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Chapter 650: 650

Mu Yaoyao was speechless .

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 And everyone was taken by surprise!

 Mr Zuo? Gross misconduct? What kind of misconduct?

 And which student had he harmed?

 Shortly after the new announcement was posted —

 Someone came out of Imperial College to put up a new post .

 “That’s an exam paper! Imperial College is putting up someone’s exam paper!”

 “Look! It’s Serial Number 10001 and the name says Feng Wu . It’s Feng Wu’s paper!”

 “Holy shit! Look at her handwriting! She deserves to get full marks for that handwriting alone!”

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 “Oh god! Look at her answers! They’re excellent!”

 “The memorization questions aren’t that big a surprise, but she got all the multiple choice questions right!”

 “And there’s section four . I never knew that ‘Cracking Ground’ can be used in that way!”

 “She’s got remarkable knowledge of formations and medicine refinement as well!”

 “Yes! I see it now! I know what happened!”

 The onlooker, who had been talking to Emperor Wu, tugged at the latter’s sleeve in excitement!

 1“What do you see?” Emperor Wu asked with a half-smile .

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 “Didn’t you hear? According to Princess Mu, she read the list Mr Zuo circulated earlier and Feng Wu wasn’t on it . Feng Wu didn’t have a lower ranking, but had been excluded from the top 1000! She had been removed from the competition completely!”

 Emperor Wu nodded .

 The onlooker was greatly excited by his realization . “But they’ve just put up Feng Wu’s exam paper! With His Royal Highness and Mr Lu as the invigilators, there’s no way Feng Wu could have cheated, right?”

 Emperor Wu said, “Of course not!”

 “This is it, then! This is proof of Feng Wu’s true capability! She got full marks and no one can question a thing! But she didn’t even get into the first 1000 in Mr Zuo’s list! That malpractice was Mr Zuo’s doing! He harmed a student and was removed from his post for misconduct! That was what he did!”

 The others around them were enlightened . “You’re so right! That makes sense! We were wondering just then!”

 “Who knew Mr Zuo could do such a thing?”

 “That Zuo family is unbelievable!”

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 A few steps away, the people from the Zuo family lowered their heads and quietly left the scene…

No one would have connected Mr Zuo’s misconduct with his disciplinary fraud in the exam, but after what Mu Yaoyao did… Everyone now knew what the Zuo family had been up to!

 It was all thanks to Princess Mu and the Mu manor!

 Meanwhile, Mu Yaoyao stood there, dazed…

She hadn’t seen that new announcement coming at all .

 Crossing her arms, Feng Wu grinned at Mu Yaoyao . “See that?”

 “W- What do you want?!” Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu!

 “Nothing, really . ” Feng Wu shrugged . “I’m wondering when are you going to honor our bet . ”

 Mu Yaoyao was speechless .

 All eyes were on Mu Yaoyao now . Would she keep her promise?

 Mu Yaoyao kept her gaze on Feng Wu . “You want me dead, then?”

 Feng Wu shrugged again . “Princess Mu, you forced me to take the bet and I’m the bad guy now? Luckily, everyone here is a witness, or you might actually pin the thing on me . So —”

 Feng Wu waved the agreement at her . “Princess Mu, when do I get to play with your head as a football?”

 1“You! You!”

 Mu Yaoyao had never felt this humiliated before!

 Everyone was looking at her as if she was a clown, and the looks they gave her were full of contempt and ridicule…

“You’re hounding me to death here!!!” Mu Yaoyao pointed at the crowd . “You, you, and you lot! You’re all in so much trouble!”

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