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"It looks like he will not put this matter to rest until he's dead." On one end of the line was Wang Zhi, while his son, Wang Xunli, was on the other end.At this point, both of them were frowning.

"This person is a bit mysterious. On the surface, he appears to have made a fortune by chance. However, he managed to swagger back after killing the whole Jin family. He seems to be fearless this time, so there must be some explanation behind this. After all, our Wang family isn't like the Jin family that held power in a small place.

Even though he has something more important than oil, it's impossible for the authorities to be so tolerant of him. He isn't a fool—he dares to act this way because he's very confident that the nation will not do anything to him. If you find out what he's relying on, you will understand," Wang Xunli said solemnly.

This was also what he found the hardest to understand.

Where did the other party get his courage from? What was he relying on? Why did he dare to take on a plutocrat that was among the top 100 richest in the nation?

"No matter what, you must remember one point: only a living person has value," Wang Zhi said calmly.

No matter what the other party relied on, once they were dead, they were no longer of value. Once they were of no value, no one would care how they died.

"What about Baobao…" Wang Xunli spoke with some hesitation.

"It depends on her destiny. If the other party wants to talk terms, that's fine. However, they don't want to negotiate at all, so the fate of Baobao depends on her own luck," Wang Zhi said resolutely.

"I have contacted the police, but this matter was suppressed. Hmph! Do not concern yourself with this matter anymore," Wang Xunli said with exasperation.

Wan Xunli hesitated and then finally sighed. "Baobao is my daughter!"

With the Wang family's status, let alone undergoing a situation like a kidnapping, no police force would be negligent.

However, this matter was forcefully suppressed, and evidently, somebody was meddling with it.

"Baobao is my granddaughter! However, the other party is obviously not prepared to talk and even the police are covering up for them. We can't use ordinary methods to solve this problem," Wang Zhi said solemnly.

There was something in his heart that Wang Xunli didn't mention.

Father, you have chosen the wrong approach from the beginning!

After hanging up the phone and pondering for a while, Wang Zhi made another call. His attitude was respectful, "Elder Xu, what's the outcome?"

"I can't help you with this case. Be prepared to fend for yourself," the old man on the other end said.

Wang Zhi shuddered. If a person of Elder Xu's status could say such words, the other party must have people with great clout backing him.

"Find a place to hide and see whether things will turn for the better," Elder Xu added before hanging up the phone.

Wang Zhi 's expressions changed as held the phone. He was really regretting his actions now.

He initially thought that it was just a rabid dog which he could just kill, but it unexpectedly turned out to be Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

However, he was gritting his teeth in no time. Since he had no other ways, he might as well go down this road.

To be able to live until now, I didn't do it just by eating plain rice.

Following his gentle call, a young man came in through the door.


"Have you made contact?" Wang Zhi asked.

"I have made contact with a Vietnamese expert who is said to be quite powerful. However, his price is very high, two times above the regular rate. The main reason is the high risk involved in entering our nation," the young man whispered.

"Give the money to them," Wang Zhi said while seated. "Give them three days."

"I will contact them again."

"If they can save Baobao, give them double the price."


"Pour me another cup of tea." Wang Zhi slouched in the chair after speaking.

The other party was very powerful, but even the most powerful person feared the bullet.

As for what happens to the other party after his death, that was in the future. Instead of him, it was better for the other party to die.

In his mind, since he was already using outside forces, the matter should be resolved this way. Professional matters were handed to professionals, and naturally, there were professional killers to kill people.

However, he was feeling a bit uneasy because of what he heard that day from the bodyguard of the other party. He felt that the content of his description was incredible.

In the evening, his plan was suddenly disrupted.

"Mr. Wang, we need your help in our investigation. Please come with us."

"Why can't you do it here?" Wang Zhi asked the few policemen who had suddenly appeared. He wondered whether someone was going to take action against him.

"Although you are a person with special status, regardless of your identity, you still need to come to the police station and help us with our investigation."

"Wang Zhi and Wang Xunli are being detained for financial crimes?" Ren Baqian was stunned to see the text messages on his phone when he reached Shenzhen. It was no wonder that he didn't encounter any interference along the way, which he had already prepared for.

He didn't expect Yang Sen to come up with this plan.

Ren Baqian pondered. The problem from before was different from this. Previously, he was dealing with nobodies, and there was no need to be concerned about them.

This time, however, this Wang Zhi was courting his own death.

Ren Baqian sent out a message, switched off his phone, and turned to say to the empress, "Let's cross the sea."

"Do we bring her along?" The empress glimpsed at the girl who was tied to the backseat.

"Let me handle this." Ren Baqian drove to the suburbs, took out a spade, dug a hole, and dragged out the struggling girl who was fearful and knew what was happening.

"Don't be afraid. There's no suffering in heaven, and you will not be lonely," Ren Baqian said gently. He didn't want to snuff out the life of such a fresh and delicate flower, but at the same time, he didn't want to leave an enemy behind.

Ren Baqian raised his hand and slapped the girl on the back of her head.


A short while later, Ren Baqian filled in the hole with soil and patted it down.

"I feel like a villain! I'm feeling guilty." Ren Baqian was regretful as he had just snuffed out the life of a little girl.

The empress gave him an angry stare and wasn't impressed with him making such a fuss over nothing.

Killing people was like drinking and eating to her.

The empress carried Ren Baqian, and with a few taps on the river surface that was more than 100 meters wide, they reached the other side. The impacts on the river surface that were left behind by her were like exploding water spouts and attracted the attention of many people, but few people could see the figure of the empress.

Only a pair of lovers on the riverbank saw the two suddenly appear in front of them and were seemingly stupefied.

"Good evening!" Ren Baqian chuckled despite being carried by the empress. He didn't care that it looked weird to be carried by a woman.

The next second, the two disappeared from the couple's view.

After a long while, the couple finally managed to let out a yell and screamed, "Ghosts!"

They instantly scrambled to run away.

At the Hong Kong police headquarters, Yang Sen was standing in a room. In front of him was a one-way mirror panel that he could see through.

Wang Zhi was sitting inside there, and nobody was taking notes. He was alone in the interrogation room and looked calm. His eyes were closed in repose.

Meanwhile, Yang Sen was thinking about the contents of the call that he had just received.

"This is the corpse of a god!" The first sentence frightened him so much that he almost couldn't breathe.

"Of course, it's definitely not what you think. Compared to human beings, this person's condition can be considered godlike…

The corpse should be about half a month old, but there are no signs of decay. A special substance is protecting the body. However, this substance is decreasing over time and is expected to fully disappear in about a year."

The main reason I'm saying this is the corpse of a god is due to the contents found in it…

His DNA is different from humans. In general, the more complex a creature is, the more junk DNA it carries. It's precisely these uncoded and "useless" DNA that help higher order organisms evolve complex bodies. The amount of junk DNA in this corpse is much less, which is different from the current research conclusions.

Based on my conjecture, this corpse evolved in another direction during its lifetime, and this evolutionary direction is more 'pure'… "

Yang Sen couldn't forget his mood when he received the call. Even now, he was still trembling.

Boom. Just as he was in the middle of recollecting, the wall next to Wang Zhi exploded. The room was instantly filled with dust, and only two figures were visible.

When the dust dissipated, Wang Zhi had already disappeared from the room.

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