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Chapter 736

Hearing Jun Linyuan’s voice, the old lady threw a robe over her shoulders before hurrying out, too quick for Granny Lan to stop her .

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 The old lady blanched when she saw what was going on!

 Despite still being a patient, the empress dowager jumped at Emperor Wu like a tiger and smacked him on the head!

 “What do you think you’re doing?!”

 That was a very hard strike!

 Even Emperor Wu was a little disoriented from the smack .


 Like a mother hen, the empress dowager shielded Jun Linyuan with her arms spread open as she glared at Emperor Wu . “You! What are you doing?! How dare you mistreat my little Junjun?!”

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 Emperor Wu was frustrated . “Mother, this brat needs to be disciplined! He’s so unruly! He has no respect for me!”

 The empress dowager was furious . “My little Junjun is the most reasonable kid in the world! He would never disrespect you for no reason! You must have done something first to set him off!”

 1Emperor Wu sighed in resignation . Last time he checked, he was the empress dowager’s son, but the old lady took Jun Linyuan’s side all the time .

 At that thought, Emperor Wu glared at Jun Linyuan .

 The empress dowager flared up . “Stop giving him dirty looks! It’s your fault; just admit it!”

 1Emperor Wu felt so helpless . “Mother… you have to stop mollycoddling him . Look at how spoiled he’s become!”

 His mother scoffed at him . “There’s nothing wrong with my little Junjun! He’s talented, he’s a great cultivator, and he has a noble character! He’s my most beloved kid! He’s the best! How is he spoiled? Answer me!”

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 Emperor Wu took a deep breath and clenched his fists .

 The empress dowager went on . “Why shouldn’t I dote on little Junjun? What do you mean ‘he’s spoiled’? Tell me this: can you find a more extraordinary boy of his age on this continent?”

 Emperor Wu was speechless . The answer to that question was obvious .

 “Junjun is so wonderful, but you still abandoned him when he was little . He’s been through so much, and he only survived by sheer luck! Otherwise, I would be visiting his grave already!” Tears welled up in her eyes as the empress dowager recalled the past .

 Emperor Wu looked embarrassed .

 But the empress dowager wouldn’t stop there . “My poor, poor Junjun! He lost his mother as a baby and his father never liked him . He’s still abusing the boy…”

 Emperor Wu’s mouth fell open .

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 “The boy would be living in misery if he hadn’t worked so hard to defend himself . Junjun, what have you done to deserve such a father…”

 Emperor Wu couldn’t take it anymore . “But he swears at his own father!”

 “Don’t make excuses! It’s all your fault!”

 Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

 What happened to unconditional maternal love? The empress dowager was treating him like a stranger!

 The emperor had no authority whatsoever when his mother was around .

 The empress dowager ignored Emperor Wu’s hurt feelings . She held Jun Linyuan’s hand and asked in a concerned tone, “Baby Jun, what did he do to you?”

 Baby Jun? Stop using that name already! This “baby” was already one of the most capable cultivators on this continent!

 Emperor Wu shuddered as well when he heard his mother use that pet name on Jun Linyuan .

 This brat was such an aloof kid that Emperor Wu believed that he would never air his grievances .


 Jun Linyuan actually gave an answer .


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