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Chapter 612: 612
Chapter 612 It“s Really Her?!

There came a tearing sound .

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And Emperor Wu removed the sticker on the paper .

“Wait, that’s a girl’s name . ” Emperor Wu found the name a little strange and he gave it a closer look . “Feng Wu? She has the same name as that Feng Wu from back then . Are all girls named Feng Wu this smart?”

Grand Secretary Fang stared at Emperor Wu without blinking .

Emperor Wu turned to Grand Secretary Fang in bewilderment and met the latter’s eyes .

All of a sudden, an idea struck him!

“Feng Wu!” Emperor Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang in disbelief . “Feng Wu? Don’t tell me that it’s THE Feng Wu?!”

Of course Emperor Wu was agitated!

He was the one who broke off the marital engagement back then!

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Emperor Wu thought that Feng Wu was no longer engaged to his son, but in fact, Jun Linyuan hadn’t given his consent to the cancellation at the last minute .

Grand Secretary Fang gave him a solemn nod .

“It’s really her?!” Emperor Wu looked like he had been struck by lightning and was dazed on the spot . “This is her paper?”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded again .

Emperor Wu stumbled back and became lost in thought .

It had been years since he heard Feng Wu’s name .

“It’s her… her… no wonder…” Emperor Wu darted a look at Grand Secretary Fang, then said, “Even back then, she was an amazing, talented girl . No one was nearly as brilliant as she was . Unfortunately, she got greedy and pushed herself over the limit, which messed up her cultivation and she lost all her abilities . She was crippled after that . ”

Too greedy? Pushed herself over the limit? Grand Secretary Fang shook his head .

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He had been indifferent to such rumors before meeting Feng Wu . However, once he knew Feng Wu well enough… Grand Secretary Fang shook his head with a wry smile . That girl was too smart and meticulous to bring that on herself!

There had to be something else behind it!

“Fang, has that girl regained her abilities?” Emperor Wu asked .

That question put Grand Secretary Fang in a difficult position .

He knew for a fact that Feng Wu could cultivate now and she was leveling up at a frantic pace . However —

Grand Secretary Fang recalled what Feng Wu had told him .

The enemy was still lurking in the dark, trying to kill her .

Since Grand Secretary Fang didn’t produce an immediate answer, Emperor Wu took it as silent confirmation of his speculation . He sighed . “What a pity… We lost such a genius just like that . ”

Grand Secretary Fang gestured at the paper . “Her talent isn’t lost . ”

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Emperor Wu agreed . “You’re right . Her understanding and innovation of the stances alone is proof enough of her prominence! We haven’t lost her talent!”

Emperor Wu was secretly overwhelmed by his guilty conscience .

The cancellation of the engagement was carried out in such haste that he wasn’t able to help her…

Emperor Wu’s eyes flickered as he looked down at the paper .

Grand Secretary Fang thought to himself, “Xiao Wu has changed Emperor Wu’s opinion of her through her answers alone . His Majesty will be thrilled if he knows that she can cultivate again . ”

However, Grand Secretary Fang had promised Feng Wu that he wouldn’t tell anyone else and he had to keep the secret for now .

Imperial College .

After the initial filtering, 10,000 candidates qualified to take the exam .

Among them, 1000 would be chosen from the written exam .

These 1000 would be ranked by their scores from the highest to the lowest .

The teachers of Imperial College were busy correcting the exam papers .

The candidates’ names were always covered with stickers .

The chief examiner was supposed to be Mr Lu . After all, the entrance exam was one of the biggest events of Imperial College every year .

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