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Chapter 734

Feng Wu stepped on Feng Xun’s foot with all her strength!

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 What kind of brother was he?! What he said would confirm that she deliberately hadn’t offered the crown prince the best tea she had!

 That Boss Jun was the most mean-spirited man and he would harbor so much bitter resentment over what she did!

 But Feng Xun knew none of that and he pressed on . “Boss Jun, am I right? It’s Quling tea, isn’t it? Don’t you drink it all the time when you visit Wandering Temple?”

 “…Where is this Wandering Temple, and what’s Quling tea?” Feng Wu couldn’t look more innocent .

 “Wandering Temple is run by Master Linghu and he makes the best Quling tea . Even His Majesty goes there every now and then just for the tea . Master Linghu’s Quling tea is so hard to come by . I’ve only tried it once and it tasted exactly like this!”

 Despite the smile on Feng Wu’s face, she was shouting in her head .

 She wanted to hit someone .

 Feng Xun went on, “Master Linghu is so stingy! Boss Jun is welcomed inside whenever he visits, and I have to wait in the porter’s lodge, and get bitten by mosquitos . I’m rarely allowed inside, sob —”

 The more Feng Xun said, the more pitiful he sounded . “Xiao Wu, the way you call Boss Jun cousin… Why does it give me the creeps? Do you want to call him brother instead?”

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 Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Xun in unison .

 Feng Wu: Like hell!

 Jun Linyuan: No way!

 Feng Xun blinked . “Why are you both staring at me? That’s so scary…”

 1Over on the side, Feng glanced at Young Lord Feng and shook his head .

 He then looked at his young master, who was glowering at Feng Wu, and shook his head again .

 1All of a sudden, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet .

 Feng Wu was delighted . “See you around, Cousin . ”

 That cheerful tone…

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Jun Linyuan took a deep breath and glared at Feng Wu . “I dare you to call me cousin again!”

 Feng Wu bit her lower lip . “I’m only following His Majesty’s order . ”

He had finally suppressed his anger, and now, he flared up again .

 “Boss Jun, Boss Jun, where are you going?” Feng Xun wanted to follow him out, but Feng shook his head at him .

 “His Royal Highness is going back to the palace . ” Feng dropped a hint .

 Feng Xun was bewildered . “Feng, how do you know that?”

 Feng thought: And I know that His Majesty is going to be in so much trouble .

 1Of course he couldn’t say that aloud, as that would be demeaning the emperor’s authority .

 The imperial palace, the imperial study .

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 “Your Royal Highness —”

 Seeing the crown prince march into the study with a stern face, the eunuch on duty dropped to his knees, utterly frightened!

 Jun Linyuan scanned the room with his eyes after he walked in .

 There was no warmth in them!

 The eunuch felt a chill run down his spine and he shivered like a leaf in the wind!

 His Royal Highness was so terrifying…

When he lost his temper, he was scarier than His Majesty…

At that thought, the eunuch kept very still and didn’t dare move a muscle!

 “Where is His Majesty?” Jun Linyuan’s cold voice seemed to freeze the air .

 “H- His Majesty… has gone to Cining Palace…” the eunuch replied in a shaky voice .

 He was too scared to look up .

 One wrong move and he could turn into a dead body .

 Jun Linyuan turned to leave .

 The moment he turned, he spotted something on the table which made him pause, and he changed directions .

 When the eunuch saw Jun Linyuan pick up the item, he thought his blood had turned to ice .

 “Y- Your Royal Highness…” Despite his fear, the eunuch had to speak up in front of the crown prince . He was the one who was organizing this thing to be sent out according to His Majesty’s order .


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