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Chapter 232 – Lewd Dragon, Lewd Snake

A terrible stench along with a powerful presence came crashing down even before the hydra arrived.

Han Shuo was unable to capture the hydra’s figure even through the three yin demons. However, he was still able to speculate its approximate location due to the odd changes in the wind.

As the hydra flew over, the clear ponds in the surrounding area were instantly polluted, turning them into gutters that spat out foul odors. The wet ground also slowly became unusually dry, revealing a dark brown color. It seemed like the surroundings were affected by the hydra’s abilities.

Han Shuo summoned the Demonslayer Edge, and made his preparations with Gilbert as the hydra approached. He planned on unleashing an unforgettable strike the moment the hydra closed in.

The stench in the air gradually grew worse and worse. Han Shuo had been resting with his eyes closed but became briefly disoriented when he inhaled the revolting aroma. Upon filtering the air with his magical yuan however, his body swiftly returned to normal.

As a member of the dark dragon tribe, Gilbert’s physical body was powerful, and he was capable of spitting poison. Furthermore, the natural resistance of a dragon’s body was strong enough that the fetid poisonous gas could not affect him.

Suddenly, the hydra’s moving figure seemed to stop beside a tree that reached towards the skies. The wind currents also stabilized and stopped changing. The hydra seemed to have landed there.

Han Shuo was shocked. Just as he was wondering why the hydra didn’t approach, four waves of dark brown liquid spurted out like a fountain towards the tree that Han Shuo and Gilbert were sitting in.

A noxious stink instantly filled the air. Unusually rancid, when the magical beasts in the area inhaled this putrid stench, their bodies straightened and abruptly froze.

Higher leveled magical beasts like the harpy and two windblade wolves all ran away in a panic after scenting the stinking air. None of them dared to stick around. They clearly knew of the terrifying danger present in their surroundings.

After cursing under their breath, Han Shuo and Gilbert instantly shifted. Gilbert leaped and landed on a tree even further away, while Han Shuo rose into a high vantage point in the sky.

While he rapidly flew up, Han Shuo took the opportunity to chant necromancy spells, summoning the little skeleton and earth elite zombie at the same time, who organized themselves with great teamwork. The little skeleton took up a position beside Han Shuo, while the earth elite zombie hid into the ground.

The branches of the tree that Han Shuo and Gilbert stayed on shuddered when the four waves of dark brown liquid splashed onto it. All the blooming leaves wilted almost instantly, and only a dessicated trunk was left of the once towering tree, It was as if it had experienced a long period of drought.

“Hydra, you’ve finally appeared!” Han Shuo laughed coldly in the sky and launched an attack with the little skeleton. The bone knife and Demonslayer Edge flew directly towards the concealed hydra.

Gilbert’s roar also sounded out from the side at the same time. In human form, he gradually grew in a ball of black light, finally turning into his dark dragon form. He rushed towards the hydra with his claws and fangs and shouted in a resounding voice, “Despicable hydra, you will pay!”

The concealed hydra plainly didn’t think that Han Shuo and Gilbert could find its tracks. Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge and the bone knife had already connected with its body before it was able to react.

A sharp scream tore through the silent sky. After getting injured, the hydra’s enormous body was no longer concealed. Coiled atop a sky-reaching tree, it was completely exposed to Han Shuo and Gilbert.

At that moment, two of its long necks were dripping blood, and the remaining seven heads shuddered. It seemed like the tree the hydra was on was unable to withstand its pained writhing as it snapped with a large creak, bringing the hydra’s body down with it as it fell.

At this moment, a huge crack suddenly appeared on the brown ground. Intense rumbles sounded from deep within the earth, as if a terrifying danger awaited the hydra’s impact.

As a super rank magical beast, the hydra naturally had the ability to fly, but it was just writhing in pain as it fell.

However, when one of the snake heads caught sight of the ground underneath it fracture into a large ravine, the hydra was scared mindless. It struggled frantically, finally halting its descent and rising upwards again.

Faced with the threat of death, it seemed that the hydra’s no holds barred struggle bore fruit. However, the attack from the ground clearly did not end there. Just as the hydra rose a bit in the air, it noticed several sharp mounds suddenly rise up from the ground and charge towards its body.

