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A+ A- Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Title Below

As long as she could get it in her hands, she’d have a chance to cultivate——

What in the world did she have to do in order to get a hold of the Immortal Spirit Fruit? What in the world did she have to——

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu’s heart moved, and her eyes instantly shined!

She’s got it!

The inspiration came quickly, just in time for Feng Wu to grasp it!

Feng Wu understood very clearly that Jun Lin Yuan standing this close to her was an opportunity. Once she missed this chance, there wouldn’t be a second one!

That’s why she must grasp it!

Thinking of this——Feng Wu’s feet staggered and her body bumped into Jun Lin Yuan’s. At the same time, she cried out in alarm. “Aah!”

Because he was knocked against too suddenly, Jun Lin Yuan retreated several steps, and was surprisingly finally knocked

to the ground by Feng Wu. Moreover, Feng Wu’s body pressed on top of Jun Lin Yuan’s body!

Feng Wu didn’t merely press on top of his body, their lips also collided.

Two people, four eyes, faced each other——

Everybody around them stared blankly!

Feng Xun’s mouth opened wide. “……”

Xuan Yi’s eyes stared wide. “……”

Fairy Mu Yao’s entire body was stunned as she fell.

Jun Lin Yuan’s******iceberg like face, at this moment, also somewhat froze in place! For a period of time, he actually didn’t react!

Without any warning, his ears became pink. In an instant, his complexion turned red through and through!

The first person to react was Feng Xun.

Feng Xun saw this expression of Jun Lin Yuan’s, and thought that he’d become so angry that his face turned red. Feng Xun’s heart was so spooked it nearly jumped out!

A ‘woah’ escaped from his mouth as he rushed over and

and lifted Feng Wu, pulling her up abruptly. after which he then pushed her behind him!

After that, everybody then reacted.

Feng Xun rushed at Jun Lin Yuan and stammeringly tried to persuade him. “Boss Jun, Little Fifth, she didn’t mean it! She didn’t purposefully eat your tofu*, oh, ptui, that’s not it, she was simply frightened by you, that’s why she……my god, what the hell am I saying!”

(*TN: ‘eat your tofu’ is a common Chinese modern expression which means to steal some kind of small physical pleasure from someone else, usually from someone they liked, discreetly or through some tricks.)

Fairy Mu Yao watched the scene before her, so angry her whole face became red, while her pair of fiery red eyes seemed like they were set aflame, tenaciously glaring at Feng Wu!

“You, you, you……” The more Fairy Mu Yao thought about it, the more pain she

pain she felt. She sobbed aloud ‘wah’.

She hadn’t even so much as touched Crown Prince Jun, yet Feng Wu already, she already……kissed, him!

Jun Lin Yuan’s eagle like gaze shot towards Feng Wu!

Feng Xun raised his hand to block in front of Feng Wu. “Boss Jun! I know you’ve always had mysophobia, but, but, but……Little Fifth truly didn’t do it on purpose, she, she, she……how about you just forgive her. Boss……”

Those dark red thin lips of Jun Lin Yuan’s, along with his impenetrable expression and gloomy eyes, thinned even further as they were pursed slightly. His expression remained aloof and unfathomable.

At precisely this time, Feng Wu raised her right hand!


A violent sound rocketed upwards!

“Enemy attack!” Feng Xun cried out in alarm.

Everybody turned to look towards the direction of the loud sound—–they only saw a blaze soar there, as a berserk power attacked towards them.

“Yu Ming Ye’s people!” Ming Ye’s people!” Feng Xun cried out in alarm.

Yu Ming Ye brought three elders who charged at them in flight!

Yu Ming Ye was like an artillery shell as he rushed straight towards Jun Lin Yuan, shouting loudly. “Jun Lin Yuan! Today, I’ll have you know just who the hell I am!”

After he spoke, he and Jun Lin Yuan engaged each other!

As soon as they saw each other the both of them would fight.

Feng Wu was thinking of escaping, but Feng Xun was holding her hand the entire time. “You should stay behind me to hide and avoid being injured by them!”

Feng Wu’s heart. “……”

Just now, she’d deliberately fall on Jun Lin Yuan’s body and caught Jun Lin Yuan off guard. She already used the Inverse Needle provided by Yu Ming Ye to draw away the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice. Furthermore, she replaced the juice with water.



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