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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:23 PM
Chapter 824

824 Two Goofballs 2

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

Had he?

Or hadn’t he?

She didn’t care!

It had been so long ago and Feng Wu had forgotten about it . But she would go on denying it no matter what!

“Of course you did! You told me yourself . Why else would I know about it?” Feng Wu said matter-of-factly .

She had to count on her acting to fool Yu Mingye!

Feng Wu realized that after all the traps she had set for other people, she had jumped into one she had dug herself . And she had been doing it over and over again . She wanted to cry now .

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Yu Mingye rubbed his head . “I told you that?”

Feng Wu said matter-of-factly, “How else would I know about it?!”

“But you two are…” The more Yu Mingye thought about it, the stranger he found it . “She had no spiritual essence, and neither do you; both of you know Jun Linyuan; she showed up in Frozen Forest, which is next to Northern Border City, and you were living in Northern Border City then; she had medical skills, and so do you; she…”

Feng Wu’s heart sank!

She would be forced to tell the truth if she let Yu Mingye carry on with his speculation .

“Was she as pretty as I am?” Feng Wu smiled at Yu Mingye .

That cut Yu Mingye off right away .

“Tell me, was she?”

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“…No . ”

“Problem solved, then . ” Feng Wu darted a meaningful look at the teenager . “Yu Mingye, did that girl offend you or something?

“Or did she steal something from you? Judging from how eager you sounded, I thought she stole your heart .

“But then, you fell in love with me .

“That’s why you want me and that girl to be the same person . That way, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore . ”

Yu Mingye scratched his head . He was completely lost .

“It’s cold out here at night . I need to head back now . You coming?” Feng Wu wanted to distract Yu Mingye from the subject, so that he wouldn’t remember any more details that she didn’t want him to .

“Well…” Yu Mingye seemed to be convinced and he followed Feng Wu after mumbling to himself . “By the way, how are you doing? Recovered yet?”

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Feng Wu grabbed the opportunity to change the subject . “I’ve always been quick to recover . Although, how did you know I was hurt?”

Feng Wu’s eyes widened . “Did you save me?”

Yu Mingye said in a mysterious tone, “Take a wild guess . ”

“So, it was really you?” Feng Wu heaved a sigh of relief . “That’s why he wouldn’t admit it . You were the one who helped me . ”

“He? Wouldn’t admit it? You’re referring to… Jun Linyuan?”

“Yes . ”

Yu Mingye thought about denying it . After all, he didn’t do it and he shouldn’t take the credit . However, it had something to do with Jun Linyuan… Yu Mingye had always considered Jun Linyuan his archenemy, and he grinned .

Yu Mingye would never miss a chance to piss Jun Linyuan off .

“That’s right . I was the one who saved you . ” Yu Mingye grinned .

Feng Wu didn’t even want to think about that arrogant look on Jun Linyuan’s face . “Hey, what happened to that Frosty Night Beast? You haven’t told me yet . ”

Yu Mingye immediately wrinkled his nose .

“What? Did something go wrong?” Feng Wu frowned .

Yu Mingye sighed . “As soon as I was teleported in, I headed for the center of the region . Following the map you gave me, I was able to find the place where the Frosty Night Beast was hibernating . ”

Feng Wu nodded and stared at him anxiously, waiting for him to go on .

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