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Chapter 661: 661

Chaoge stuffed her pockets with spiritual stones without hesitation .

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 Mrs Duan was furious . “Master, we don’t know that Chaoge will get into Imperial College for sure… It’ll be such a waste! Chaoyue is going to join the physical tryout, too . She’ll need her resources . ”

 Duan Hongyi shoved Mrs Duan to the side . “What do you know? You’re just a woman!”

 As important as getting into Imperial College was, to Duan Hongyi, the top priority now was to make Grand Secretary Fang’s acquaintance!

 His immediate superior at the moment was the subordinate of an official, who in turn was the subordinate of Grand Secretary Fang’s once-subordinate… He wouldn’t have to worry about not getting a promotion ever again if he could get Grand Secretary Fang as a patron .

 Chaoge promptly left home after raiding the family vault, saying that she was going to see Grand Secretary Fang .

 Yes, of course . Duan Hongyi nodded repeatedly .

 Mrs Duan and her two daughters were infuriated .

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 Meanwhile, Feng Wu was at home and chatting with her beautiful mother when a distinguished guest arrived at the Feng clan .

 “An invitation from Lady Northern Feng?” Lady Wang was elated!

 Lady Northern Feng was a member of the upper class in the social circle of the noble ladies of the imperial capital . Lady Wang had been trying to make her acquaintance, but could never get a chance .

 She had never expected Lady Northern Feng to send the Feng clan an invitation .

 Lady Wang’s and Feng Liu’s eyes lit up!

 Was Lady Northern Feng reaching out to the Feng clan?

 After the frustration which Feng Wu had brought them earlier that day, this invitation cheered Lady Wang and Feng Liu up .

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 What was more, the invitation was brought by Granny Tao, Lady Northern Feng’s personal maid, herself .

 “You didn’t have to go through so much trouble, Granny Tao, not to mention all these gifts . ” Lady Wang smiled broadly .

 Lady Wang knew about the Ning family’s marriage proposal and the relationship between Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning . She thought that Granny Tao was here to invite Feng Liu and herself over .

 Granny Tao scanned the room, then frowned . “Is Miss Feng Liu the only young lady at home now?”

 What was that supposed to mean?

 Lady Wang’s heart sank . “Do you mean…”

 “What about Miss Feng Wu? Is she at home?” Despite Granny Tao’s soft voice and kind smile, she gave off an air that was characteristic of servants from a noble house . The last thing one wanted to do was offend her .

 “Feng Wu…” Lady Wang felt her anger rise at the mention of that name . Of course, she would make sure that Feng Wu would never be part of something this great .

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 Lady Wang answered with a smile, “Xiao Wu has… probably gone off somewhere . Sorry about that, but she’s such a stubborn and unruly child . There’s nothing gentle about her and she’s never home . We never know where to find her . ”

 That was Lady Wang’s usual strategy . With a smile on her face and in a casual tone, she smeared Feng Wu’s reputation .

 Granny Tao’s face darkened right away .

 And she snatched that invitation back .

 Lady Wang’s pupils contracted!

 What was that supposed to mean?!

 Rising to her feet, Granny Tao said coldly, “Lady Wang, I see that you’re rather reluctant to take me to Miss Feng Wu . I’ll show myself in, then —”

 Lady Wang was baffled!

 What on earth was going on here?!

 Wasn’t Granny Tao supposed to be here for her? To discuss the marriage between Ning Chenxi and Feng Liu? How did Feng Wu have anything to do with that?

 Lady Wang’s face was livid!

 As Lady Northern Feng’s chief maid, Granny Tao could give Lady Wang all the attitude she wanted and there was nothing Lady Wang could do about it!

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