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Chapter 608: 608

608 Can I Get Full Marks? 

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“What?” Feng Wu was bewildered . “People are actually placing bets on that?”

“Of course they are . The gambling houses began to place wagers while you were taking the exam . Sister, those people are so stupid . Everyone put their money on you not passing the exam and the odds against you are sky-high!” Feng Xiaoqi’s cheeks were flushed with excitement .

“How high, exactly?” Feng Wu asked in resignation .

“It’s 1:1 . 1 on you failing the exam and 1:100 on you passing it… but everyone put their money on you failing it .

“Sister, do you have money to spare?

“I only have ten silver coins and that’s too little . Sister, Sister~” Feng Xiaoqi took Feng Wu’s hand and swayed her arm back and forth .

Feng Wu sighed . “Here are 10,000 silver coins . Have a little fun, but don’t gamble too much!”

10,000 silver coins was “a little fun”? Feng Xiaoqi was thrilled . He grabbed the bag and dashed off!

“Miss, is 10,000 enough? How about we take the chance and…” Qiuling was as excited as Xiaoqi .

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Feng Wu shook her head . “Gambling occasionally can soothe the mind, but overdoing it will become a vice . Xiaoqi can have a little fun and that’s it . ”

Putting too much money into it would bring about too much trouble in the future, which Feng Wu didn’t want to deal with . Moreover —

What was under Grand Secretary Fang’s manor was worth so much more . At that thought, Feng Wu jumped over the wall to look for the old man .

Grand Secretary Fang was marveling at some flowers under a tree when Feng Wu got there . He beckoned her over . “Kiddo, come over here . ”

Feng Wu ran over happily and grinned . “Old Master Fang, you want to speak with me?”

“Yes . ” Grand Secretary Fang then turned to walk into the room .

Feng Wu followed him right away .

Grand Secretary Fang took out an exam paper and handed it to Feng Wu . “There, finish this . ”

Feng Wu knew that the old man was going to correct today’s exam paper for her .

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Without another word, Feng Wu sat down and started writing down the answers .

It took her less than fifteen minutes to write down everything from memory .

Blowing the ink dry, Feng Wu handed in the paper . “Old Master, there you go —”

Grand Secretary Fang began to correct it right there and then .

As he ticked one answer after another, Feng Wu was a little fidgety, for she wasn’t sure about one of the multiple choice questions .

Then Grand Secretary Fang proceeded to that section .

Feng Wu thought her heart was going to stop .

Was today her lucky day?

Section three contained ten multiple choice questions .

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Grand Secretary Fang paused a little at the last question, then —

He put a tick next to the answer!

Feng Wu: !!!

She finally thought she could breathe again…

After that, she was overwhelmed with ecstasy!

She made a wild guess and it was correct!

And it was a multiple choice question on a subject she knew nothing about! It was purely a guess!

“Old Master, I really got that one right?” Feng Wu felt as if she was dreaming .

“Of course . ” The old man darted a look at her . “Are you not sure about your answer?”

“I guessed that one . ” Feng Wu told the truth .

The old man didn’t know what to say .

He gave Feng Wu a long, brooding, and indecipherable look… then went back to correcting her paper .

Correct, correct, correct…

All the answers after that were correct . Her handwriting was neat and her logic was coherent . She didn’t write a single unnecessary word . It was impeccable .

The old man didn’t know what to say .

“Old Master, do you think I can get full marks?” That was Feng Wu’s main concern .

“That’s hard to tell . ” The old man shook his head .

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