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Chapter 222: Making a move myself hurts the body!

Cecilia was one of the three heavyweights in the Dark Mantle, ascending to her position at a young age. She was legendary within the Dark Mantle, and was greatly admired by all members.

She’d been traveling to various kingdoms all this time, in charge of foreign policy matters. She rarely made a trip back to the capital if there was nothing urgent.

As a central location between three countries, the Valley of Sunshine was a very special existence. That Cecilia was here meant that she must have an important mission, otherwise she wouldn’t have dithered here.

Han Shuo didn’t have many designs on this legendary woman, even if she was rumored to be very tempting. He was only a bit surprised when he heard Emily say that she was interested in him and didn’t say much else.

“Bryan, I need to talk to you alone. Come find me later.” Phoebe stretched and walked towards her own room, murmuring, “What a long day, let’s take a bubble bath and relax first.”

When Trunks and Gilbert saw Phoebe leave, they immediately started making faces at Han Shuo. Emily curled her lip and gave a very soft, low snort. She was likely a bit angry.

“Trunks, make a list of what weapons our mercenaries will use. I’ll ask the dwarves to forge them soon.” Han Shuo said to Trunks as he suddenly remembered.

“The dwarves live in a very mysterious place. How did you find them?” Trunks was quite shocked as he looked at Han Shuo with surprise.

“Thanks to some fortuitous occurrences I have a good relationship with a dwarf village, and can ask them to forge some weapons for me. Mm, I can bring this with Phoebe later. She can purchase some rare metals for me so that the dwarves can forge even sharper weapons.”

“I see. Alright, I’ll think about it tonight and then give you a list tomorrow.”

Looking up at the sky, Han Shuo said, “Mm, it’s getting late. Everyone should get some rest.”

“Honored master, Miss Phoebe has just returned to her room and hasn’t even started filling the tub with water yet. Aren’t you a little anxious?” Gilbert sniggered lewdly, his voice laced with a double meaning.

“Gilbert, if you really are getting blue balls, I can give you some gold coins so you can go to those alleyways and take care of your issues!” Han Shuo looked sideways at Gilbert and suggested.

Trunks guffawed and clutched his stomach, gasping between laughs, “He already tried today, but even though he was willing to spend a large amount of money, all of the girls in the valley think that he’s an incredible pervert due to his previous actions, so no one dares serve him.”

When he heard that Gilbert really had attempted to go whoring, but hadn’t been able to find anyone willing to serve him, Han Shuo couldn’t help but laugh heartily, “A little lewd dragon is a little lewd dragon alright. It’s too bad he can’t be lewd even when he spends money! You’re truly sad!”

Gilbert’s look of dejection turned to a look of anger, complaining loudly, “ It’s all because that you wanted me to collect virgin’s blood that I can’t get any girls. Now you even laugh at me! I feel so shunned!”

“How low, so disgusting!” Emily rolled her eyes at Gilbert with extreme disdain. She snorted coldly and walked off to her own room.

“Hey hey, are you getting something wrong here? Master told me to collect it, why aren’t you yelling at him?” Gilbert cried out loudly, aggrieved when he saw Emily scorn him so much.

“Alright, if you really can’t hold it in, you can fly to a farther city to take care of your needs. I know it’s the personality of you dark dragons. Master is willing to give you gold for whoring, don’t worry!” Han Shuo laughed oddly and ignored Gilbert, heading for Emily’s room.

Although Han Shuo and Phoebe were in a relationship in name, the two of them had yet to develop to that point. Han Shuo could only look for Emily when he had to take care of some bodily needs.

“Eh? Didn’t Miss Phoebe tell him to go visit her? Why did he go visit Madame Emily instead? Eh, is he walking to the wrong place?” Gilbert looked at Trunks and spoke in incomprehension.

Rubbing his chin, Trunks looked as Han Shuo entered Phoebe’s room, a thoughtful expression on his face. He smiled, “Stop poking your nose into your master’s affairs. You should uphold the principle of ‘Talk less, do more’.”

After Han Shuo had entered Emily’s room, he directed one of the three yin demons surveilling the shop to take up guard outside her room. He smiled cheekily and walked further in, laughing softly, “Alright alright, don’t be mad.”

“Go, go find your little Phoebe!” Emily said huffily as she glared at Han Shuo.

“Heh heh, I’d need to find my little Emily first. Phoebe can wait.”

Han Shuo walked to Emily, smiling as he didn’t wait for her to resist. He held her in his arms and his hands roved over her body, invading her luscious curves. When Emily was panting heavily, her emotions took over as she began voluntarily coordinate with Han Shuo’s actions. The two quickly shed their clothes and entangled themselves with each other with an air of familiarity.

When Emily’s body had softened into a ball of cotton candy, exhausted after Han Shuo’s multiple vigorous charges, the bit of ire left in her heart from earlier quickly vanished without a trace. Her skin was flushed red as she curled lazily in Han Shuo’s embrace. Her slender fingers tapped lightly on Han Shuo’s chest as she murmured lowly. “I know I shouldn’t be mad, but sometimes I can’t help myself.”

Running his large hand over Emily’s smooth back, Han Shuo said softly, “It only means that you care about me. You don’t need to explain. It’d be even more odd if you weren’t mad.”

Han Shuo was spooning Emily and murmuring sweet nothings to her, completely forgetting about the passage of time. He’d forgotten what Phoebe had said before. But in the other room, Phoebe had waited a long time after she’d showered and changed. She began to grow impatient when Han Shuo took his sweet time coming.

