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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:14:51 PM
Chapter 851

851 The Crown Prince and His Temper

So, if Feng Wu was that ugly girl… Yu Mingye couldn’t bring himself to think further along that line .

And he had been tricked over and over again after the first time… How he wanted to spank that girl now!

However —

On second thought!

He was the only one who knew that secret about Feng Wu . Neither Feng Xun nor Xuan Yi knew . Not even Jun Linyuan!

And he also knew about Feng Wu’s cultivation ability, which none of those three guys had discovered!

Yu Mingye felt a sense of superiority .

Poor Feng Wu . Even the wisest made mistakes sometimes, and she had just slipped up without knowing it .

Just then, someone called outside .

“It’s dinner time —”

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Feng Xun pulled Feng Wu to her feet and said cheerfully, “Come! Let’s have something to eat!”

In the campsite .

The mood was quite strange at the moment .

So was the look on Xuan Yi’s face .

To his surprise, instead of sitting all by himself, Jun Linyuan had joined the other candidates .

The girls gathered around automatically as soon as he sat down .

It was such a rare opportunity, and everyone wanted to grab the chance .

Mu Yaoyao was the most aggressive one . She had successfully frightened away a few girls with the intimidating look in her eyes .

However —

Jun Linyuan spoke to Gongsun Qing first .

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“How are you doing?”

How are you doing?

It was a simple four-word question, but His Royal Highness had taken the initiative, which was enough to excite all the girls .

His Royal Highness had struck up a conversation with a girl?!

Holy shit!

Gongsun Qing was dumbfounded! Her head went blank, the smile froze on her face, and she didn’t even know where to put her hands .

Next to her, Shi Xuan was equally dumbfounded .

But she came back to herself first and pinched Gongsun Qing!

Say something! Anything! His Royal Highness is talking to you!

Gongsun Qing blushed and bit her lower lip . The proud teenage girl was only able to reply in a whisper, “Alright…”

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Alright? Go on! Say something else!

Right now, even those in front of the screen were shocked, let alone the candidates at the scene .

What the heck?!

His Royal Highness spoke to a girl? That was unheard of!

So much so that the news reached the imperial palace almost immediately!

Jun Linyuan was talking to Gongsun Qing, but his eyes were on that tent .

Seeing Feng Wu come out, he smiled in a mesmerizing manner and turned his intense gaze on Gongsun Qing .

“You’ve been holding your arm . Are you in pain?”

His deep voice had a majestic quality to it and all the girls were infatuated!

Holy shit!

Gongsun Qing thought her head was going to explode!

His Royal Highness cared about her!

Was Shi Xuan telling the truth?!

Just then, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and left without looking in Feng Wu’s direction .

However, what he said was enough to set the campsite on fire!

Gongsun Qing wasn’t the only one shaken .

All the other girls had formed their own opinions .

They had always thought that His Royal Highness was this unattainable figure who sat high on his throne . But what happened just then proved otherwise!

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