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Chapter 624: 624

“I’m the 1000th! I just made it in! Hahahaha —” Resting her hands on her waist, Feng Liu gloated!

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 “So, you’re last on the list . ” Feng Wu said in resignation .

 “But you didn’t even get in, hahahaha —” Feng Liu darted a contemptuous look at Feng Wu . “At least I can proceed to the physical tryout, and you can’t!”

 Feng Wu glanced at the list . “You learned that from this list?”

 “Yes . ” Feng Liu was very pleased .

 “I don’t believe it . ”

 “Heh —” Feng Liu smirked . Feng Wu then said, “Who knows where you got that list from . ”

 “Why don’t you believe it? Why? My brother got it from Imperial College!” Feng Liu stuck her nose in the air .

 “I see —” Feng Wu said with a drawl . “So, this list was announced before the results are out?”

 The look on Feng Liu’s face changed a little .

 Feng Wu snorted . “I’d like to confirm the authenticity of this list!”

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 “And what if it’s real?” Feng Liu began to panic .

 Feng Wu was able to get recommendation letters from three bosses, which meant that she did have some connections up there .

 “If it’s real… I’ll find out who leaked the information!” Feng Wu took the list and headed for the gate .

 “No!” Feng Liu really panicked now .

 She clung to Feng Wu and wouldn’t let go . “You’re not going anywhere! Stop!”

 Feng Wu said proudly, “I’m going to Imperial College now! I’d like to know if this list is real and who’s spreading it!”

 “You’re not going!”

 Feng Liu worried that Feng Yiran would be incriminated when someone looked into the matter .

 “Are you threatening me now?” Feng Wu smirked .

 “I…” Feng Liu was about to say something threatening when she met Feng Wu’s sharp, cold gaze . The scene from earlier came back to her instantly and she broke into a cold sweat .

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 “Apologize . ” Feng Wu stared at her . “Apologize to my family, now!”

 Lady Wang and Feng Liu looked at each other awkwardly .

 They had come here to scoff at Feng Wu and have a good laugh . But they had to apologize now?


 Then, Feng Wu repeated her intention to go ask around at Imperial College .

 In the end, Feng Liu mumbled with a long face, “…Sorry . ”

 “Can’t hear it . ”


“Can’t hear it . ”

 “I said I’m sorry!”

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 “Can’t hear it . ”

 “Feng Wu, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you! You’re making fun of me!”

 “And you just figured that out?” Feng Wu sneered at Feng Liu .

 At the same time .

 Grand Secretary Fang and Master Bai arrived at Imperial College .

 Since Mr Lu was in seclusion, Mr Zuo, the deputy principal, came out to greet them .

 Looking from Grand Secretary Fang to Master Bai, Mr Zuo was confused . “May I ask to what do I owe this pleasure —”

 Before Master Bai said anything, Grand Secretary Fang spoke . “Let’s go to the record office first . ”

 The record office? Mr Zuo raised an eyebrow and had a bad feeling about this .

 However —

 It shouldn’t be what he was thinking . Wu was supposed to be the only one who knew about Feng Wu’s paper . Why should anyone else ask about it?

 Bemused, Mr Zuo decided to wait and see how things went .

 He tipped Master Bai a wink as they walked .

 After all the money the Zuo family had been giving to Master Bai, the latter would be willing to provide him some information .

 As expected, Master Bai mouthed a name: Feng Wu .

 That confirmed Mr Zuo’s speculation .

 It was indeed about Feng Wu!

 Luckily, he was prepared and they could look all they wanted!

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