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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:18:52 PM
Chapter 755

The cub was asking for death, and Feng Wu was happy to oblige .

 Thump! Thump! Thump!

 The battle didn’t take long . The cub collapsed on the ground, its blood painting the snow red .

 It was still staring at Feng Wu as its pupils dilated and its breathing turned shallow…

Its last thought was that if it didn’t smell human flesh, didn’t wake up its hibernating parents, and didn’t get greedy, would they still be alive?

 But that was spilled milk now .

 The cut on Feng Wu’s cheek was no longer bleeding, but it was a deep gash and looked quite severe .

 But Feng Wu didn’t think much of it .

 With her rejuvenating pills, her face was in safe hands . All she needed to do was wait for the wound to close up on its own .

 Ding —

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 Feng Wu sensed that another star had lit up immediately after she killed the cub!

 That was fast?!

 And Feng Wu wasn’t the only one who thought that; so did Grand Secretary Fang, in front of the screen .

 By now, Priest Wu had fallen asleep on the table from boredom, and Grand Secretary Fang was the only one monitoring the screen .

 Grand Secretary Fang indeed showed his bias .

 Out of the 1000 candidates, he only cared about Xiao Wu . As for Mu Yaoyao…

He had forgotten about her completely .

 Looking at the five shining stars on Feng Wu’s forehead, Grand Secretary Fang grinned .

 What a wonderful girl .

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 The portal had transported the candidates to random locations on the snowfield, and the girl was one of the most unlucky ones . She was thrown directly into the center of Proud Snowfield and ran into magical beasts at the intermediate Spiritual Grandmaster stage right away .

 Most of the candidates were junior Spiritual Grandmasters .

 Those between Levels 1 and 3 were considered junior Spiritual Grandmasters .

 Levels 4 to 6 were intermediate .

 And senior Spiritual Grandmasters were between Levels 7 and 9 .

 Therefore, if she managed to defeat intermediate Spiritual Grandmaster magical beasts, she would obtain a considerable amount of spiritual energy!

 After killing all three Spiny Frost Beasts, five of Feng Wu’s stars lit up in total!

 If her name was displayed on the screen, she would be ranked first!

 However, Grand Secretary Fang was still praising Feng Wu when —

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 The stars on Feng Wu’s headband went out one after another like broken light bulbs…

Soon, all five went dim and the headband returned to its initial state .

 Grand Secretary Fang was shocked!

 Feng Wu had also noticed it .

 She was the first to sense it .

 All the spiritual essence stored in the headband was gone, as if they had never been there .

 “Beep —”

 Grand Secretary Fang talked to Feng Wu telepathically . “Xiao Wu? What happened? Why did your stars go off?”

 Feng Wu said in frustration, “I don’t know . They disappeared just like that, without any warning . Why did that happen?”

 They were both at a loss .

 Grand Secretary Fang came back to himself first . “Kid, don’t worry . You still have seven days left; I’m sure you’ll figure it out by then . ”

 Feng Wu felt like crying .

 Her original plan was to light up all seven stars as soon as possible . That way, she could make her way into the central forest and get her hands on some Frost Essence . But things turned out to be more complicated than she expected…

Feng Wu had no idea that her troubles had only just begun .

 At that moment, she heard footsteps approaching .

 “Is someone here?”

 “Watch out . I can small magical beasts and intermediate Spiritual Grandmasters at least!”

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