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Published at 5th of March 2020 02:50:15 PM
Chapter 454: 454

Xiao Wu was such an angel… Becoming Xiao Wu’s friend had to be the luckiest and happiest thing to happen to her!

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Sob, Xiao Wu…

Chaoge burst into tears of excitement .

Meanwhile, Ye Yafei and her friends looked at one another with bitter regret!

Had they known that coming to World Tower would lead to Duan Chaoge’s breakthrough, they would never have brought her here!

It was so frustrating!

What infuriated Ye Yafei more was that Yan Yue, who had been so arrogant, went up to Duan Chaoge with an appreciative smile . “Miss Duan?”

“Yes . ”

“Your age, please . ”

“Thirteen . ”

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Yan Yue smiled even more broadly . “Miss Duan, you’re the third cultivator who has ever comprehended Inky Rain . Would you like to join the imperial guards?”

Rumble —

Ye Yafei thought her head was going to explode!

Duan Chaoge was invited to join the imperial guards?

Those were His Royal Highness’s personal guards! Jun Linyuan’s personal guards!

Talk about a meteoric rise!

No matter how prestigious or respected a family was, no one could bribe their kids’ way into the imperial guards .

Because His Royal Highness had said, the only thing that qualified a person for the imperial guards was their capability .

Families and connections meant nothing .

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Hence, talented young people all over the continent were accepted into the imperial guards and worked for His Royal Highness!

Many graduates of Imperial College applied for the imperial guards, but even for them, the possibility of getting in was quite low . However, those that did get in would start off as a low-ranked military officer at the very least .

Imperial College took in 100 new students each year, but the imperial guards only recruited ten new members at most!

One could only imagine how valuable a position in the imperial guards was!

And that explained why Ye Yafei was so full of regret now .

Even Jin Yuntao looked at Duan Chaoge enviously .

Joining the imperial guards wouldn’t interfere with one’s studies at Imperial College . Once they graduated, they would become preliminary officers right away . That was the dream job for countless young people .

Yan Yue thought Chaoge would say yes without hesitation .

However, Chaoge tilted her head and asked, “As in His Royal Highness’s imperial guards?”

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“Yes . ”

“Do I still get to walk around as I do now if I join the imperial guards?”

“There will be cultivation tasks to fulfill, so you won’t get much free time . ”

“Can Xiao Wu join the imperial guards with me?”

Yan Yue looked at Feng Wu and found no spiritual essence in the latter . She shook her head decisively . “No . ”

“I’m not going, then . ” Chaoge shook her head and turned down the offer .

She had turned it down!

Duan Chaoge had refused to join the imperial guards!

That was a first!

Joining the imperial guards would bring one’s entire clan so many benefits!

Ye Yafei stared at Duan Chaoge as if the latter had lost her mind . Was she nuts? So many people in the imperial capital were after those ten places and she had turned it down! What was she thinking?

Jin Yuntao swallowed . “Chaoge, don’t be so reckless . That’s a very rare opportunity . Aren’t you going to think about it?”

Chaoge shook her round little head . “No!”

“But why?” Everyone was bewildered .

Yan Yue was equally confused . Such an opportunity would make anyone feel over the moon, but this girl had refused it outright . How odd .

Chaoge looked at Feng Wu, then said, “I’m going wherever Xiao Wu goes . Why should I join if Xiao Wu isn’t going to? I’m not an idiot!”

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