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Chapter 910
Chapter 910: It All Started With Feng Wu, Didn’t It?

Expecting to see Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan had been assuming airs with a book in his hand . His face turned livid when he heard the voice .

Looking up, he saw that it indeed wasn’t Feng Wu . The look he gave Mu Yaoyao was murderous!

It was such a frightening glare that Mu Yaoyao’s stomach lurched . Her heart pounded so hard that her chest was about to burst open .

Instinctively, Mu Yaoyao wanted to flee .

However —

This was such a rare chance that she might never get it again .

At that thought, Mu Yaoyao fought back her fear and reached out to take the medical kit in her hands .

Her voice trembled uncontrollably when she spoke again .

“Y- Your Royal Highness —” Mu Yaoyao swallowed . “I — I’m here to change your bandages . ”

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However, she couldn’t open the kit no matter what .

The kit belonged to Feng Wu, who was used to keeping a lot of secrets . She had designed a secret lock for the kit so that she was the only one who could open it .

Despite the great pressure, Mu Yaoyao tried to open the box .

However, she was so flustered that her fingers kept slipping .

And it seemed impossible to get that box open .

Sweat rolled down her forehead .

“Get out!” Jun Linyuan’s face was livid and his eyes spat fire .

His voice rang out like a thunderclap over Mu Yaoyao’s head . She was scared stiff and almost stopped breathing .

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Jun Linyuan reminded her of a cornered beast who would tear her to pieces in the next moment!

He was… so scary…

Mu Yaoyao thought that she was going to have a heart attack .

She almost fainted, and burst into tears .

Without thinking, she turned around and ran .

Thud, thud, thud ——

She bumped into various things on her way out, and she tripped and fell .

However, she only scrambled to her feet and kept running, as if she was being chased by a ferocious beast!

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Run, run, run!

Outside, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged looks…

They knew Boss Jun didn’t like Mu Yaoyao, but they didn’t expect him to be so… unfriendly .

Patting his chest, Feng Xun whispered to Xuan Yi, “I’m so glad little Feng Wu didn’t come . Otherwise, she would be the one who was scared off . ”

Xuan Yi shot a dirty look at Feng Xun and mumbled, “This would never have happened if she were here . ”

“What was that?” Feng Xun didn’t hear it .

Xuan Yi was about to explain, when Jun Linyuan’s angry voice came from inside .

“Get your asses in here!”

Exchanging looks, Xuan Yi and Feng Xun entered the cabin with their heads lowered .

Feng Xun walked in to find the medical kit on the floor . He rushed over to pick it up . “That Mu Yaoyao is unbelievable . This isn’t the right way to treat other people’s belongings! What did she do to little Feng Wu’s medical kit?”

Jun Linyuan’s face darkened when he heard Feng Xun’s words .

“Teehee . ” Seeing the look on Boss Jun’s face, Feng Xun explained in a hurry, “I was afraid that us guys wouldn’t be careful enough with changing your bandages, and Mu Yaoyao just happened to volunteer . She took the medical kit before we could stop her, and we just let her have her way . But… ahem, we forgot that you don’t like girls near you . ”

Feng Xun smacked his own forehead .

That was right . Boss Jun had always resisted having girls around him, and that used to be rule number one . But when did they begin to forget that?

Feng Xun searched his memory . It all started with little Feng Wu, didn’t it?

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