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Chapter 446: 446

“Feng Wu, aren’t you a little bit worried about what you did in Elegant Ink Gallery?”

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Seeing that Feng Wu was unaffected by the mention of Zuo Qingluan, Ye Yafei brought up Young Master Mu instead .

“Why should I be?” Feng Wu said lightheartedly .

Ye Yafei snorted . “Young Master Mu owns the eastern side of the city and he’s on friendly terms with people from both the legal and lawless worlds . Even the governor of the imperial capital addresses him as ‘Young Master Mu’ with great respect . Mentioning your connection with Young Master Mu can get you out of any trouble on the eastern side of the city . He’s the boss behind Elegant Ink Gallery . Feng Wu, you’ve just offended him . ”

Liu Hao frowned . “I met Young Master Mu once . He’s about our age, but why is he doing so much better than us?”

Mu Qing said, “He has a father who is a lord . Do you?”

Liu Hao rubbed his chin . “You have a point . I guess a lot of things are decided before you’re even born . ”

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Ye Yafei snapped, “It has nothing to do with his family! That title is the only thing Lord Mu has and there’s very little he can do to help his son . Young Master Mu’s five older brothers are as ordinary as the next guy, and the only reason he’s doing so well is because —”

Ye Yafei dropped her voice to a whisper . “It’s because he’s Young Lord Feng’s friend!”

“Young Lord Feng? Sister Yafei, are you referring to Young Lord Feng Xun?” Huo Yin and Wen Ling exchanged looks and both saw excitement in each other’s eyes .

“As in Young Lord Feng, the most famous playboy of the imperial capital?” Liu Hao was equally excited .

Ye Yafei nodded . “That’s right . Young Lord Feng is so well-connected . ”

Huo Yin and Wen Ling were very interested in Feng Xun and they immediately asked, “What’s Young Lord Feng like? Is he handsome?”

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Ye Yafei didn’t know Feng Xun that well and she had only met Young Master Mu a few times . Friends of the crown prince didn’t socialize with commoners like Ye Yafei .

However, Ye Yafei assumed an enigmatic air . “Of course he’s handsome . He’s one of the ‘Handsome Four’ of the imperial capital and he can be nothing but stunning . ”

Feng Wu was busy eating her meal while rolling her eyes inwardly .  Stunning my ass .  Even a pig looked better than little Feng Xun’s bruised face .

“Wow —”

Huo Yin and Wen Ling were impressed . “Young Lord Feng must be so smart and so wise!”

Ye Yafei nodded repeatedly . “Of course! Young Lord Feng is so smart that he can do anything!”

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Feng Wu was speechless . Feng Xun? So smart? There would be no idiots left in this world if that goofball could be considered smart .

“Is, is Young Lord Feng very capable in his cultivation?”

“Yes! He’s incredible! I heard that his capability is unfathomable!”

Feng Wu thought, “Your ‘unfathomable’ Young Lord Feng is probably getting beaten to a pulp by Jun Linyuan as you speak . ”

Feng Wu put down her chopsticks . The intelligent, capable, invincible Feng Xun these people were talking about didn’t sound like the same Feng Xun she knew .

“Young Lord Feng is too superior for us to even fantasize about . What about Young Master Mu?”

Then, Ye Yafei started lavishing praise on Mu the Sixth .

Feng Wu couldn’t take it anymore . She led Chaoge to the other side of the room to look at Inky Rain .

She couldn’t leave for another two hours and she had to find something for her and Chaoge to do .

“Give me your hand . ” After sitting Chaoge down on a rush cushion, Feng Wu took another one and sat down next to her .

Feng Wu was as excellent a doctor as she always was . Examining Chaoge closely, she drew her conclusions in less than five minutes .

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