The hydra was extremely troubled in that moment, it hadn’t thought that its ambush would result in all this happening. According to its plan, it would silently draw close to Han Shuo and Gilbert,  use the noxious poison’s fumes to take down the “Dragon Knight” Han Shuo, and then casually deal with the little dark dragon that was a rank lower.

But, Han Shuo, having trained extensively in demonic cultivation, didn’t fall to the attack of its noxious fumes like it had planned at all. Furthermore, the appearance of the little skeleton and earth elite zombie also empowered Han Shuo, completely shattering the hydra’s plan.

The nine snake heads suddenly started to tremble as its long necks wobbled continuously. The momentum of the mounds that the earth zombie had created was completely counteracted by the fierce streams of poison that the snake heads spat out. While it did so, the hydra’s body gradually rose as it frantically flew towards the pool it had first emerged from, dodging the remaining mound attacks from the earth elite zombie.

A stream of magma suddenly hit one of the snake heads, unusually dazzling within the pitch-dark night. With a terrible scream, the hydra’s gigantic fleeing body stumbled. The remaining magical beasts in the area fled in fear as the colossal body snapped trees into twigs as it crashed and fell.

“Wahaha, a second ranked fellow has to flee as well!” Gilbert’s voice rang out through the night sky as he carried Han Shuo and the little skeleton to swiftly chase the hydra.

The hydra destroyed all of the towering trees blocking its way as it fled. It suddenly leapt into the pool it had surfaced from just as Gilbert was about to catch up.

The originally clear pool water was instantly polluted and very quickly became mired in filth. When the hydra had come out of the pool previously, the pool had remained clear. Yet the moment it entered now, the pool had changed. This meant that the hydra was unable to control its power anymore, most likely due to it being wounded.

The hydra caused a huge wave of activity the moment it entered the newly formed bog. The mud splashed up around it and a foul odor began to spread.

“Honored master, just leave this to me. Just watch from above. I’m very familiar with this sort of place as well!” Gilbert laughed loudly.

Gilbert had been hiding in a swamp the first time he’d met Han Shuo, using its natural advantages to fight against the dark elves. He was entirely used to fighting and hiding in this sort of place. Now that the hydra was hurt, and Han Shuo was on watch above, he didn’t really worry about Gilbert’s safety, particularly given his astounding resistance to poison.

“Alright, go on down. Come out or yell if you can’t handle things!” Han Shuo nodded and agreed to Gilbert’s plan of action.

With a wild guffaw of laughter, Gilbert’s enormous body dove into the marsh with a huge splash. Like an enormous eel, he swiftly began to make his way deeper into the depths .

All of a sudden, a huge commotion rose out in the mire. Gilbert had obviously found the hydra and had engaged in combat. With the swamp as the epicenter, tremors shook the ground, and the soaring trees as well. With this cacophony, regardless of size, all the magical beasts vacated the premises in a hurry.

It was as though someone had tossed in a chained set of bombs, as huge pillars of mud, accompanied by tremendous bangs, erupted from the huge pool. The constant explosions forced the swamp into a terrifying spiral that could not settle.

Occasionally, the hydra heads or Gilbert’s huge tail would show itself above the surface of the bog. Looking down from his vantage point in the sky, Han Shuo noticed that Gilbert and the hydra’s bodies were entwined together, continuously rolling around in the mire.


Suddenly, Gilbert’s extremely lecherous yell rang out from within the mire.

Then, Han Shuo caught sight of something that shocked him beyond measure. The hydra and Gilbert slowly floated out of the swamp, their bodies knotted tightly together. But the more Han Shuo looked, the less it looked like they were fighting. Rather, it actually seemed like they were getting intimate.

Gilbert’s thick tail and sharp claws continuously stroked the hydra’s body like human hands. Meanwhile, the nine long necks of the hydra, that were once struggling fiercely to escape from the dark dragon, began to wrap closer and closer around the dark dragon.

Rays of dark light had begun to surrounding the two entangled super rank magical beasts at some unknown time. The two enormous bodies slowly condensed, and gradually became two muddy people—a man and a woman who were entwined together.

Furthermore, they were two naked humanoids that were tightly embracing each other!

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