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Chapter 221: Refusal to the face

The yin demons had been released into the surroundings, so no movements around the storefront would escape Han Shuo’s notice. Even if the other was a dark grand magus, it would be impossible for him to move about within Han Shuo’s territory with no one the wiser.

When Edwin and Belinda had landed on the tree in the distance, Han Shuo had already used the yin demons to mark their movement, which had led to him calling them out without hesitation.

Even if Han Shuo had been alone in the shop, the formation in the courtyard would allow him to be completely fearless in front of Edwin, let alone the presence of Gilbert and Trunks by his side.

Edwin and Belinda were obviously stunned by Han Shuo’s frightening perception. Dumbfoundness filled Edwin’s face as he revealed himself through the thick cropping of branches, looking at Han Shuo in the yard. He called out, “How did you discover me?”

“Nothing is impossible!” Han Shuo shouted back coldly. He then shot a look to the two by his side, revealing a calm smile. He pointed elegantly at a few of the empty seats in the yard and threw his head back to say, “Since you two have the mind to, why don’t you come over for a chat? I don’t feel any killing intent from you, so it doesn’t appear that you’re here to kill me this time!”

Having reached the bloodlust realm, Han Shuo now had a keen sensitivity to the natural killing intent that would emanate from experts, perhaps also a function of his own increased desire for blood. Up in the tree, Edwin and Belinda were casting curious and cautious looks into the yard. Their expressions were calm with no hint of killing intent.

Edwin was even more astonished after Han Shuo’s words. His look at Han Shuo was full of surprise and shock. He kept trying to read something from his face.

Edwin revealed a wry smile after a while and shook his head, “I’m here with sincerity this time, but I can’t see if you harbor an intention to kill me or not. Your yard is too dangerous, so I won’t come down for now. Otherwise, I may die thanks to this group of young but frightening children!”

He brought Belinda with him when landing softly on the shop roof, seemingly very concerned about the strangeness within the yard. The two of them didn’t dare draw near the courtyard and seemed to be on their guard against any kind of sudden ambush.

To be honest, Han Shuo did indeed wish that the two of them would land in the courtyard. He could then use the formation as well as Gilbert and Trunks’ strength to kill them, and save himself the effort of always being on his guard against an ambush from Edwin.

It was a pity that Edwin was a sly old fox and wouldn’t easily fall into his trip. Edwin had already investigated the happenings in the shop of the previous night and deeply understood that this shop was fully capable of swallowing people. This was why he didn’t dare land inside.

Since his plans had failed, Han Shuo didn’t continue his good attitude towards them. His face dark, he said impatiently, “If you’re not here to kill me, are you here to cooperate against Ferguson? He’s a heavyweight in the church of Light and is now diametrically opposed to you. You’re his true target.”

“You’re wrong! Perhaps you don’t even know yourself, but you’ve become the hated enemy of the Church of Light! They’ll spare no cost to make you disappear from this world now!” Edwin looked deeply at Han Shuo and said lowly.

“Oh? Is that so? Ferguson doesn’t represent the entire Church of Light. I think my grudge with Florida isn’t so deep as to make the entire Church of Light move against me. You’re just saying frightening things to raise an alarm!” Han Shuo mocked.

Looking at Han Shuo with a pitying expression, Edwin said slowly, “Your miraculous performance last night made the Church of Light realize your terrifying aspects. Your little skeleton being unafraid of the radiance of light created even more trouble for you. Ferguson will make a move against you even if not for his grandson Florida now, because your existence strongly threatens the Church of Light.”

Han Shuo fell silent after these words. He wasn’t stupid, but had simply never thought about this matter seriously before. When Edwin reminded him of this, Han Shuo recalled that the last couple of times necromancy magic had fallen, the Church of Light had seemed to play an important role every time.

Light magic had a fatal effect on the dark creatures of necromancy magic. When necromancy magic was at its peak, hordes and packs of dark creatures had ravaged the lands. The Church of Light had then sent out large numbers of believers to use the simplest of light magic to deliver a devastating blow by bathing the dark creatures in light magic.

Han Shuo thought carefully and quickly realized the truth in Edwin’s words. He’d refined the little skeleton and zombies from his secret arts, making them impervious to light magic attacks. This was an intolerable truth to the Church of Light. It looked like he’d unwittingly become embroiled in enormous trouble.

When Edwin saw Han Shuo remain silent, his brows deeply knitted together, and his face becoming darker and darker, Edwin understood that Han Shuo had realized how serious things were. He smiled faintly and reached out a finger to point at Han Shuo. He spoke with an extremely bewitching voice, “I’m sure you know how influential the Church of Light is in the Profound Continent. Apart from the Calamity Church continuously fighting against them, there are very few powers that can withstand them.”

“Don’t hesitate. As long as you join our Calamity Church, we can forget all our previous grudges. Our necromancers’ study of dark creatures will reach unparalleled levels as soon as you join. Large armies of dark creatures will then raze and loot all the Church of Light strongholds, making everyone and everything fall under our rule.”

“And you, you will become the most respected person in the Calamity Church. You can have anything you want. Wealth, women, and power will all be within your grasp. What a wondrous thing! I’m sure that with your intelligence, you’ll be able to imagine the glorious future ahead!”

