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Chapter 792

792 Deception

All of a sudden!

Ten turned his sharp gaze on the rest of the team .

“What did you say?!”

“N- nothing…”

“Pits, tunnels, and water?” Ten gave them a stern look . “How can there be water underground?!”

Everyone was astonished and enlightened .

That was right . On a stormy night like this, the temperature had dropped so dramatically . All water should have frozen!

“Where?!” Ten bellowed .

The other team members jumped at his voice, but then realized what was wrong .

Without hesitation, Seven led him to the spot .

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They searched in unison and found a small opening underneath .

After some digging, they found what they had been searching for .

The opening of the tunnel had smooth edges and was wide enough for just one person . The water had already frozen into ice .

But Ten frowned after touching the ice . “It hasn’t been frozen for long! Feng Wu’s scent is here and very fresh!”

The others exchanged looks of embarrassment .

“This is the spot where I detected water . ”

“This is the spot where I detected water . ”

Several team members spoke in turn .

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The team leader’s face went livid!

Because if they were to draw a line through all the spots where they had detected water, they would find a long tunnel running from south to north .

Still unconvinced, the team leader went up to one of the spots and dug down .

And there really was a tunnel!

“Feng Wu was right here . ” Ten stared at the snowdrift in the center of the area .

And they had been talking by it .

That was to say, Feng Wu had heard everything they said!

“We must find her and take her out! Otherwise, our employer will be exposed!” The team leader’s eyes glinted . “If we can’t kill her in Proud Snowfield, we’ll be facing damages too high for us to pay!”

He stared at Ten as he spoke .

For Ten really had the ability to locate Feng Wu .

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Ten narrowed his eyes . “She hasn’t gone too far . ”


The team set off as soon as they could .

With the tunnel made from her fire and ice energy, Feng Wu was able to get away from the area . Once she was over a kilometer away, she jumped out of the snow and began to run .

Luckily, under the cover of night and the snowstorm, visibility was very poor . One couldn’t see a thing a kilometer away .

Once she was out of the tunnel, Feng Wu quickly erased all her tracks before running in the direction of Zone 1 .

She had no idea who sent those men in black, but she was alarmed by their skills in searching and tracking .

Feng Wu pulled out a sledge and quickly slid away across the snow without leaving a trace .

The team known as “Blade” arrived at the scene shortly afterward!

Ten led the team and he pointed at the hole . “Here is where the target went off-grid again . ”

The others exchanged looks of bewilderment .

“The target was able to escape from us when we came at her from all directions, which says a lot about her capability and intelligence . We need to be more careful,” the team leader said in a stern and alarmed voice . He then turned to Ten . “Which direction?”

Ten specialized in tracking . He went down on all fours and snuffed around, then lifted his head, looking confused .

Everyone looked at him in bewilderment .

The team leader frowned . “Can you not find her?”

Ten shook his head . “I can detect her scent in three directions . ”

The team leader said, “There are only four directions in total and you can smell her in three?”

Ten looked as displeased as his leader . “The target has realized we’re tracking her . She has excellent counter-reconnaissance abilities and she’s trying to throw us off-track with deceptive tricks . ”

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