She put on her clothes and adjusted them, leaving her room and crossing the yard to walk towards Han Shuo’s room. She knocked, “Bryan, can I come in?”

Han Shuo had discovered her movements when Phoebe had pushed open her own door. When he saw Phoebe make a beeline for his room, he hastily started putting his clothes on. “Damn it, I forgot what Phoebe said just now.”

Deathly afraid of being caught in bed, Emily also had a panic stricken expression on her face as she hastily put her clothes back on and carelessly pulled her hair up into a bun. She urged Han Shuo on, “You should hurry on back. Things’ll be bad if she discovers this.”

Nodding, Han Shuo walked to a window in the back and jumped out, approaching his own room from the back wall. He then used his cultivation skills to open his window and flipped inside, casting a look over his appearance in the window and opening the door with an awkward expression.

“Why did it take you so long to open the door? I told you to come find me just now; why didn’t you come?” Phoebe pouted at Han Shuo and asked suspiciously when she saw that his pants were loose. “What were you doing just now; how come you haven’t zipped up your pants?”

Han Shuo’s expression was a bit panicked because he felt guilty. Inspiration struck and he hurriedly responded, “No, nothing. I was going to the bathroom.”

“I see!” Phoebe giggled and replied understandingly. Smiling, she walked towards Han Shuo and looked coquettishly at him. “You should still pull up your pants properly before opening the door. Look at you now, gosh!”

Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, Phoebe stooped down with a faint smile as she spoke and reached out to pull up his pants.

However, a strong, odd smell hit her nose from his pants when she did so, assaulting her nose and mouth.

This strange smell made her immediately cover her nose and cry out, “What is this; why does it smell so weird?”

She looked closely at his pants as she spoke and noticed some white spots on the fabric of his thighs. It looked like some liquid had just dried.

Her stunning cheeks suddenly burned hot as she abruptly realized what those spots were. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in, standing there dumbfounded as she froze.

;Shit! Damn! I’m dead now! I forgot to clean myself just now. The only other woman in the store is Emily. It looks like the gig’s up, Phoebe’s definitely going to throw a tantrum.’ Han Shuo was apprehensive when his thoughts spun wildly. “Eh… uh…. um… things aren’t as you think!” Han Shuo frantically explained as he hurriedly pulled his pants up, unable to conceal the panic in his expression.

Phoebe stood up with a lowered head, as her cheeks and neck burned, not daring to look at Han Shuo. She turned and headed back outside, but suddenly found her voice and her sense of humor as she reached the doorway and murmured in an exceedingly low voice, “Bryan, it’s been tough on you. I’m your girlfriend, but you still have to take care of such things yourself. Um… I’m just not ready yet. Give me some more time. Don’t do this in the future. I’ve heard people say that it really harms the body to do this to yourself!”

Phoebe delivered these words with a reddened expression as Han Shuo watched, dumbfounded. She then left like she was fleeing, and rather seemed more ill at ease than Han Shuo.

“Hey hey, things aren’t as you imagined!” Han Shuo didn’t know whether or laugh or cry as he watched Phoebe’s retreating back.

The next day. Morning

Phoebe, Emily, and Han Shuo all had on very awkward expressions in the morning. No one knew what to say.

Particularly Han Shuo. He’d been misunderstood by Phoebe but had no way of explaining himself. Explaining would land him in more trouble instead.

Trunks and Gilbert looked ambiguously at all of them, especially Gilbert. He kept chuckling under his breath and said to Han Shuo, “Honored master, did you have a wonderful night? Aha, I think it must’ve been one worthy of dreaming about again and again.”

“Shut up!” Han Shuo flew into a rage and glared fiercely at Gilbert.

“Bryan, here’s a list of weapons. If the dwarves can forge these, it’ll definitely greatly increase our men’s fighting abilities and passion!” Trunks handed over a scrawled list of weapons.

“Eh, I still have some matters to take care of. I’ll be going now.” Emily was alright, but she still felt a bit shy after the previous night’s events, and so was the first to leave.

“I’m also going to leave too.” Phoebe also expressed her intentions when she saw Emily leave.

“Phoebe, wait!” Han Shuo opened his mouth.

Phoebe’s face suddenly flushed hotly as she didn’t quite dare meet Han Shuo’s eyes. She only flicked a shy glance at Han Shuo, “What is it?”

“Eh? The frosty Miss Phoebe can be so shy as well? It looks like what happened last night altered even Miss Phoebe’s personality!” Gilbert finally ‘confirmed’ that something had happened between Han Shuo and Phoebe last night.

“Lewd dragon, don’t think everyone is as shameless and perverted as you! I’ll stab you with my sword if you keep spewing nonsense!” Phoebe was also enraged as she rolled her eyes fiercely at Gilbert, threatening him with a icy look on her face.

“I need all of these things, buy them for me.” Han Shuo took out a list and handed it over to Phoebe, asking her to obtain the written items.

Taking Han Shuo’s list, Phoebe assented softly and didn’t say anything else before quickly leaving the shop.

Not long after she’d left, Han Shuo was discussing matters of the valley with Gilbert and Trunks when he noticed through the yin demons that Odysseus and his crew was looking around a bit cautiously at the surroundings. They were standing in front of the door, not having daring to enter.

It seemed like everyone in the Valley of Sunshine had heard of this storefront’s infamous reputation. Odysseus and them were no exception as they adopted an exceedingly cautious attitude due to its reputation of a curse.

“They’re here!” Han Shuo smiled faintly and stood up to open the door.

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