“Honored master, he makes a lot of sense. Agree!” Gilbert became incredibly excited when he heard about wealth and women.

“Shut up!” Han Shuo glared fiercely at Gilbert and then looked back at Edwin. “My apologies, although your suggestion is tantalizing, I don’t think I can agree. The Calamity Church has an awful reputation. I don’t want to become a public enemy.”

The Calamity Church was a power that everyone hated on the continent. This church hid in the shadows and was a force that no country could ignore.

They possessed a fervent faith to destroy, and a stubborn desire that was hard to understand. They were at odds with all kingdoms and religions on the Continent. If he did join such a church. Han Shuo would become the enemy of all the nations. This was something he was absolutely unwilling to see.

Not to mention that it was very difficult to use magic cultivation methods to refine dark creatures. He would need to expend an enormous amount of resources and manpower. He wasn’t sure if he could mass produce light magic resistant dark creatures either. Even if he could, according to the Calamity Church’s teachings and canon of destroying all, the Continent would then be enveloped in a shroud of blood and fire and ultimately become a wasteland. This was also something that Han Shuo didn’t wish to see.

Han Shuo’s unhesitating and resolute refusal perplexed Edwin. He’d planned on trying to further convince Han Shuo, but a beam of black light flashed through the air from afar and shot towards Edwin on the roof.

“You should all die! I’m going to get revenge for big sister Elaine today!” Like a furious tigress, an enraged Emily shattered the air as she sped towards Edwin, staff in hand and hair dancing wildly.

Casting a disdainful look at her, Edwin raised his hand and blocked all attacks with a wall of darkness. He then looked at Han Shuo and smiled slightly, “Don’t be in such a hurry to decline. I think you might change your decision when the Church of Light makes their move.”

Edwin didn’t continue to tarry after he finished speaking, vanishing without a trace with Belinda in the blink of an eye.

Edwin was a grand magus. If he wanted to leave through the air, no one there was capable of hindering him. Emily and Phoebe both refrained from foolish pursuit as they landed in the courtyard.

“What’s going on?” Emily looked at Han Shuo and asked.

He sighed softly with a wry smile. “I’m in big trouble!”

“What’s wrong? What kind of trouble could’ve given you a headache?” Emily had been with Han Shuo for so long but she’d never truly seen him at a loss.

When Han Shuo had described all that had happened, the two girls were also greatly shocked. They immediately understood the importance of the matter and frowned, looks of anxiety on their faces as no solutions seemed to present themselves.

The Church of Light was different from the Calamity Church. They were the most influential religious organization on the Profound Continent, and had a large network amongst the populace. There were a large number of believers worshipping the Church of Light in any country, and their combined influence was stronger than any small kingdom.

“If all of the Church of Light believers are like Ferguson, then I don’t think much of this church either!” Han Shuo sneered dismissively in the end.

“No, there are many who are kind and just in the Church of Light. At least, those I know have characters worthy of admiration. Ferguson isn’t a bad sort either, he just spoils his grandson Florida too much. He often ends up wiping Florida’s butt after some willful action or another. This is the reason for the slow shift in his character.”

“There are many necromancers in the entire Continent apart from the Calamity Church. I think the Church of Light won’t try to kill you as long as you don’t join the Calamity Church. Not all believers of light are that unreasonable!” Emily thought for a moment and comforted Han Shuo.

“It’s difficult to say. This matter is indeed a bit thorny. But if the Church of Light wants to make a move against me for no reason, I won’t be merciful either. No matter what excuse they have, I’ll kill someone first if they try to kill me!” Han Shuo thought for a moment and said resolutely.

“Master, no matter what you do, your loyal servant Gilbert will serve you faithfully!” Gilbert didn’t miss an opportunity to fawn on Han Shuo.

“Trunks, the Soul Destroyer mercenary band will make all actions in your name in the future. Don’t tell anyone the relationship between the mercenary band and me. Otherwise, I’m afraid that with my identity, it would bring unnecessary trouble to the band!” Han SHuo thought for a moment and suddenly said to Trunks.

“Bryan, do you think I’m afraid of some trouble?” Trunks was a bit unhappy and said coldly.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo responded, “Don’t think random thoughts. The mercenary band is mine, but don’t publicize that for now. You can announce that after I take care of this Church of Light matter. You have to know that our mercenary band has just started at this moment, and I want to expand more quickly as well, so I can’t let this matter affect it at this time!”

Trunks’ expression returned to normal after Han Shuo’s explanation. He smiled faintly and nodded, “You’re the chief, I’ll do what you say. That’s the rule of the mercenary band!”

“What were you two doing today? Why weren’t you in the shop during the day?” Han Shuo looked askance at Emily and Phoebe, having settled Trunks.

“I brokered an enormous deal and disposed of everything you gave me. We now have seventy thousand gold coins. Apart from those needed to form the mercenary band, I’m temporarily holding onto the rest for you!” Phoebe said.

“Younger sister Cecilia, one of the three heavyweights in charge of all Dark Mantle matters outside of the Empire, suddenly arrived in the valley today. I immediately went to meet her, and was delayed because we decided to catch up for a while.” Emily looked at Han Shuo and explained. She paused, and smiled faintly, “Because I talked about my cooperation with you, she was very curious about you!”

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