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Chapter 482

What? Lou Yue stole a glance at Feng Wu . If she was guessing correctly, Miss Feng Wu would love to hear all the details . Had she assumed wrong?

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“No —” Lou Yue was right . Feng Wu’s eyes lit up . She tugged at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve and looked up at him with pleading eyes . “Your Royal Highness, I’m bored . Please let her tell the whole story . ”

Lou Yue was eager to hear Jun Linyuan’s reply!

Would the stubborn, steadfast crown prince bend to this sweet girl’s will?

Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at Feng Wu and said grumpily, “Why are you so nosy?”

“Please? Pretty please?” Feng Wu tugged at his sleeve and pleaded in a soft voice .

Jun Linyuan couldn’t take it anymore and he glared at Feng Wu . “Stand still! Stop squirming!”

“Alright —”

Feng Wu did as told . She stood at attention, but didn’t let go of his sleeve .

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Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

He only glared at Lou Yue in resignation and prompted her . “Go on!”

Lou Yue finally knew how Feng must feel .

Someone please take away her eyes now!

Growing up in the imperial guards, Lou Yue knew how relentless and unforgiving Jun Linyuan was .

The crown prince never let any emotion show and he was colder than a glacier . They had speculated that maybe even his blood was ice cold .

However… she couldn’t believe her eyes now . Who was this guy and what had he done to His Royal Highness?

“Huh? What?”

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Lou Yue’s mind had wandered off and she spoke before she knew it .

And her heart almost stopped when she realized what she had done!

She had let her mind wander when His Royal Highness was talking to her! Oh god . She was so getting killed —

Lou Yue dropped to her knees and was too nervous to breathe . “Your Royal Highness, I was —”

Lou Yue remembered one of the girls who had come to World Tower around the same time as she had — the girl’s mind wandered off when His Royal Highness was talking because she had gotten lost in his handsome face . Then… she had never seen that girl again .

Lou Yue’s heart almost stopped!

“How dare you!” As expected, Jun Linyuan flared up!

“Please forgive me, Your Royal Highness —” Lou Yue prostrated herself on the floor and trembled .

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Feng Wu, who was nibbling on a peach, was bewildered . Lou Yue’s attention had only wandered off for like a second . What was the big deal? She had slapped Jun Linyuan herself and nothing had happened to her .

Seeing that Jun Linyuan was going to lose his temper, Feng Wu finished the peach in a few bites, then went up to Jun Linyuan and tugged at his sleeve . “Jun Linyuan, what are you doing? Stop yelling . You’re frightening Lou Yue . ”

Lou Yue felt like killing herself .

Miss Feng Wu, you should really stay out of this! His Royal Highness doesn’t listen to others when he’s pissed, and sometimes, he can’t even control himself . If you somehow get hurt, I’ll be the one blamed for it in the end!

Lou Yue really felt like crying, for she was sure that no one would be able to calm Jun Linyuan down .

However, Jun Linyuan only stared at Feng Wu, and the color of his face changed .

Lou Yue looked up and she nearly passed out .

She saw that Feng Wu’s hands were sticky wet from eating the peach, and she had now stained Jun Linyuan’s sleeve with the juice .

And Jun Linyuan was a neat freak!

Oh god… Miss Feng Wu was so dead!

His Royal Highness would throttle her!

Lou Yue closed her eyes in despair .

But —

Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu with a livid face, but… that was all he did .

“Go wash your hands!”

Feng Wu said, “Fine…”

But she didn’t go very far to do that .

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