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Chapter 457

Feng Wu was standing behind Chaoge and Young Master Mu didn’t see her when he walked in .

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“Young Master Mu —” Ye Yafei said in an ingratiating tone .

“I was told that the person throwing mud at Elegant Ink Gallery is right here? Step out now and let me see your face . ”

Young Master Mu entered the room in a familiar manner . He had a large entourage and someone had already set down a chair for him .

Ye Yafei pointed at Chaoge and Feng Wu with an indignant expression, but she was smirking inwardly . “Those two were the ones who slandered Elegant Ink Gallery . We saw it with our own eyes and we can attest to it!”

“Really?” Crossing his legs, Young Master Mu found a comfortable position in the chair and shook his leg . He looked sidelong at Chaoge . “Young lady, you guys are pretty bold to discredit Elegant Ink Gallery like that . ”

Chaoge didn’t like this guy at all and she glared back at him .

“Oh my —” Young Master Mu glanced at Chaoge out of the corner of his eye . “Someone’s pissed . Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of my name before . ”

The Young Master Mu who had friends in both high and low places was capable of getting a third-ranked official fired!

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Everyone would greet him with great respect!

Chaoge glowered at Young Master Mu!

“You, come here —” Mu beckoned Chaoge over . “I’ve never met someone this ugly and this grumpy . ”

This ugly?!

Chaoge was furious and she went on glaring at Young Master Mu .

“Why, that’s a very peevish girl over there . Do you have any idea who I am? What’s with that attitude? You, slap her —”

Mu gave a wave of his hand .

Ye Yafei smiled in satisfaction .

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Elegant Ink Gallery was Young Master Mu’s property and those two girls were finished! She was sure of it!

Meanwhile, two stalwart men went up to Chaoge and were ready to slap her!

Just then —

“Young Master Mu, very impressive,” said a cold voice behind Chaoge .

Mu snorted . “You’re with her? Very well . Slap her, too!”

How dare these people slander Elegant Ink Gallery? His Brother Feng the Third was the biggest shareholder of the business! Young Master Mu was very upset .

Ye Yafei laughed so hard that she had a stomachache .  Feng Wu, you’re so doomed!

Huo Yin and the others exchanged looks and they all gloated at Feng Wu’s predicament .

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Jin Yuntao was exasperated!

He quickly stepped out and stood in front of Feng Wu, blocking her from Young Master Mu’s sight . He then cupped his hands at the young lord . “Chaoge is too young to understand what she’s done . I’ll make them apologize to you . Young Master Mu, please forgive them for my sake . ”

“Why, isn’t it Jin Yuntao?” Mu recognized the teenager, smiled a little, and waved him off . “Mind your own business . There, out of my way . ”

After that, Young Master Mu rose to his feet and went up to Chaoge .

He then sensed a pair of cold eyes on him . Turning in the direction of that gaze, Young Master Mu saw a face, which scared him out of his wits!

Meanwhile, in Northern Feng Mansion .

The crown prince glanced at Feng as he marched out .

Feng walked behind him and reported in a level tone, “Miss Feng Wu was here because she needed Young Lord Feng to buy a manor on her behalf . ”

“A manor?” Jun Linyuan frowned .

“Grand Secretary Fang, the Feng manor’s next door neighbor, is retiring soon . Many people are trying to purchase that house . ” Hence, Miss Feng wasn’t here on a date, my dear crown prince . Weren’t you a little too hard on Young Lord Feng?

She would rather get Feng Xun than himself to buy a manor?! So, Feng Xun was more important to her than he was? The crown prince clenched his fists in rage!

Feng was rendered speechless . In order to prevent his master from beating up Feng Xun again, he changed the subject right away . “Miss Feng Wu is in World Tower now . ”

The crown prince said arrogantly, “Why would I care where she is?!”

Feng hesitated . “But Miss Feng Wu doesn’t have an entrance card to World Tower —”

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