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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:26:11 PM
Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Lean Over…

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“What now?”

To watch the sunrise! But the crown prince would never say those words .

He thought that it would spoil his image .

The dark clouds scattered and the silver moonlight poured down .

Feng Wu was exasperated .

She couldn’t just sit around in silence . It was cold and it was a waste of her time…

Feng Wu quietly took a book out of her pocket and began to read under the moonlight .

She still had ten more to go .

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She wouldn’t have been so concerned, but now, Jun Linyuan had made it clear that she had to be the top student in the exam with full marks… Feng Wu rubbed her forehead and cursed Jun Linyuan in her head .

The crown prince had no idea what was going on in Feng Wu’s mind and went on picking on her… But, karma could be such a bitch .

A few steps away, Feng said a silent prayer for his young master .

Seeing that Feng Wu was reading again, Jun Linyuan flared up and snatched the book out of her hands .

I’m right here and you’re looking at a book instead of me?

Feng Wu took a deep breath . “Jun Linyuan, give me back my book . ”

Jun Linyuan shook his head .

Feng Wu exploded . “What on earth do you want from me?! You told me to get top marks, but won’t let me read! And you’ve taken me here to do what? Enjoy the cold wind?! You’re making me take the exam, and now you’re accusing me of thinking about nothing but the exam? Jun Linyuan, you’re unbelievable!”

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Feng Wu really had had enough of him!

And she was seriously pissed!

He had it coming —

A few steps away, Feng gave Feng Wu a thumbs up in his head .

Now that she had lost her temper, Jun Linyuan was intimidated . He bit his lower lip and his cheeks puffed out .

Feng Wu snatched the book back and snapped at him, “Go away . I need to read . ”

“You’re not going to sleep?” Jun Linyuan asked in disappointment .

Feng Wu said, “I only have a few books left, and I can’t sleep until I finish them all . ”

She quickly flipped through the pages .

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And Jun Linyuan watched her as she read .

Seeing her flushed cheeks and the way she huddled up in the cold wind, Jun Linyuan took off his thick cape and threw it over her shoulders .

The longer he looked at the dark circles under her eyes, the angrier Jun Linyuan became .

Was she ever going to sleep? She looked like a panda .

Before he knew it, Jun Linyuan began to pity the girl .

He opened his mouth and tried to tell her that she didn’t have to be the top student or get full marks, but…

The proud crown prince couldn’t bring himself to say those words .

Under the warm cape, Feng Wu felt more and more sleepy…

Her head nodded and she began to doze off .

Jun Linyuan couldn’t take it anymore . With a flick of his fingers, he hit Feng Wu in the acupoint which could make her fall asleep .

The book fell from Feng Wu’s hands and the girl, who hadn’t slept properly in seven days, crumpled to one side .

Jun Linyuan caught Feng Wu in his arms before she hit the ground .

The smell of the teenage girl filled his nostrils as he held her soft body .

Her flawless face looked tiny under that big cape . Her fair skin was almost transparent, the outline of her chin was soft and delicate, and her lips were full and pink, which looked so yummy that he wanted to take a bite .

Under the moonlight, Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu’s face and was lost in her beauty .

Before he knew it, he had leaned over…

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