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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:18:50 PM
Chapter 911
Chapter 911: Boss Jun Is in Love With Feng Wu?!!

Feng Xun decided that he would change Boss Jun’s bandages, for the guy didn’t like to have girls around .

However, when he wanted to open the medical kit, he realized in surprise that he couldn’t .

Just then, there was a knock at the door .

Knock, knock, knock —

“Who is it?” Feng Xun went to answer the door and saw that it was Feng Wu .

Feng Xun panicked a little and tried to shove Feng Wu out of the cabin . “Not now! You have to leave!”

Feng Wu was at a loss .

“Boss Jun is mad again and Mu Yaoyao ran away in tears . You can’t be here!” Feng Xun prompted Feng Wu .

That explained it, thought Feng Wu . She had seen Mu Yaoyao running off in tears and looking ghastly pale .

However —

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“I forgot to tell you . There’s a secret lock on the medical kit, and I’m the only one who can open it . ” Feng Wu smiled bitterly .

“Wait here!”

Feng Xun rushed back in, fetched the medical kit, and stuffed it into Feng Wu’s hands . “Open it here . There’s no need for you to go in . ”

However, before Feng Xun could say another word, he was pulled away .

When he realized it —

Xuan Yi had pushed Feng Wu into the room with one hand and yanked Feng Xun out of the door . He then slammed the door behind them .

Feng Xun was speechless .

So was Feng Wu .

“Xuan Yi, you!” Feng Xun was furious when he realized what had happened .

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He grabbed Xuan Yi by the collar . “Have you lost your mind? Didn’t you see what Mu Yaoyao went through? Shutting little Feng Wu in with Boss Jun will get her killed!”

Angrily shoving Xuan Yi away, Feng Xun ran toward the door as he tried to get back in .

However —

Xuan Yi dragged him away, walking as fast as he could .

It just so happened that —

Xuan Yi was a better cultivator than Feng Xun, and the latter wasn’t able to break free .

“Xuan Yi! Let go of me! What sort of friend are you?!” Feng Xun was furious .

By then, Xuan Yi had pulled him behind a pile of snow .


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He then pushed Feng Xun into the pile, kicking up snow everywhere .

Pffft —

Feng Xun spat the snow out of his mouth as he shouted, “You’re going to get Xiao Wu killed! And you call yourself a friend?! That’s not something a friend should do!”

Glaring at Xuan Yi, Feng Xun raised a fist . But —

Xuan Yi spoke first . “You just can’t see it, can you?”

“See what?” Feng Xun’s hand was still raised when he stared at Xuan Yi in bewilderment .

“Boss Jun is in love with little Feng Wu . Can’t you tell?!” Xuan Yi asked in frustration .

Feng Xun was dazed for a moment before he guffawed .

He pointed at Xuan Yi as he laughed . “You’re out of your mind! Boss Jun is in love with little Feng Wu? Hahahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!”

As Feng Xun guffawed, Xuan Yi stood there with a sword between his crossed arms and a solemn look on his face .

Feng Xun stopped laughing . “It wasn’t a joke?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“That’s impossible!” Feng Xun wouldn’t believe it .

Xuan Yi smirked . “Has Boss Jun ever been so close with a girl before he met little Feng Wu?”

Feng Xun said, “Of course not!”

“But we stayed in Feng Wu’s house when we were in Northern Border City . ”

Feng Xun retorted, “That was because… It was Feng Yiran’s house!”

Xuan Yi smiled at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun wouldn’t give in . “It couldn’t have been because of little Feng Wu!”

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