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Published at 30th of April 2020 02:15:16 PM
Chapter 611
Chapter 611 A Genius! No Doubt About It!

This paper!

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The answer to the medicine question was absolutely correct!

And so was the one on formations!


Emperor Wu pounded the table with his fist and cried out in excitement, “Everything is correct! Everything! Grand Secretary Fang, the kid got everything right! And his answers are more precise than the standard ones . Look, he even came up with two solutions here! And he wrote that he could provide a third one if necessary! That’s incredible!”

Emperor Wu had wondered at first if this kid might have copied his answers from somewhere . However, he abandoned that thought completely .


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The kid’s answers were more accurate than the standard answers!

The full mark was 300 and these answers were definitely worth more than that!

The kid should be given more than 300 marks!

Emperor Wu had only seen such talent in one other person before, and that was Jun Linyuan .

Tugging at Grand Secretary Fang’s sleeve excitedly, Emperor Wu said, “Fang, who is this kid? Which family is he from? Quickly, bring him to me! I want to meet him!”

Instead of giving him an answer, Grand Secretary Fang asked, “Your Majesty, do you think this kid can be given full marks?”

“Yes! Of course!” Emperor Wu smacked his palm on the table and was almost agitated . “After being an examiner for so many years, have you seen better answers than these?”

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Grand Secretary Fang said, “That’s because His Royal Highness has never taken the exam . ”

“He doesn’t count . Apart from him, have you seen anyone else give better answers than this kid?!” Emperor Wu was so excited that his eyes popped .

“Well, no,” Grand Secretary Fang said honestly . “Last year, the top candidate only got 250 . I think the best in the past few years scored somewhere between 270 and 280 . ”

“Yes!” Elated, Emperor Wu patted Grand Secretary Fang on the shoulder . “Fang, you really are my most helpful subject! This teenager is so talented! Now, bring him here!”

Emperor Wu rubbed his hands expectantly . “If you can’t take him in as a pupil, I will . Hahaha, if he does well, I’ll marry my third daughter to him! Keep it in the family, right?”

The old man didn’t know what to say .

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“Fang, why do you look so fazed? Isn’t he only 13? Is he already engaged?”

“That kid…” Grand Secretary Fang gave Emperor Wu a strange look . “Well, that kid was engaged once, but it was annulled . ”

“Nonsense!” Emperor Wu pounded his desk . “You should never look down on a teenager because of his lack of wealth . With that talent, he will have such a promising future . How could anyone even think about breaking a marriage contract with him? The other family will regret it so much when the exam results are out!”

The old man didn’t know what to say .

Emperor Wu patted Grand Secretary Fang on the shoulder . “Well, the other family might be blind, but I’m not . I’ll marry Wuxia to him later . I have to get my hands on this brilliant kid before someone else wants him for their daughter! By the way, Fang, what’s the kid’s name?”

The old man didn’t know what to say .

“What’s with that look on your face?” Emperor Wu looked at Grand Secretary Fang in bewilderment .

Grand Secretary Fang kept his silence .

Emperor Wu thought, “Fine, don’t tell me . I can remove the sticker on the paper myself . ”

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