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Chapter 577

Chapter 577 A Duel?

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Feng Wu could be a little obsessive at times .

If 1000 books had to be memorized, the thought of leaving one unread would keep her awake at night .

Right now, she still had ten more to go out of the extra 10,000 books on the reading list… and she was overwhelmed with anxiety .

“Put me down…” I need to go read…

Feng Wu was almost in tears .

But Jun Linyuan moved as fast as a streak of lightning, even with Feng Wu over his shoulder, as if she was no heavier than a doll .

Wind rushed down Feng Wu’s throat whenever she tried to speak, so she eventually stopped trying, for there was no point .

About an hour later, Feng Wu realized that the wind had stopped blowing and Jun Linyuan had stopped running .

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“Put me down! Now!” Feng Wu pounded his back with her little fists .

This time, His Royal Highness, the emotionless iceberg, finally did as told . He put Feng Wu down on the ground .

When he saw Feng Wu’s disheveled hair —

He narrowed his eyes a little .

Feng Wu glowered at him!

She was wearing loose-fitting, comfortable home clothes and her hair had been held up by just a single hairpin, which had obviously fallen out along the way .

And Jun Linyuan had been running so fast that the wind had mussed up Feng Wu’s hair .

“I’ve lost my hairpin!” Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan accusingly . “It’s all your fault! Why did you bring me here in the middle of the night?!”

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Was she angry? Jun Linyuan frowned a little .

He recalled what Feng Xun had told him .

“Need a place for a date? That’s easy . Go to Lovebird Valley . You can talk about poems and life under the stars and the moon, and watch the sunrise together . ”

So, Feng Xun had offered a really bad idea, hadn’t he? The frown on Jun Linyuan’s face grew bigger .

Jun Linyuan pursed his lips and made a mental note that he would have a long chat with Feng Xun after he went back .

“You don’t know why you’re here?” Jun Linyuan smirked . “I brought you here so that you wouldn’t hang out with that Yu Mingye!”

That reminded Feng Wu and she prompted Jun Linyuan, “It’s about time . Aren’t the two of you going to duel on Imperial Capital Tower? Go ahead . ”

Jun Linyuan snapped . “What duel? He can cool his head on that tower tonight . ”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

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At the same time .

Up in Imperial Capital Tower .

Yu Mingye had arrived at the scene early!

It was a duel with Jun Linyuan and he had to prepare!

Yu Mingye had left Feng manor in a hurry to consult his three elders .

Elder Three snorted . “Imperial Capital Tower? His Royal Highness is too confident in himself . ”

“How so?” Yu Mingye asked in a hurry .

Elder Three lowered his voice and laid out his plan .

Yu Mingye’s eyes sparkled . “Great! That’s a great idea! Hoho, Jun Linyuan, you’re not leaving that tower alive tonight!”

Hence, the four of them started preparations .

They set up lead wires on Imperial Capital Tower, so that when the time came, they could attract a thunderbolt, burning Jun Linyuan to a crisp!

At the thought of that fair-skinned Jun Linyuan turning into crispy bacon, Yu Mingye couldn’t help but guffaw .

Once they were done with preparations, he stood on Imperial Capital Tower in the cold night wind…

And it was really cold…

In order not to raise any sort of alarm, the three elders retreated to make sure that Yu Mingye was the only person within a 50km radius .

Imperial Capital Tower was about 1000 meters high!

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