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Chapter 616: 616

Hence, he had all 1000 sets of the exam paper brought to him, so that he could look for other promising talents .

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 Upon their delivery, instead of reading the exam papers right away, Emperor Wu sent his steward to fetch Grand Secretary Fang first .

 The Fang manor .

 Feng Wu was chatting with Grand Secretary Fang and trying to steer the topic toward the sale of his residence .

 “Old Master, are you really going to sell this house?” asked Feng Wu .

 Grand Secretary Fang nodded .

 “But why?” Feng Wu was bewildered . “I’m sure you’re not doing it for the money . Why don’t you leave it to your children?”

 Grand Secretary Fang smiled bitterly . “This manor hasn’t always been ours, and we were very lucky to receive it as a gift from a man of noble character . My family has lived here ever since, but after studying it for so many years, I still can’t figure out its secret . It’s time to hand it over to the next special person . ”

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 “Study it?” Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

 Was it possible that Grand Secretary Fang knew about what was going on under the manor as well?

 Grand Secretary Fang smiled helplessly . “Yes, there is a big secret buried in this manor, but no one has figured it out yet . ”

 After some thought, Grand Secretary Fang sighed again . “According to the mysterious seller, if the Fang clan isn’t able to figure out the secret in a hundred years, we have to sell the manor to someone else . Otherwise, the whole clan will die out!

 “I didn’t believe it at first…” Grand Secretary Fang smiled bitterly . “But my clansmen have been dying in the past few years . My wife, my daughter…

“I’m the only one left in this family . ” Grand Secretary Fang’s face was full of pain . “If I don’t sell the house now, Xuan Yi might get involved and could get hurt . ”

 Feng Wu was about to say something when hasty footsteps came from outside .

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 “Master, Master, we have a visitor from court . ”

 Soon, the chief steward was let into the room .

 He smiled at Grand Secretary Fang . “Master Fang, please come with me . His Majesty asked for you . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang asked, “Is it about Imperial College’s exam?”

 The chief steward wasn’t at liberty to reveal any information, but he still dropped a hint . “The papers have just been delivered . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang took the hint right away!

 The chief steward turned around and smiled at Feng Wu .

 “Oh my, may I ask who this beautiful girl is? She looks amazing! Master Fang, is this your granddaughter?”

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 Grand Secretary Fang smiled . “I wish . Master Wang, you’ve met this girl before, when she was little . ”

 “I have?”

 Anyone who served the emperor was anything but mediocre . The chief steward had a very retentive memory and could remember all the faces he had ever seen . However, after searching his memory, he gave Grand Secretary Fang a wry smile . “Master Fang, please tell me who the girl is . ”

 Grand Secretary Fang smiled as he walked out .

“Grand Secretary Fang —” the chief steward asked again once they were outside .

 “Feng Wu . ”

 “Feng Wu? F- Feng Wu?!” Astonished, the chief steward took a moment to digest the information . “As in… that Feng Wu?”

 “Yes . That Feng Wu . ” Grand Secretary Fang gloated .

 The chief steward sighed with emotion . “It’s only been five years and the girl has become…” Such a beauty!

 Serving Emperor Wu day in and day out, the chief steward was used to seeing all kinds of beautiful women in the imperial palace . However, none of them could compare with Feng Wu .

 “Who could have known…” the chief steward exclaimed .

 She had just been another pretty little girl five years ago . But now, her beauty was unrivaled!

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