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Published at 30th of May 2020 04:20:06 AM
Chapter 651: 651

Princess Mu promptly turned to leave after blurting out those words .

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 She left… just like that?

 Everyone stared at Mu Yaoyao…

What about her bet? She had bet her own head . Had she forgotten about it?

 “Hey, Princess Mu, what about that head?”

 “Princess Mu, you’re supposed to cut your head off, right?”

 “Princess Mu, we won’t stop you, but you’ve got to leave your head behind . ”

 “Hahahaha —”

 In her exasperation, Mu Yaoyao had insulted everyone and the crowd turned against her .

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 Mu Yaoyao stumbled and almost lost her footing .

 She was only able to stop from falling because someone in the crowd steadied her .

 “Hmph!” Cheeks flushed, Mu Yaoyao ran away as fast as she could!

 The crowd sneered in contempt .

 “Princess Mu didn’t even try to keep her promise . ”

 “That’s right . She really didn’t behave like a princess at all, running off like that . ”

 “She didn’t just run off . She accused us of wanting her dead . What did we do? She did it to herself!”

 “If she has the courage to apologize to Miss Feng for what she said, I’ll respect her a lot for it . But what she did was just so disgraceful!”

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 “Are all princesses nowadays like this?”

 Everyone was talking at the same time .

 Just when they all thought that Mu Yaoyao had run off from the humiliation, she doubled back shortly afterward!

 She came back!

 “Look! Princess Mu is back! Is she going to apologize to Miss Feng?”

 Instantly, all eyes were on Mu Yaoyao .

 She rushed to Feng Wu’s side, snorted, then grabbed Ye Yafei by the wrist . “Didn’t you make a bet with Duan Chaoge just then?”

 “Y- Yes…” Ye Yafei was still in shock .

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 “And you, too, right?” Mu Yaoyao glared at Duan Chaoyin .

 Duan Chaoyin said, “Y- Yes…”

 “Good!” Mu Yaoyao sneered at Feng Wu . “Wasn’t Duan Chaoge going to destroy her own cultivation if she lost the bet? Well, I’ll keep my promise if she keeps hers!”

 The idea came to Mu Yaoyao just then and she thought it was the only way to turn things around!

 Wasn’t Feng Wu forcing her to keep her promise to cut her head off? Fine . That Duan Chaoge that Feng Wu was so protective of was going to lose . Make her keep her promise now!

 “Why are you asking me to keep my promise when Duan Chaoge won’t? That’s just double standards!” Mu Yaoyao said in a righteous tone .

 Duan Chaoge?

 Everyone turned to look at Duan Chaoge .

 The confrontation between Feng Wu and Mu Yaoyao was so eye-catching that everyone had forgotten about the bet Duan Chaoge had made with Duan Chaoyin and Ye Yafei .

 “So, if Chaoge keeps her word, you’ll keep yours?” Feng Wu smiled .

 “Naturally!” Mu Yaoyao stuck out her chest and spoke in a confident voice, her eyes shining!

 What they said was right . She couldn’t leave this place like a defeated dog… It would be such a blow for the Mu manor!

 “But, Chaoge did get in . ” Feng Wu shrugged .

 Although she hadn’t checked the list, Feng Wu had helped Chaoge cheat in the exam and she knew exactly how many marks Chaoge had gotten .

“Hahahaha —”

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