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Published at 9th of July 2020 02:35:10 PM
Chapter 733
Chapter 733: Shut Up, Brother

The wall, the door, and the windows now… Was Jun Linyuan going to completely demolish her house?!

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Any other day, Feng Wu would have exploded already . However, she could still hear Emperor Wu’s authoritative voice in her head…

That was a truly scary man . He was as moody as Jun Linyuan and he really had the license to kill!

At that thought, Feng Wu could only take another deep breath and squeeze out a smile as she turned to look at Jun Linyuan .

“Cousin, how about I keep you company?”

Jun Linyuan didn’t reply, but he looked a little less cross .

Taking another deep breath, Feng Wu smiled more brightly . “Cousin, please have a seat . I’ll go make you some tea . ”

“Sister, your brother here needs a cup of tea, too . ” Feng Xun grinned .

Feng Wu threw him a dirty look . Why didn’t he stop Jun Linyuan?

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Feng Xun shrugged . He wanted to, but Boss Jun wasn’t someone he could order around .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say . What a useless brother she had .

Feng Wu eyed Feng Xiaoqi as soon as she walked into the room .

Feng Xiaoqi timidly lowered his head .

Feng Wu then turned to Chaoge .

Chaoge lowered her head as well .

Feng Wu turned to look at Qiuling, Granny Zhao, and Uncle Qiu in turn .

All three were occupied with some chore — repairing shoes or putting things away . She had never seen them this busy .

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“…Is Jun Linyuan that scary?”

Everyone nodded . “Yes!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

She had no choice but to bring out the tea herself .

“Cousin, please have some tea .

“Cousin, how do you like the flavor? This is the best tea I have .

“Cousin, I know it’s kind of boring here…


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Cousin, cousin, cousin… With every “cousin” Feng Wu said, Jun Linyuan’s face darkened a little . In the end, his face looked like a stormy sky .

Feng Xun felt so cold that his teeth chattered .

“Hey, what’s that smell?” Feng Xun strolled to the grape trellis, found a teapot there, poured himself a cup, and downed the tea in one go .

“Pffft —” Feng Xun hadn’t expected the taste!

“Cough, cough —” Choking on the tea, Feng Xun coughed violently .

Seeing the teapot in Feng Wu’s hand, Feng Wu panicked and began to dart warning glances at Feng Xun .

But Feng Xun didn’t get the hint . As soon as he stopped coughing, he yelled, “Little Feng Wu, why do you have Quling tea here?!”

“What Quling tea? You’re mistaken . ” Feng Wu snatched the teapot out of his hand .

Feng Xun wouldn’t be convinced and he stared at Feng Wu . “Sister, this really is Quling tea! Are you blind or what? The tea you offered Boss Jun was Dragon Leaf, a famous tea, but that’s nothing compared with the Quling tea here!”

Feng Wu was speechless . Brother, please shut up .

Seeing that Feng Wu wouldn’t reply, Feng Xun thought that he hadn’t convinced Feng Wu . He added in a more affirmative tone, “This is Quling tea, I’m sure of it . I had the honor of being offered a cup by Master Linghu of Wandering Temple . Just trust your brother . ”

Feng Wu seethed with anger!

Of course she knew it was Quling tea! She had made it herself!

She had given Dragon Leaf to Jun Linyuan because she didn’t want to waste her Quling tea! That Feng Xun had ruined her plan!

Seeing the look on Feng Wu’s face, Feng Xun thought that she didn’t believe him . He poured another cup and handed it to Jun Linyuan . “Boss Jun, try it . It’s really Quling tea . ”

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