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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:26:13 PM
Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Under the Moonlit Sky?

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There was nothing to shield one from the chilly wind up on Imperial Capital Tower .

“Ssss —”

Yu Mingye shivered in the cold .

Up on the top floor, he looked into the distance and saw that it was pitch dark in the imperial capital .

The silver moon was behind thick clouds, revealing not a single trace of light .

All the lights were out in the city down below . There wasn’t a soul around, and the wind was blowing… It was miserable for Yu Mingye, staying up there .

15 minutes passed…

An hour…

Two hours…

Yu Mingye sat there with his arms around himself and trembled .

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But he was on the alert!

After that last incident in Northern Border City where Jun Linyuan had stepped on his head, Yu Mingye had learned his lesson!

Despite shivering from head to toe in the chilly wind, he still looked around cautiously, fearing that Jun Linyuan might jump out of some dark corner and kick him down the tower!

He could mistake every bush and tree for an enemy at the moment .

At the same time .

Lovebird Valley —

Jun Linyuan was staring at Feng Wu unblinkingly!

Feng Wu didn’t know what to do with him . “Are you sure you can stand Yu Mingye up just like that?”

Jun Linyuan smirked . “You care about him a lot, don’t you?”

Feng Wu was speechless . The guy could distort everything that came out of her mouth and Feng Wu was exhausted .

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“I want to go back!”

“No!” Jun Linyuan then dragged Feng Wu to a giant rock and made her sit down .

Feng Wu said, “I have an exam to take tomorrow . Can’t you just let me go?”

God knew how hard Feng Wu had worked for that exam .

To memorize those 1000 books and read those 10,000 books, she had barely slept in the past seven days . She almost didn’t have time to eat and could only grab a bite while she was still reading .

There were dark circles under Feng Wu’s eyes .

Jun Linyuan fixed his gaze on those circles . When was the last time she slept? Did she have to work that hard?Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

He was even angrier when he recalled that Yu Mingye was taking the exam as well . “If you want to take the exam so much, get the top score, then!”

He wanted to say something caring, but the words which came out were cold and relentless .

Feng Wu glowered at Jun Linyuan .

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“You know what? You have to get full marks!”

Feng Wu glowered at Jun Linyuan .

“In both the written exam and the physical tryout . Otherwise, say goodbye to your broken star piece!” Jun Linyuan smirked .

You’re friends with Yu Mingye, right? Get a higher score than him, and we’ll see how friendly the two of you can be .

Feng Wu said, “Jun Linyuan, are you kidding me?”

Jun Linyuan looked back at her . “Since when do I make jokes?”

Feng Wu clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles cracked .

That was outrageous!

Feng Wu took one deep breath after another, but still couldn’t control her rage .

She turned to leave .

“Leave now and you won’t make it to the exam tomorrow!” Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu turned around and glared at Jun Linyuan . “You just can’t let a day pass without threatening someone, can you?”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “I see you don’t want that broken star piece anymore . ”

“Of course I do!”

And that was what pissed Feng Wu off the most . Fighting back her anger, she forced a smile . “So, what are we doing here? Enjoying the cold wind?”

Jun Linyuan made Feng Wu sit down next to him and said grumpily, “Stay put . ”

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