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Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Dare To Call Me Sir Yu? !

Presently, the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice was in her hands. As long as Feng Wu escaped, she will have succeeded!

But for the sake of protecting her, Feng Xun grasped her hand tightly, using so much strength that the veins on the back of his hand popped.

At this moment, Feng Wu’s pair of contrasting black and white, clear, penetrating eyes looked complicatedly at Feng Xun……

Things having reached this point, yet Feng Xun still didn’t know that she already stole the fluid from the Immortal Spirit Fruit.

Yu Ming Ye was slowly, step by step, beaten into retreat by Jun Lin Yuan. Out of the corner of his eye, Yu Ming Ye shot a glance at Feng Wu’s hand being grasped by Feng Xun. At once, his expression became abnormally unsightly!

That ugly girl was actually his woman!

Feng Xun surprisingly

dared to grab her hand!

Simply a blasphemy against the heavens!

Yu Ming Ye promptly commanded the head elder who was rushing forward to save him. “Go over there!”

The head elder saw his Young Master getting beaten by Jun Lin Yuan, couldn’t help but shake his head, yet he still turned to rush towards Feng Xun!

Feng Xun was targeted by the head elder, making it difficult for him to keep protecting Feng Wu.

“Run!” Feng Xun yelled loudly at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu used a very complicated gaze to look at Feng Xun……

Within this entire team, the person she felt most apologetic towards was Feng Xun. [Once I’ve recovered my strength, I’ll certainly repay you, Elder Brother Feng Xun.] Feng Wu clenched her fists tightly. In the next second, her figure charged out as quick as lightning.

No one noticed Feng Wu’s disappearance. Even if they noticed it, they probably

probably wouldn’t have cared about it.

Feng Wu ran, she ran the whole way through!

Her goal was to descend the mountain, she must immediately descend the mountain!

The Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice had already been drawn out, its spiritual qi was dissipating very quickly. She was afraid that before she could reach the foot of the mountain, its spiritual qi would’ve already completely dissipated.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu suddenly had a bright idea. Without delay, she transferred the fruit juice from the bag into the bottle. At the same time, within the Inverse Needle’s bag, she introduced a kind of gluey, dense, aniseed aloe vera like juice.

Judging from its appearance, the aniseed aloe vera juice and the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice seemed the same, gluey, and dense, transparent and clear.

Only after she’s done making these preparations did Feng Wu relax somewhat.

Looking at the thumb sized white jade bottle

jade bottle in her hand, Feng Wu exposed a knowing smile for the first time, her features bright and vibrant, in high spirits.

Immortal Spirit Fruit, Immortal Spirit Fruit, once I descend the mountain with you and refine you into a Nine Reversal Spirit Pill, I could then restore my cultivation once more. The Feng family’s fifth young lady’s crippled cultivation is about to stage a comeback!

And just at this time, a cold voice transmitted over. “Ugly girl, you actually run quite fast.”

Feng Wu’s heart immediately badumped!

Yu Ming Ye? !

Her speed absolutely wouldn’t be able to exceed Yu Ming Ye’s. Since she was aware of this, how could Feng Wu dare to keep running? She silently turned her body around, directed a flattering smile towards Yu Ming Ye. “Sir Yu……”

“Sir Yu……” On Yu Ming Ye’s pair of demonically charming romantic eyes appeared a sinister sneer as he picked as he picked up Feng Wu by her collar. “You dare to call me Sir Yu? !”

“Young, Young Master……” Feng Wu was lifted until both of her feet left the ground, struggling wildly.

“Humph!” Yu Ming Ye’s pair of vicious eyes glared at Feng Wu! His pretty eyes directly, directly focused on her. At the center of his pupils, two peaks of flames soared, burning violently!

Looking towards Feng Wu’s tender and beautiful, moist light red lips, the more Yu Ming Ye looked, the angrier he became!

Suddenly, he lifted the sleeve of his robe and waved it at Feng Wu——

Was he going to hit her? ! Feng Wu’s felt alarmed!

However, before she had a chance to react, Yu Ming Ye’s enchanting pink sleeve directly aimed at Feng Wu’s mouth and wiped with astonishing strength. It very clearly contained a bit of emotion.

Feng Wu glared at him. “You, what’re you doing!”

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