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Chapter 987
987 Attracted to Each Other? Feng Wu had never been this obedient, nor had she ever gone to bed before midnight .

Seeing the light turn off in Feng Wu’s bedroom, Chaoge and Qiuling looked at each other in disbelief!

Chaoge said, “Am I seeing things?”

Qiuling said, “I can’t remember the last time Miss Wu went to bed before midnight . She stays up late all the time . ”

Chaoge said, “Was it something she ate? Why is she looking after herself all of a sudden?”

Qiuling said, “Miss Wu used to go to bed early five years ago . ”

Qiuling and Chaoge were at a loss . They couldn’t guess what was going on with Feng Wu .

Feng Wu woke up early the following morning to the sound of birds singing outside her room .

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Sitting up in bed, Feng Wu looked out her window .

As expected, there stood a man dressed all in white .

He was tall, well-proportioned, and graceful . The sight of him reminded her of a blue sky, white clouds, and flowing streams in the mountain . He was the epitome of relaxation .

She had never noticed the chirping birds, but with her master under the tree, the yard had turned into a painting .

Although the birds couldn’t see her beautiful master, they could sense him . Animals were sensitive that way .

Her master looked over his shoulder . His fair skin looked almost transparent in the sunlight .

“You’re awake . ”

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Starting her day with the singing birds and the company of her master, Feng Wu was over the moon . She almost felt like singing herself .

Just then, she heard footsteps outside . Then, someone sat down on the wall and called loudly, cupping their hands around their mouth . “Little Feng Wu! Little Feng Wu! Little Feng Wu —”

They called in an unhurried tone, completely oblivious to the noise that they were making .

Duan Chaoge rushed out of her room and scolded Feng Xun . “Xiao Wu is cultivating in seclusion and she’s not to be disturbed! Young Lord Feng, please leave!”

Feng Xun kept howling . “Little Feng Wu, little Feng Wu, little Feng Wu —”

And Xuan Yi was with him .

It was just that Xuan Yi was sitting under the grape trellis instead of on the wall, and he was drinking .

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Feng Wu rubbed her forehead . Everyone coming and going would see Feng Xun on her wall, which could start another round of rumors . She already had more than enough to deal with .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu reined in her temper . She needed to maintain a good image when her master was around .

She only walked out of her room after she calmed down .

Feng Xun’s eyes lit up when he spotted Feng Wu .

However, he didn’t jump off the wall, but only sat there with his legs dangling in the air . He studied Feng Wu with great interest .

Feng Wu found him ridiculous .

“Feng Xun, what are you doing up there?”

Feng Xun swiftly jumped off the wall and landed right in front of Feng Wu, keeping his eyes on her the entire time .

He jabbed Feng Wu’s forehead with a finger . “You’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from me . ”

Feng Wu looked puzzled . “What secrets?”

Had he found out about her beautiful master?

“About Boss Jun! Little Feng Wu, I didn’t know you were that kind of a person!” Feng Xun grunted .

Feng Wu buried her face in her hands .

Not again . Feng Xun must have seen the first part of that video and thought that she had kissed Jun Linyuan when he was unconscious .

She was about to explain, when Feng Xun added, “You and Boss Jun have been attracted to each other all this time, but you kept all of us in the dark! That’s so unfair!”

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