now. Let’s go over there to see what’s going on!” Remembering the actions of the cyclops, Han Shuo became interested and spoke thoughtfully to Gilbert.

It was said that the cyclops were the servants of the gods. Legends spoke of their miraculous ability to forge weapons and find special ores. They liked to eat humans and had strong bodies and stubborn personalities. Their living habits were very similar to the dwarves. Another legend said that cyclops were actually a type of dwarf, but they had unbelievably large bodies, as well as terrifying destructive abilities. It was said that they lived in huge buildings.

Their bodies were as hard as boulders. It was unknown whether they had the ability to find strange ores and rare mining fields due to this sort of body. This was an innate ability that made all alchemists green eyed with envy.

When the cyclops had hurried on so anxiously just now, Han Shuo naturally thought of its instinctive abilities and wondered if the cyclops had discovered some special metal ore and was rushing to dig it out.

“Perhaps this cyclops found a good location, or is planning to mine some sort of special ore!” Gilbert clearly knew about the instinctive characteristic of the cyclops, so he couldn’t help but cry out.

Han Shuo nodded and smiled, “Come, let’s go and see. Incidentally, I need some materials to refine a new weapon. Let’s see if this cyclops can help me find some good stuff!”

With that, Han Shuo and Gilbert swiftly followed the path that the cyclops had been taking.


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