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Chapter 754: 754

“Mother —” Emperor Wu just happened to know about it and he smiled bitterly . “Mother, it’s true . Little Feng Wu did indeed get full marks . ”

 “You know about this?” The empress dowager was intrigued .

 As a matter of fact, Emperor Wu happened to overhear Feng Wu and Mu Yaoyao’s bet when he went out in plain clothes .

 He nodded . “I do . ”

 Emperor Wu said it in the most casual tone, but the empress dowager was astonished!

 “What do you mean by that?”

 “Feng Wu was really first and she really got full marks,” said Emperor Wu affirmatively .

 The empress dowager’s eyes widened . “How is that possible? Is that girl really that smart?!”

 The girl was as bright as Baby Jun . That was a first .

 “Grand Secretary Fang,” said Emperor Wu .

 “Grand Secretary Fang?” The empress dowager frowned . “If I remember correctly, he’s one of the seven education board members and has been an examiner many times . ”

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 Emperor Wu nodded .

 The empress dowager’s good impression of Feng Wu disappeared largely upon hearing that .

 She said stubbornly, “I’m sure Grand Secretary Fang helped her with the exam . ”

 Well… Emperor Wu couldn’t actually deny the accusation .

 “Well, she did have practice, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a very smart girl . ”

The empress dowager wanted to retort, but didn’t have the words .

 What more could she say when the girl’s intelligence was beyond challenge?

 But the empress dowager wouldn’t admit defeat . “Isn’t she a cripple? She’ll never make it through the physical tryout!”

 Emperor Wu looked disappointed .

 Lady Northern Feng heaved a sigh as well .

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 The Feng clan .

 Feng Liu ate one more bowl of rice than she usually did .

 “Mum, Feng Wu’s life will be miserable from now on . She may not walk out of Proud Snowfield alive!”

 Lady Wang said, “Are you sure?”

 Feng Liu gloated . “Candidates die every year, don’t they? That’s inevitable . ”

 “But Feng Wu…”

 “Mum, rest assured . I’ve planned everything out!”

 Lady Wang looked at Feng Liu in pleasant surprise .

 The Duan family .

 Duan Chaoyin said, “Mum, don’t worry . Duan Chaoge is never going to get in!”

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 Mrs Duan frowned . “How do you know that? That girl’s cultivation level…”

 Duan Chaoyin smirked . “Mum, I hired a few candidates…”

 Mrs Duan was glad to hear what Duan Chaoyin told her next .

 The Zuo family .

 Zuo Ming, Zuo Qingluan’s father, knelt on a rush cushion, and his eyes burned with hatred as he stared at Zuo He’s memorial tablet .

 “Brother, I’ve learned how you died; I swear to God that I won’t rest until Feng Wu is dead!”

 Many in the imperial capital were concerned with the physical tryout .

 Little did Feng Wu know that a lot of people were trying to use this chance to kill her .

 Back in the vast Proud Snowfield, Feng Wu had killed two Spiny Frost Beasts .

 Right now, she was ready to leave .

 However, at that moment —

 The son of the two beasts had finally pulled its paw free of the spike and caught up to her .

 It was astonished when it saw its dead parents .

 They had been pursuing this human girl, but why were its parents the ones who were dead?

 It had anticipated tasting juicy human flesh .

 Staring at Feng Wu, its eyes glistened!

 All of a sudden!

 “Roarrrr!” The cub charged at Feng Wu with burning hatred in its eyes .

 Feng Wu frowned .

 She knew the temperament of Spiny Frost Beasts . They were narrow-minded and vengeful . Once they fixed on a target, they would never let it drop!

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