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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:26 PM
Chapter 823

823 Two Goofballs 1

“But I do care about you . ” Feng Wu tugged at Yu Mingye’s sleeve and they sat down by the river . Feng Wu then asked, “Hey, what happened to that Frosty Night Beast? Did you get the heart?”

Yu Mingye looked frustrated .

She did it again .

Every time he said something flirtatious, she was able to ruin the moment with a single sentence .

She was staring at him with her limpid eyes, which made his heart skip a beat…

This girl… was the only girl that had ever made him feel this way .

Seeing the dazed look on Yu Mingye’s face, Feng Wu waved a hand in front of his face . “Yu Mingye? Hello? Are you in there?”

“No, I’m not . ” Yu Mingye went on flirting .

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Feng Wu smacked his head grumpily . “Be serious!”

“Ouch —” Yu Mingye held his head with both hands . “I’m only telling the truth . You’re so aggressive . I’m probably the only man that can handle you . You should marry me, seriously . ”

“Seriously, Yu Mingye, are you ever going to stop? Are you having fun saying such things? Cut the crap . ”

Yu Mingye was so fluent in lover’s prattle that Feng Wu didn’t believe a word he said . She only thought he was making fun of her .

Frustrated, Yu Mingye mumbled, “You don’t believe me? Am I that untrustworthy? I —”

Feng Wu glanced at him . “Do you still remember that girl in Frozen Forest?”


Yu Mingye was rendered speechless at the mention of that girl .

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Resting her hands on her waist, Feng Wu grinned . “I recall that you described the girl as more beautiful than a fairy and that it was love at first sight for you . You said that you would marry her and her alone and that —”

Yu Mingye’s face was scarlet red!

As a matter of fact, the girl’s face was a blur already, but he could never forget those bright eyes, not for the rest of his life .

“That girl!” Recalling what that ugly girl did to him in Frozen Forest, Yu Mingye gritted his teeth . “I swear I’ll find her and…”

“And marry her?” Feng Wu chuckled .

Wait —

Yu Mingye suddenly had a strange feeling .

Feng Wu’s twinkling eyes overlapped with that girl’s…

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Yu Mingye reached out all of a sudden .

Covering the top of Feng Wu’s head with one hand and the lower part of her face with the other, he made sure that only Feng Wu’s beautiful bright eyes were exposed .

They looked so alike!

Yu Mingye was astonished!

They were almost identical!

They could be the same person!

“How can they look so alike?” Yu Mingye murmured .

Feng Wu was screaming inwardly .

Had she known that mentioning the girl he met in Frozen Forest would remind Yu Mingye of all sorts of things, she would never have done so!

But it was too late to regret it .

“What are you talking about?” Feng Wu knew perfectly well what Yu Mingye meant, but she still shoved him away, pretending to be impatient .

“You two look so alike… Are you her?!” Yu Mingye said all of a sudden!

Feng Wu stared at Yu Mingye . “What was that? Who am I supposed to be?”

Yu Mingye was lost in his memory, and out of the blue, he said, “Did I tell you how I ran into that girl in Frozen Forest?”

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