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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:14:48 PM
Chapter 852

852 Because… I“m Pretty?

The look in his bright eyes was so gentle when he looked at Gongsun Qing…

Holy shit!

In front of the screen .

Elder Xuanyuan cupped his hands at Gongsun Lan and congratulated her . “Elder Gongsun, congratulations . The Gongsun family is rising . Please don’t forget your old friends . ”

Gongsun Lan was secretly elated .

After all, all families wanted to marry their girls to Jun Linyuan .

An entire clan would prosper for many years just by being associated with Jun Linyuan, to say nothing of a marriage contract .

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Despite her excitement, Gongsun Lan only smiled and waved her hand . “You flatter me . That was the most common greeting and nothing more . You’re overthinking it . ”

“Oh my, Elder Gongsun, you’re too modest . This is His Royal Highness we’re talking about here . When was the last time you saw His Royal Highness greet someone?”

Gongsun Lan said, “Well, I haven’t . ”

“There you have it . Go and prepare . The royal family will be visiting you soon . ” Elder Xuanyuan chuckled .

In Proud Snowfield —

Shi Xuan was tugging at Gongsun Qing and crying out in excitement, “Sister Qing! Sister Qing! Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Shi Xuan wasn’t so sure before, but after what happened just then… All the girls knew what that meant .

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“His Royal Highness is really…”

Gongsun Qing was still in a trance-like state . The happiness arrived so suddenly that she was still trying to digest it .

“Yes! Yes! He is! He really is!” Shi Xuan was thrilled . She then turned around and spotted Feng Wu . The smile disappeared from her face right away . “Sister Qing, look . Someone’s unhappy . ”

Shi Xuan didn’t try to lower her voice and many heard her .

They all turned to look at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu didn’t look her best at the moment and she was even frowning a little .

“So, Feng Wu’s really unhappy . ”

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“Are you kidding me? How can she be happy?”

“After following His Royal Highness around for so long, His Royal Highness can’t even be bothered to look at her . As soon as she started to work on Yu Mingye, His Royal Highness… I’d be so pissed if I were her . ”

“Look at her face . It’s hilarious . ”

Somehow, those girls just wouldn’t leave Feng Wu alone . Now that they believed that Jun Linyuan was in love with Gongsun Qing, they still saw Feng Wu as their target .

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at those words .

“Why won’t they leave you alone?” Feng Xun couldn’t stand it anymore .

Feng Wu said, “Because… I’m pretty?”

Feng Xun sighed in resignation . This girl was unbelievable .

“Feng Wu, Feng Wu —” Gongsun Qing dragged Feng Wu away .

Feng Wu didn’t want to go with her, but Gongsun Qing moved too swiftly and the others were all helping her . Feng Wu couldn’t throw her off right away .

Well, she could, if she activated her spiritual essence .

But she didn’t want to be exposed just yet .

“Feng Wu, Feng Wu, are you with Yu Mingye now?” Gongsun Qing was finally back to herself, and she was glowing with excitement .

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