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Chapter 670 - Discovery

"Bam!" The huge force landed on the old man's arms.


With the sound of bones breaking, the old man's arms shriveled up at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

A mournful howl of pain sounded out at almost the same time, and the old man's facial features began to twist, making his originally hideous face seem all the more terrifying. However, the obstruction of his two arms helped him gain a bit of time, and almost the same time that his two arms broke, his body flew out, and barely dodged Tang Huan's Dragon Slaughtering Saber, but his two arms were already by his side, and fresh blood flowed out.

However, he had only retreated less than a meter when the tyrannical pressure engulfed him from all directions, causing his speed to plummet.


An instant later, the Dragon Slaughtering Saber had already swept across. The skinny old man's eyes were filled with panic, but he did not have time to react as the broad body of the blade had already landed on his waist.

A powerful force burst out from the blade, causing the entire world to tremble.


With a blood-curdling screech, the old man was sent flying like he had been defeated.

Without waiting for his body to fall to the ground, Tang Huan's body shot forward like a bolt of lightning, his hand grabbing onto the skull of the that was like a skull, following that, the Five Colors Heavenly Domain that covered the entire White Skeletons Palace began to shrink rapidly, the force of the pressure increasing by a large extent.

"Tang …"

The skinny old man opened his mouth, but before he could finish, the vigorous Genuine Qi had already poured down from Tang Huan's palm, resonating with the power of the Heavenly Domain and completely locking his body down. At this time, the fear in his eyes had turned into despair.

Tang Huan showed no mercy at all as a condensed Five Colors Odor immediately shot out from between his eyebrows. It was as thin as a needle and it pierced the old man's forehead as fast as lightning.

This was the "Soul Killing Stab"!

For the time being, Tang Huan had only learned one of the several soul attack techniques recorded within the "Soul Method True Explanation". Fortunately, Tang Huan was not only a Martial Warriors, he was also a Mage. To magi, training in this method gave them a huge advantage.

Otherwise, under today's circumstances, Tang Huan might not even be able to unleash the "Soul Killing Stab".

If the hall master of the Secluded Night Divine Palace did not separate those enbodiment, her strength should already be quite close to the Demon Lord Fen Tian that she met Tang Huan for the first time. However, after separating the enbodiment, he only had the strength of the Peak Stage Nine, and was much weaker than Xing Meng.

However, Tang Huan still had to keep him alive.

Therefore, Tang Huan had to inflict maximum damage to his soul the instant she controlled him. It would be best if his soul fell into a deep sleep to prevent him from burning his soul to commit suicide. Such a method could not be used by ordinary Stage Nine Rankers, but the Secluded Night Divine Palace's Palace Master was definitely an exception.

If he died just like this, Tang Huan would have to rely on the enbodiment inside this palace hall to find those that he escaped with long ago. But in this way, he would definitely expend even more effort. After all, enbodiment's soul could not compare to the main body's soul.

To be able to sense the soul of a enbodiment through the soul of the main body, the position must be extremely clear.

It was a good thing that there was this "Soul Killing Stab". Otherwise, Tang Huan really wouldn't have any other way.


After that moment, the skinny old man let out a groan as pain appeared on his face. His sunken eyes first bulged out, but soon after, he closed his eyes, as if he was in deep sleep. Tang Huan sensed carefully and let out a light sigh as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

Following which, Tang Huan looked inside the White Skeletons Palace.

They were already at a disadvantage, and were in a precarious situation. Now, they did not have the slightest bit of resistance, and in the blink of an eye, the three enbodiment s were killed.

With just a thought, Tang Huan caused Eight Remoteness Dragon King, Fire Red Huge Tiger and the white eagle to fly over at the same time, transforming into Conqueror Spear s, Xuanyuan Sword s, and Exquisite Carving Bow s, fusing together.


Now that the White Skeletons Palace was no longer a threat, Xiao Budian jumped down from Tang Huan's shoulder and started to wander around.

Tang Huan's attention was completely focused on the skinny old man, and not long after, a ball of white mist appeared in Tang Huan's palm. It was precisely the soul of the Secluded Night Divine Palace's Palace Master, and the aura it emitted was not only extremely weak, it was also extremely unstable.

He was not like Tang Huan who had a strong and stable soul, who could even withstand the stronger "Soul Killing Storm" of the Demon Lord Fen Tian. The "Soul Killing Stab" Tang Huan had just used, caused his soul to suffer heavy injuries.

This also made Tang Huan rejoice inwardly. It was fortunate that he had not used all of his "Soul Killing Stab", otherwise, his soul might have already completely collapsed.

Without any hesitation, Tang Huan immediately used the "Heart Twining and Soul Searching Method" on him.

"As expected, there are still two more enbodiment left to escape …"

"However, we may not be out of the island yet. There's still time to intercept them!" Tang Huan frowned, and shouted: "Xiao Budian!"


Inside the skull at the top of the stairs, Xiao Budian's body was revealed. She was actually waving her two little claws at Tang Huan in excitement.

The little guy seemed to have discovered something?

Tang Huan was suspicious, but after that, he moved and flew over.

Previously, Tang Huan had hacked apart the gigantic throne with a swing of his sword, but the skeleton on the chair was still undamaged. At that time, Tang Huan had only wanted to stop the Secluded Night Divine Palace's Hall Master. Although he was surprised, he did not pay too much attention to it. He was from the Heavenly Domain-level Expert, so how powerful was the sword, to not be able to injure that skeleton in the slightest?

When Tang Huan arrived in front of the skeleton, Xiao Budian jumped out from within the eye sockets, flapped his four pairs of wings and flew towards Tang Huan, two little claws holding onto a round object, white as snow, crystal clear, like stone yet not stone, like jade yet not jade, approximately the size of a fist, the Qi that was being emitted was exactly the same as the skeleton. This was the reason why Tang Huan did not sense its existence before this.

"Yiya!" Xiao Budian presented the white item in front of Tang Huan like a treasure, he looked extremely pleased with himself.

"What is this?"

Tang Huan took it and flipped it over and over again, the doubt in his eyes becoming stronger.

Tang Huan was not sure what exactly it was, but he was sure that it existed within the Palace Master's memories. As long as he conducted the "Heart Twining and Soul Searching Method" on his soul again later, he would definitely be able to find the answer.

The most important thing right now was to find his last two enbodiment.

With a thought, Tang Huan kept the "white ball" back into the Sumeru Magical Ring, and then his gaze landed on the continuously fluctuating wall behind the skeleton …

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