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Chapter 615

The entire Zuo family had put everything they had into training Zuo Qingluan . Would she be able to do a better job if she was the one answering these questions?

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 Of course she would!

 Mr Zuo clenched his fists and told himself so .

 However, deep down, a voice was telling him that no, Zuo Qingluan wouldn’t be able to do it .

 Mr Zuo was about to put Feng Wu’s paper away; when he had the chance, he would deliver it to Zuo Qingluan .

 However, he looked up and saw Mr Wu, who was still here .

 Right now, Mr Wu was looking at Mr Zuo with an ingratiating smile on his face .

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 Mr Zuo frowned . “How did you get it out?”

 Mr Wu told him how he had removed the paper from the stack, and added in a complacent tone, “Sir, please don’t worry . Those who failed the exam will only be able to check their results according to their serial numbers . No one will know what name is on the paper .

 “Moreover… His Royal Highness dislikes Feng Wu so much . It will only please him to see Feng Wu out, right?” Mr Wu grinned .

 “Idiot!” Mr Zuo growled .

 Mr Wu didn’t have all the information, but as one of the bosses of the college, Mr Zuo knew that Feng Wu was here with recommendation letters from three members of the college .

 And the three people were Mr Lu, Grand Secretary Fang, and Priest Wu .

 Mr Lu was in seclusion and wouldn’t be a problem for now .

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 But neither Grand Secretary Fang nor Priest Wu were easy to fool! If either of the two were well acquainted with Feng Wu and decided to get to the bottom of this, they would find out as soon as they checked the actual exam paper!

 When that happened, Mr Lu would go to the emperor and Mr Zuo himself would so get fired!

 At that thought, Mr Zuo shook his head . “No, we can’t do this . ”

 Mr Wu cried out . “Why not? Feng Wu will definitely get all the attention if we put the paper back . By then, if His Majesty finds her exceptional, and with Miss Qingluan away… What if His Majesty wants to marry Feng Wu to His Royal Highness?”

 Mr Zuo’s stomach lurched!

 His gaze shifted to the paper on his desk .

 It was too perfect…

The one thing Mr Zuo was sure of was that Feng Wu had lost her cultivation ability for good! She would never be able to cultivate again . However, she had managed to find another way around this problem by making great achievements in cultivation theory!

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 Mr Wu did have a point .

 Mr Zuo took the paper, when into another room, and soon returned with another set, the ink on it still wet . He said coldly, “Take this one back!”

 Mr Wu saw that it was another exam paper with the serial number 10001 . The name was Feng Wu and the handwriting was almost identical to Feng Wu’s, but the answers were full of errors! And the essay answers even had a disgruntled tone to them!

 And it scored 179 .

 Mr Wu was astonished!

 That was an amazing replica!

 “Mr Zuo, this is incredible!” Mr Wu said in admiration .

 “Put it back now . Hurry up!” Mr Zuo snapped .

 “Yes, of course . ” Mr Wu was an experienced teacher, and with Mr Zuo’s help, he snuck into the record office without difficulty .

 Meanwhile, the other 1000 papers had been sent to the imperial palace .

 Emperor Wu was commenting on the memorials to the throne when his chief eunuch entered and whispered in his ear, “Your Majesty, the exam papers from Imperial College are here . ”

 Emperor Wu hadn’t cared much about Imperial College’s entrance exam before, but this time, after the reminder Grand Secretary Fang gave him, he had to keep an eye on it .

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