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Chapter 921
Chapter 921: The Crown Prince’s Plan

Xuan Yi smacked Feng Xun on the head . “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Feng Xun hesitated . “Little Feng Wu has zero cultivation ability, so I didn’t think…”

It wasn’t just any magical beast, but a Frosty Night Beast . Even Boss Jun couldn’t handle it on his own!

Xuan Yi cut him off . “She may not be a cultivator, but she’s the best when it comes to formations and medical skills . Have you forgotten that?!”

Xuan Yi understood Feng Wu’s plan as soon as Feng Xun mentioned the cave!

Formation! That was definitely what the girl was getting at!

Xuan Yi gave Jun Linyuan a hand gesture as a signal .

Having grown up together, Jun Linyuan got the hint immediately .

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The Qilin Beasts’ cave?

Xuan Yi didn’t tell him everything, though .

Jun Linyuan would never go to the cave if he knew that Feng Wu was waiting there . Hence, Xuan Yi kept that from him .

Suppressing the blood that was coming back up his throat, Jun Linyuan took a deep breath .

He could handle that Frosty Night Beast if it had mutated just once . However, when it mutated again, he needed some help…

The next second!

Jun Linyuan spun around, and when the beast smashed down with its paw, he used the momentum to fly out like a kite!

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He was unbelievably fast!

Frosty Night Beast didn’t expect Jun Linyuan to run away .

That proud teenager was actually capable of running away?!

The beast smirked, then ran after Jun Linyuan .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was busy setting up her formation .

Seeing the stream of spiritual stones which poured out of Feng Wu’s sleeve, Yu Mingye was baffled . “These are all top notch!”

Feng Wu nodded . “Yup . ”

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“Where did you get all these top-grade spiritual stones? You’re RICH!”

If these top-grade spiritual stones were sold on the market, the effect would be sensational!

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . She was anything but rich . All these top-grade spiritual stones came from under Grand Secretary Fang’s house, and what was left had to be reserved for that Taiyi formation . None of them were for sale .

“And you have storage equipment?” Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu in amazement . She had to have one . These spiritual stones and the other things she was using to set up the formation couldn’t have just popped out of thin air .

Feng Wu didn’t want to expose her ring space, so she took out the infinity storage bag Jun Linyuan gave her and waved it in front of Yu Mingye’s eyes . “There . I’ve got this babe . ”

“An infinity storage bag?!” Yu Mingye cried out in surprise .

Feng Wu was bewildered . “Why are you so surprised?”

“Why do you think?” Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu in disbelief . “You have an infinity storage bag in your hands! Do you know what that means?”

Feng Wu said, “I think I do . It’s just a storage bag, isn’t it?”

“Just?” Yu Mingye was flabbergasted . “Do you have any idea how rare infinity storage bags are?”

Feng Wu looked perfectly innocent . Were they?

Yu Mingye went on, “Not to mention that the one you’re holding is of a superior grade . Do you know what that means?”

“What does it mean…”

“It means that it’s an infinity storage bag of the highest existing grade . No water or fire can damage it, and there’s a blood bond between the bag and the owner . Other people won’t be able to open it even if you lose it . ”

What Yu Mingye didn’t tell Feng Wu was that the original owner would be able to locate the bag and retrieve it if they happened to lose it .

Feng Wu wasn’t convinced . That didn’t sound right .

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