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Chapter 623

That was so frightening…

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Chills ran down their spines .

 They couldn’t imagine what kind of doomsday Feng Liu and her people were experiencing in a mere courtyard .

 Moreover, judging by the frightened looks on their faces, the cold sweat rolling down their foreheads, and their stiff bodies…

They weren’t acting! They really were living in a nightmare!

 What a formidable formation…

Chaoge and the others involuntarily took another step back .

 “Mum, it hurts! I’ve been struck by lightning! Sob —”

 Feng Liu was so scared that her face had drained of all color . Her pain looked genuine .

 “Ah! My head! My hands! Ahhh! I’m burning! I’m on fire!

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 “Stop it! I didn’t do anything wrong! I have a clear conscience!

 “Sob, I didn’t mean to do harm to Feng Wu back then…

“Stop it! I… I did mean it! I did it to Feng Wu on purpose…

“She was too talented! I was jealous! Stop it! Mum! Help!

 “Ahhh —”

 Feng Liu screamed as excruciating pain flashed through her head . She jolted and fell backward .

 The wind and the rain stopped altogether —

 When Feng Liu came back to herself —

 She saw that nothing was out of place .

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 The ground was flat, the courtyard was quiet, and the parasol tree stood tall… Feng Xiaoqi and the others were looking at her in amazement, then a face came into view…

“Feng Wu!!!”

 Feng Liu cringed involuntarily at the sight of Feng Wu!

 She had yet to recover from what she had just experienced!

 The flashing lightning, rumbling thunder, and the dark swamp… She had been burnt to a crisp by the thunderstrike, but now —

 Feng Liu looked down —

 Her dress was spotless . There was no sign of any such strike .

 So nothing actually happened?

 Head spinning, Feng Liu felt a chill run down her spine!

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 If that was just an illusion… That was so frightening!

 Taking Lady Wang’s hand, Feng Liu turned to leave!

 “Stop . ”

 Feng Wu’s cold voice rang out behind her .

 “W- What do you want?”

 Feng Liu’s clothes were soaked with cold sweat and her face had drained of all color . She stared at Feng Wu .

 “Do you think you can just come and go like you own the place?” Feng Wu snorted .

 “W- What on earth do you want from me?” Feng Liu stumbled back .

 That nightmare had come so suddenly and was so terrifying that Feng Liu was overwhelmed by her fear of Feng Wu . All she could think of now was to get away from here at once and never return!

 “Sister, she said you didn’t get into Imperial College!” Feng Xiaoqi picked the right time to tell on Feng Liu .

 “Did she?” Feng Wu smiled .

 Feng Xiaoqi rushed over to pick up the list that had been ripped apart by Chaoge, then handed it to Feng Wu . “Here, Sister . She brought this and told us that the results were out . Mum was so upset that she almost cried . ”

 Feng Wu cast a stern look at Feng Liu!

 She almost made her beautiful mother cry?

 “You brought this?” Feng Wu slowly went up to Feng Liu .

 Feng Liu stubbornly stuck out her chest .

 “I did!”

 She cheered up when she recalled the results on the list . “Feng Wu, you know what? You didn’t get into the first 1000 . So, game over for you . ”

 “Really? Where are you on that list, then?” Feng Wu asked in an unhurried tone .

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