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Chapter 455

You’re not an idiot? That’s exactly what you are! Ye Yafei was so thrilled to hear Chaoge’s refusal .

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Yan Yue frowned . “You mean it?”

“Yes . ” Duan Chaoge nodded earnestly .

“Idiot,” Ye Yafei murmured .

Chaoge glared at her . “You’re the idiot!”

Joining the imperial guards would be great, but could they find the antidote for Degenerative Powder? Could they stop her cultivation level from dropping? Could they help her lose weight? Could they point her in the right direction in comprehending Inky Rain?

Xiao Wu had done all that with the point of a finger and a single sentence!

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And those people called her an idiot? She really would be one if she joined the imperial guards .

Yan Yue frowned and darted a displeased look at Feng Wu .

The girl had no spiritual essence and she wasn’t cultivating . What was the point of sitting in that position?

Chaoge had declined the offer because of Feng Wu . Hence, Yan Yue had a poor first impression of Feng Wu .

With so many people standing around and making so much noise, even a real cultivator wouldn’t be able to continue, let alone someone like Feng Wu who was only pretending . How could she keep up the act?

Yan Yue shook her head and found Feng Wu even more unpleasant .

But was Feng Wu sitting there for nothing? Of course not .

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She had made some progress before she left home this morning, and had become a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster .

Feng Wu’s cultivation had turned very efficient since becoming a Spiritual Grandmaster .

She was able to point Chaoge in the right direction of Inky Rain and Chaoge was able to break through in such a short period of time . Of course, Feng Wu herself could benefit from the painting as well .

Feng Wu was on the threshold of Level 3 of the Spiritual Grandmaster stage already, but she couldn’t make her breakthrough when so many people were around . Otherwise, everyone would know that she had regained her abilities .

She wasn’t strong enough yet to keep everyone she cared about safe, and exposing them to potential threats was too risky .

Hence, she stopped practicing and opened her eyes .

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“Xiao Wu!!!”

Chaoge was the person most excited to see Feng Wu open her eyes .

She jumped into Feng Wu’s arms and hopped around with Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu, guess what? I’ve lost weight! I have!”

Feng Wu examined Chaoge . She was right . Her face was much thinner than before, and looking down, the black dress that used to stretch tightly around her body had become very loose .

Feng Wu nodded . “Good . You’ve gotten rid of a third of the toxin already . ”

“Yes!” Chaoge was almost in tears . “Look, Xiao Wu, I made a breakthrough as well! I’m Level 7 now!!!”

Level 7 was nothing for Chaoge, for she used to be a Level 9 Spiritual Master . But it meant so much to her now .

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —” Chaoge wrapped her arms around Feng Wu and wouldn’t let go .

Feng Wu patted her on the head . “There, there . So many people are watching . Don’t cry . ”

Chaoge wiped away her tears and giggled .

She had been a cheerful and optimistic girl before . Now that the most depressing period was over, she lit up like a ray of sunshine after a heavy rain .

“Hi, Xiao Wu!” Jin Yuntao greeted Feng Wu .

Feng Wu knew nothing of the outside world when she was in a meditative state, but Little Phoenix had told her everything, and Feng Wu learned of how Jin Yuntao and his friends had helped her .

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